Retiring In Thailand Is A Dream Come True

A colleague recently asked me why I wanted to retire in Thailand. I replied that in this climate (political, economical, social) in the UK, I come across another ten reasons to retire in Thailand every day!

Why Work?

I don’t know about what it’s like where you live, but in the UK the economy is pretty desparate with the governemnt racking up enormouse debts that come the election will have to be paid back. That means an unprecedented hike in duties, prices and taxes.

If you work, most of your income will be swept away just keeping warm, travelling to work, eating and paying taxes.

So why bother?

Why not forget all about it and just retire to Thailand? That’s what we’re going to do any day soon.

I have come into a small pension that also gave me a lump sum figure just about enough to build a retirement house in Thailand. So forget about the terribly poor living standards in the UK and start to live life how it should be lived!

Preparing For Retiring In Thailand

There are so many things that need to be done when preparing for retiring in Thailand…

Here is a short list of major topics, each one with a long list of things to do:-

Maximise Income and Savings in the UK


Bank Accounts

Car Purchase

Land Purchase

House Building

Internet Service

UK House and Mail Arrangements

I’ll be adding to this list as I think of more jobs to do and I’ll be filling in the details as we progress through each one.

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