Welcome to Retiring In Thailand.

We’re preparing our life right now for retiring in Thailand.

We’ll tell our story and give you all the information that we pick up as we travel this journey.

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Who Are We?

I’m a Farang named Alan Brown and married to a Thai named Kanyah. We have a son Alex. Kanyah also has a daughter, Daeng.

Image of Alan & Kanyah Pakchong Christmas Day 2006 450

Alan & Kanyah Pakchong Christmas Day 2006

Above, me and Kanyah at the LamTakahong Dam near to Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, on Christmas Day, 2006, when this whole retiring in Thailand idea started.

Latest Photographs Of Our Retirement House In Thailand

These photos are the latest of our retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand. the photos were taken on taken on 23 March 2014.

More photos and more about us on the About Us page.

If you are interested in Alan’s professional qualifications and vast experience as a Chartered Engineer in the construction industry go to the “Alan’s Construction Industry Bio” page.

About Us And This Retiring In Thailand Website

This is the story of our retiring in Thailand project. There are more than 150 pages and counting of rock-sold content about how to retire to Thailand, how to buy a car in Thailand, how to buy land in Thailand, how to build a house in Thailand and in fact everything we do on our Thailand retirement journey.

The About Us page is a short summary of what you can expect to learn from this website.

It lists all the things we have achieved working towards our goal of retiring in Thailand and a list of the things we still have to do. The list in itself is a valuable checklist to indicate the tasks that lie ahead for anyone intending to retire to Thailand.

There are also pictures of myself and Kanyah, the Toyota Hilux pickup and land in Pakchong that we have purchased plus shorcut links to many of the key pages in the website.

Important: The Latest Infomation Usually In The Posts

This website is made up of two distinct ares:-

1) The Static Pages

These are the pages listed across the top of the Navigation Bar above. They tend to contain information that is ‘timeless’ i.e. they are not time-critical.

No sniplet called Link To Latest Page Manual

2) Posts

These are the pages lited in the vertical column to the right and this is where I put all the new informaion that changes on a daily/weekly basis like progress on various projects such as building the house.

To see the latest progress click on the top post.

I encourage you to dig deep into those pages because you can track the whole history of our Retiring In Thailand journey there.

Click Here To Go To The Latest Post On The Website

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Number of Pages: 91
Number of Posts: 94

Why Retire In Thailand?

For us it’s a life-long dream. Since we married 27 years ago Kanyah has always wanted a house in Thailand – me too.

As we travelled the world following my career in the contruction industry – Saudia Arabia, Africa, Russia and the UK where we live now – the dream of retiring in thailand has always been alive and well.

The Opportunity Comes

As the recession continues to grip the construction industry here in the UK and ‘work’ is hard to come by I came into a small pension and a lump sum. Though small, this is enough for us to live our dream of retiring in Thailand at last.

Where Will We Choose To Retire In Thailand?

Kanyah was bought up as a farmer in KamphaengPhet and loves the countryside. But KamphaengPhet is too hot and plagued with mosquitoes now so that’s out of the question. Instead we will retire in the area of  Pak Chong which is much cooler than Kamphaeng Phet and is only a short drive from Bangkok.

Building Our Retirement House

I have already prepared an outline design for the house that we will be living in when we finally retire to Thailand. Yes, retiring in Thailand is about to come true for us.

When this page was first written I was planning to build a retirement house in Thailand. Well, now the house is finished, Kanyah is living in it, and I visit frequently.

Retiring in Thailand By Philip Bryce and Sunisa Wongdee Terlecky

At my side every day when I am doing anything about retiring in Thailand is the book Retiring in Thailand in Thailand by Philip Bryce, seen below:-

Retiring in Thailand This book is a mine of useful information.

Rather than go on about how indispensable the book is for anyone wishing to retire in Thailand I would suggest that you learn more about the book here and soon be looking forward to retiring in Thailand.

Please Have Your Say By Posting A Comment

We need your questions and feedback to provide you with the information and experience that you would like so please leave your questions or comments below.

If you want to contact me privately please use the Contact Us page.

