Wood Walls To Be Removed – Cement Dropping To Be Cleaned Up

I was wrong in the previous Post “House Build Project Out Of The Doldrums?when I doubted that Kanyah would send me photos today, because here they are… below.

Heh! Who knows with a run of good luck like this maybe the new builder will start in five days as Kanyah said?

Maybe in Thailand there are such things as miracles. And Yaks!

These phots show the progress on the retirement house immediatley after the first builder had left site. Note that the builder has taken away all the wooden scaffolding allowing a clear view of the house.

All the wood walls that you can see have to be removed to allow the columns to be cement rendered and painted. Then the wood walls will be reinstated.

Image of Pakchong House Wood Walls Rear 01

Image of Pakchong House Wood Walls Rear 01

Image of Pakchong House Wood Walls Rear 02

Pakchong House Wood Walls Rear 02

Image of Pakchong House Wood Walls Side 01

Pakchong House Wood Walls Side 01

The next photos show the mess the builder has made allowing cement dropping from the rendering process to fall onto the unprotected concerte floors.

I dread to think how the second floor wooden floors would have suffered as rendering of the upper columns and beams was finished off had the first builder had been allowed to continue.

Image of Pakchong House Workshop Concrete Floor Spoilt 01

Pakchong House Workshop Concrete Floor Spoilt 01

Above, a general view of the Workshop conrete floor covered with cement droppings. Can you see a slight pink tint to the concrete. That is beacuse the concrete to the Workshop was specially treated with a red finish to make it hard and dust free. The treatment is called “dry shake” and involves spreading a special material onto the surface of the concrete when it is wet.

You can see the original concrete floor in the photo below.

Image of Building Thai House Workshop Slab 2

Another Photo of The ground Floor Concrete Workshop Slab

Above, this is the concrete Workshop floor when it was originally cast. You can clearly see the red finish – now obscured by the concrete droppings. Notice what a smooth finish it is.

Image of Pakchong House Workshop Concrete Floor Spoilt 02

Pakchong House Workshop Concrete Floor Spoilt 02

Above, another view of the concrete in the Workshop. compare that with the original finish shown in the photo above.

Image of Pakchong House External Concrete Floor Spoilt

Pakchong House External Concrete Floor Spoilt

 Above, it is not just the Workshop floor that has been spolt. This is one of the external concrete floors.

Image of Pakchong House Close-Up of External Concrete Floor Spoilt

Pakchong House Close-Up of External Concrete Floor Spoilt

 Above, a close-up of the cement droppings on the external concrete floor. Another reason that Kanyah terminated the builder’s contract.

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5 Responses to “Cleaning Up That Terrible Thai Builder’s Mess – Photos”

  • David Todd:

    Hi Alan,

    I have been following your build and am sorry that you have encountered the problems that you have. That having been said you are getting there and will end up with a lovely house. 

    Kind regards,

    David Todd 


    admin Reply:

    Thanks David, for your comment.

    My wife Kanyah, as you will have read is determined to get the house she wants so that she can retire to Thailand in comfort. It took a bit of pushing from me to get her to take an interest in the quality of the build.

    David, when the house is finished you are welcome to come and visit us.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Brian:

    Hi Alan,
    Thanks for the trouble and detail you are going to , to highlight what problems could be encounted on a building site in Thailand. Hopefully it will save others the same facing the same problems , at least knowing what to be aware of.
    Cheers Brian.


    admin Reply:

    Brian, thank you for the comment.

    I am reporting my progress and problems of building our retirement house in Thailand on the website but there are plenty of westerners building houses in Thailand, with the ultimate dream of being able to retire to Thailand, who don’t have a website and don’t report their experiences.
    Some of these people have contacted me through the website and have related their experiences to be by email. What surprised me is that while I thought I was the only one having difficulties I discovered that I was not alone.

    In fact I received an email from a friend, Steve, yesterday who is having a house built near to Pakchong (Pak Chong) and he sent me a long list of the issues he was facing and they mirrored my experiences one by one!

    Then there’s Richard who came from Bangkok to visit us on site when I was in Pakchong (Pak Chong) last April. “It’s normal” he told me when I was explaining to him how the Thai builder was always asking for more money even though he hadn’t completed the work we had just paid him for.
    Anyway, things are picking up now with our new builder and the house should be finished in a few weeks (according to my wife, Kanyah) unless things go adrift again.

    Thanks again for the comment.



  • David Todd:

    Thanks for the invite, Alan.

    Kind regards,

    David Todd


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