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48 Responses to “Retiring In Thailand”

  • We recently got back from our honeymoon to the land of smiles and really wish that we didn’t have to leave as we really loved it and will unquestionably come again! We stayed at The Bungalow Mountain Resort which I would for sure recommend. We rented a carat $70 for 11 days, it was by far the most cost effective and a convienent way to go and it was alot of fun as well! The zoo is definitely worth while taking a tour. Also eating places in Thailand to visit are The Sweet n Spicy-romantic, delish and cool. Book a table with your feet in the ocean!


  • Been to the land of smiles twice now, first time was in April 2002, then back at New Year 2009. What a phenomenal holiday place! It caters for everybody: if your searching for nice locals there is masses of them,if you want authentic thai food there is a great deal and nightlife is rich. If you want a cheap vacation, you can have it – if you require an pricey holiday, you can have it as well. My friend is really in love with the place and has just bought into a massage shop over there. My children love it as well. What a fantastic place to celebrate Songkran!


  • You know, I have to tell you, I genuinely savor this blog and the informative insight. I find it to be energizing and very instructive. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyhow, I finally decided to write a comment on Retiring In Thailand – I just wanna tell you that you did a awesome job on this. Cheers dude!


  • Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn’t express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach


  • We just got back from our honeymoon to Bangkok and really wish that we didn’t have to leave so soon as we absolutely loved it and will definitely visit once more! We stayed at Bann Thai Resort and Spa which I would for certain recommend. We hired a scooter at $70 for 7 days, it was by far the cheapest and a convienent way to go and it was alot of fun too! The National Park is definitely worth while taking a trip. Also eating places in Bangkok to visit are Thai Food Heaven-romantic, delish and trendy. Book a table with your feet in the ocean!


  • silversrt:

    No matter what others say, I think it is still interesting and useful maybe necessary to improve some minor things


  • Thank you for another informative article. I wish Bangkok Thailand stays peaceful. I love this country and the Thai people.


  • You have a good site and I enjoy reading it. The locals always bring a smile to my face. Even when struggling, I see a little of the Thai sanook coming through.


  • Hello. Excuse me just a question. I heard talking about Thailand here. I’m about going on holiday to Asia. I would like some info on Pattaya in Thailand. I would know if It’s a good place to go with family or should I choose another place? Thank You so much.


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  • What is captcha code?, pls provide me captcha code codes or plugin, Thanks in advance.


  • Hi, i just thought i’d post and let you know your blogs layout is really messed up on the K-Melon browser. Anyhow keep up the good work.


  • If people don´t want illegals, a good idea would be to stop hiring them. Illegal immigrants don’t cross the border because they love US, they cross because they get better paid jobs than in their countries. We don´t like illegals but we hire them. We don´t like the war against the drugs but we are the number one consuming drug country of the world…i need a nap.


  • How many emails do you get about you article %title%? I don’t seem to understand the purpose behind it, but then again i am just average guy obsessed with blogs. Please email and let me know. Thanks


  • This is a nice website and I look forward to reading it. The local Thai people always bring a smile to my face. Even when things are difficult or challenging, I see a little of the Thai sanook coming through.


  • Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful well let me know how it turns out. This is good…thanks for sharing


  • hi there. interested to read your story and hope it has a fairy-tale perfect ending. i would like to suggest another book that may be of interest … it’s called Your Investment Guide to Thailand (published 2010) and you can read about it at http://www.silkwormbooks.com
    It has a lot of practical tips for ordinary folks retiring to Thailand like choosing a bank, transferring money, etc.


    admin Reply:

    Hi Bruce, thanks for the post and the information.

    We are moving forward with the design of our retirment house in Thailand and the book you mention Your Investment Guide to Thailand looks like a useful resource.

    I’ll certainly check it out.


  • Good information. I also have a site on retiring in Thailand, retire2thailand.com. The more information we can distribute to prospective retiree the better. I have written book reviews of Retiring in Thailand and How to Buy Land and Build a House in Thailand and they are on my site. Both are very good.

    BTW, I have written a book Retired Life in Thailand – Thoughts on Retiring in the Land of Smiles. It is an eBook and can be downloaded at ebooksinthailand.com

    Lots of luck


    admin Reply:

    High Hugh and thanks for the post.

    Great info and I’ll be checking out your book next thing.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • george:

    hello admin…will be travelling to pakchong in october with my thai wife noi..will eventually settle in pakchong and build on land we have bought..would possibly like to meet with you if you are in pakchong at the time thanks george


    admin Reply:

    Hi George,

    Thanks for the message and the invitation. It is likely I will be in Pakchong around October and love to meet up with you.

    I’ll send you an email to give you my personal contact details.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Kath:

    Hi Alan,
    This is a great web site you have. It’s very informative.

    I keep checking back, but noticing that you have not update it lately. why..?

    I am going to Thailand in Nov. Plan to look around for land in pakchong/khaoyai area to retire.



    admin Reply:

    Hi Kath,

    Thank you for your kind words about the website and I am pleased that you find it useful.

    I DO update the website frequently and a few days ago added quite a few extra pages.

    For example the new About Us page gives shortcuts to the main sections of the website and photos of myself, my wife, our car and land in Pakchong, Thailand.

    If you join the Announcement List using the Form at the top of every page I will send you an email with links to new content on the website whenever I add any.

    Kanyah (my wife) will be in Pakchong in November. If you contact her she will help you to find land.

    If that is of interest, plesase send me a message using the Contact Us Form and I’ll email you with details of how this can work.

    Chok Dee


  • Otto:

    Message Body:
    I am in the process of buying a house in Phuket and to lease the land. I was shown a document the seller said it was a Chanote. Later I was given a copy of front and back page.

    Now, I believe this, but I am not sure. Second, I read that several forms of Chanote exist, of which only 2 are for freehold land.

    Is it possible to tell me what a Chanote looks like and where in the document it says which type of Chanote it is?



    admin Reply:


    Thank you for your question and below I hope I can provide the answer.

    Firstly, there is only ONE kind of Chanote.

    There are many kinds of Land Title Deeds, only one of which is called a Chanote.

    The Chanote is the only Land Title Deed in Thailand that confers ownership of the land.

    The various types of Land Title Deed in thaland are explained on the RetiringInThailand website on the page “Types Of Land And Land Title Deeds In Thailand

    You will also be interest to learn “How A Foreigner Can Gain The Legal Rights To Land In Thailand

    And to see a picture of one type of “Land title Deed called a Nor Sor Saam (3) Gaw

    The web page “The Process Of Buying The Retirement Land In Thailand” includes a picture of our Chanote

    If you send me a legible image of the front page of your Chanote my (Thai) wife will check it for you.

    I hope those pages answer your question, Otto.

    If not then please don’t hesitate to contact me again, but please note that I am giving this information in good faith – I am not a Lawyer.

    Chock Dee

    Alan and Kanyah


  • Murray:

    This is a really good read and very informative. Lived in Thailand for twenty two years and this is a good source of information. I have built two houses now and used Kensington to build the last one of them. They are a top rate company and they do a great job on building homes. Chris a smashing lad. Got on with him very well. Keep up the good work. This is very helpful to people looking to retire here.


    admin Reply:

    Many thanks for your post and feedback. It’s encouraging when people appreciate the information I’m putting out on the website about retiring in Thailand, designing and building a house in Thailand etc.

    It’s also comforting to read the comments you make about Chris and the Kensington Company. This reinforces what I am finding out about them – they really are excellent.


  • Just wanted to recommend a good article marketing site here.


  • Alan:

    Test message from home page


  • Felix:

    Hi Alan
    I have seen the upload photo and find most of the work done. I felt happy for you where it almost completed. Eventually my wife and I decided to built our house in Korat where they are staying. Maybe we will start our new project next coming year. I have decided to put up solar panel on roof top since it is very warm at the region. I have already come with a plan for all the necessary work to carry out. Hope to see you in thailand. Happy sweet home.
    Your faithfully
    felix cheong


    admin Reply:

    Hi Felix, nice to ‘meet’ you so to speak and thanks for leaving your comment.

    It’s quite amazing how many people want to build a house in Thailand. Guess those Thai wives are pretty persuasive!

    I’d love to learn more about your house plans. Do you have any land yet?

    The original scope of our house build project in Pakchong (Pak Chong) is finished already. Now Kanyah is adding on other projects of her own, a large concrete patio – presumably it’s going to be paved, marble flooring to all the ground floor areas and a massive stand-alone utility block.

    Seems she won’t move in to the house until everything is finished.

    The latest photos are online now on the Thailand Retirement House Photos Page 2 Post.

    I’m going out to Thailand for the Christmas and New Year period which is actually only 12 weeks away and intend to stay in the house, so she had better hurry up and finish it!

    Please feel free to ask any questions or post more info about your house build project in Thailand plans – make the RetiringInThailand.net website more interesting for everyone.

    Please keep in touch – I’m sure we can meet up in Thailand someday.



  • JPThailand:

    Thanks for writing about another side of Thailand! This country sometimes has a bad reputation; however, I have lived here for five years and now have a husband and child. I can say that Thailand is a wonderful place to be as a family. I’m constantly defending my choice to live here for so many years. Many single retired women and older couples are now choosing Thailand as a retirement destination. I love it here so much that I’ve recently spoken to an immigration lawyer in Thailand about how to become a permanent resident. You mentioned many reasons why Thailand is a perfect retirement destination, and I can think of more. I hope that people will see beyond Thailand’s notorious reputation and see if for the beautiful and family-friendly country that it is. Good luck on your Thailand journey together, and please continue to keep us posted and informed.


    admin Reply:

    JP, Many thanks for the comment about retiring in Thailand.

    I was very interested to see you mention about becoming a permanent resident in Thailand and I’m sure may more reader would be interested in what you discover. So if you have the it would be terrific if you could post some news on this front when you have some.

    I have just returned (to the U.K.) after two weeks in Thailand with my Thai wife, Kanyah.

    I was very busy, go lots done about setting up the model engineering workshop in our retirement home in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, (amongst other things) and have written few Posts but couldn’t post them because I lost my Internet connection. (Lost “dongle”).

    I took quite a few photos and some videos so I have a lot to do over the next few weeks updating the website from the trip.

    Do keep in touch and let us know what you find out about becoming a permanent resident in Thailand.

    Chok Dii



  • JPThailand:

    I’ll be sure to keep you posted about permanent residency. Take care!


  • Julian Reczek:

    Hi Allen,I live in Bangkok and work in Australia.

    I have a company that supplies engineering labour and services to the mining industry, I intend to retire at the end of 2012.

    I am currently looking at purchasing a 7/11 as a source of income while in Thailand as well as renting out my unit in Bangkok. My Thai fiancee of 3 years has agreed to live somewhere in Thailand and intend to spend the next 12 months looking at a suitable location to settle.

    Her dad has a farm in Rattanaburi but we do not wish to live that close to family.

    When I read the comments of other subscribers I think I have won the lottery with my fiancee, we have yet to have an argument even when we spend months together, she is a devout Buddist I think this helps, she seems to want to please me above all else and having been previously been married to a western woman this is totally foreign to me as I used to spend all my married time trying to please her and tolerate her moods.

    As a result of my relationship with my Thai fiancee (Montitcha) her I have completly changed into a more soft and loving man, so I actually like who I have become and am slowly mending the deep scars of the divorce and property settlement.

    We are currenlly looking around Tak in northern Thailand. We would like a small plot of land big enough for a garden and no really close neighbours, can anyone advise?

    Julian and Montitcha .


  • bill mitchell:

    yes I have the same situation..have been married tothai girl for 5 years and have known each other for over 10 years
    we currently live in queensland australia but plan to return to thailand and build on family land at pak kret bkk
    the family also own land at Phayao which in 85km south of chaing rai
    Phayao in a great place if you want country living and the weather there is great not too hot
    can anyone tell me what is in the application for spousal visa  


    admin Reply:

    Hi Bill, nice to get acquainted.

    You didn’t mention what kind of Thai visa you need, I mean whether it’s a retirement visa or not.

    The Thai Retirement Visa Requirements page is one of the clearest explanations of requirements for Thai retirement visas that I know of.

    It clearly explains the differences between the “O” and the “O-A” Visa.

    But it’s only as good as the information upon which it is based and Thai visa requirements are renowned to change and to be interpreted differently all over.

    There’s also a lot of information and comments from people about Thai visa requirements on the Thai Visas page.

    I must admit I find the requirements for a Thai retirement visa to be onerous and one of the things that put’s me off the retiring in Thailand idea.

    But let’s be positive and please give some feedback on your experiences.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • retiringinthailand:

    Hi there,

    Wish I could retire to Thailand like you pair.


  • retiringinthailand:

    Hi Andrew,

    Cambodia will be a much cheaper place to retire to that Thailand, I’m sure of that. Also I have heard that a foreigner can buy land in Cambodia and build their retirement house, something you can’t do in Thailand. (I mean a foreigner is not allowed to buy land in Thailand)

    It’s been reported that Cambodia is not as developed as Thailand and not so westernised.

    Apart from that I don’t have much much to add about retiring in Cambodia, because I have never been there.

    I have thought, though of buying some land and building a retirement house in Cambodia, not too far from the border with Thailand. I would use this as place to stay if I had visa problems in Thailand.

    As to the best place to retire to in Thailand, everybody has their favourite place. I would suggest that you stay away from the coastal resort areas because they are the most expensive and the most dangerous.

    The further away from the cities you go the cheaper it is. Many foreigners marry Thais from the North East and end up there. There is a huge community of foreigners retired in Chaing Mai.

    Personally, I don’t like to go so far north. I like to be close to the big cities of Bangkok and Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima) hecnce we chose Pakchong (Pak Chong) as the place to retire to.

    Go to http://retiringinthailand.net/retire-pak-chong-thailand-3 to learn why I chose to retire to Pakchong (Pak Chong).

    In the north two, you’ll find the language and the food quite different from the Bangkok area. Particularly if you go to the North East of Thailand, known as Isaan where they eat food called laap (or larb) which is a salad incorporating ground rice and meat, usually pork and often uncooked!

    The people from Isaan are either from or are very strongly influenced by nearby Laos, and the language is Isan, which is a dialect of the Lao language.

    Isaan is a very poor region so it’s cheap to live.

    Does that help?

    I suggest you spend a bit more time on this website and get to read some of the posts because the people posting on the website live in many different parts of Thailand.

    Thanks for the question and if you have any more questions, please ask again. I I can’t answer I’m sure someone else will.

    Chock Dii (Good Luck)



  • Alan and Kanyah wishing you all the best in your retirement in Thailand. We hope to be there in retirement one day. Have enjoyed reading your posts and watching your videos. Please continue your postings if time permits.
    All the best,


  • My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I may as well check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to
    looking into your web page for a second time.


    admin Reply:

    Hi and Welcome.

    Thanks for you comments about the Retiring In Thailand website and hope you come back soon.

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


  • Patrick:

    I’ve traveled to the Khon Kaen area twice last year, March and September, after having met someone over there. Considering retiring in Thailand in a few years, and teach English for awhile. Nice site with lots of great information. 


    admin Reply:


    Thanks for your comment and glad you like the site.

    Some other sites are much bigger and are mostly forums which I find are full of just 10 second snippets of information. On those sites nobody takes the time to provide all the detail and the photos and videos that I do.

    Can’t say I’ve been to Khon Kaen but I’m pleased to hear that you have met someone who interests you enough to want to go again.

    Another thing you’ll get from this website if you are considering retiring to Thailand is the cons as well as the pros. For me the cons outweigh the pros. I’m hear primarily because it’s cheaper than UK and also because my wife wants me here.

    I can’t suggest that you take a considered decision to retire here (in Thailand) and most people don’t. It seems to be a ‘heart’ rather than a ‘mind’ decision.

    So please follow our story and see if we make a success of retiring in Thailand.

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


  • Hi, My name is Tom and I am 49 and live on Ko Lanta Island in Thailand. My girlfriend’s family has five sea front houses. We rent one for $500 a month.
    I only speak english and it is very easy to get by here with english.

    We go to eat with our three boys and spend $6 for all five of us to eat.

    It is so amazing to live sea front on a quite island with a dozen islands in our view.

    The houses come with a mooring for sailboats or other yachts.

    The upstairs bedroom is designed like a open tree house. We have almost no mosquitoes year round. Sunrises and moon-rises are so good. We sleep with are children on the balcony at least half the year. Our children and us really enjoy the universe for our bedroom. About a week ago we had a meteor shower. We saw over 235 falling stars.

    If you are looking for a quite paradise that is affordable contact us at thaiseason at gmail.comT


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