What A Tremendous And Important Week In The UK Preparing To Return To Thailand For Permanent Retirement

We have accomplished so much in the last few weeks towards moving to Thailand for final settlement but in the week just gone so much was achieved it’s ‘like a mountain being lifted from your head’ as Kanyah said.

  • Entire House Decorated
  • New carpets and vinyl floor covering
  • Existing carpets cleaned
  • Kanyah discovers she is entitled to a significant UK State Pension – and a sizable lump sum payout
  • I place the order for the Little Samson Traction Engine boiler
  • We obtained the Landlord’s CP12 Gas Safety Certificate for the house *
  • I arranged for the Energy Efficiency inspection for next Tuesday (Required to obtain the Energy Performance Certificate or EPC) *
  • We had the central heating boiler serviced
  • I arranged for the Letting Agent to take the photos of the house on Friday 23 May
  • I completed some tricky DIY jobs
  • Kanyah finished tidying up the garden
  • I ploughed through a number of difficult ‘admin’ jobs, including:-
    • Applying to renew Kanyah’s lost counterpart driving licence
    • Setting up Internet Banking for Kanyah’s UK bank account
    • Finding out how to apply for Kanyah’s (and mine) State Pensions
  • I found out how to programme the house security fobs
  • I ordered a load of building materials due for delivery today to fix up the house outside (fixing the fence and painting doors, etc)
  • Ordered a second skip to get rid of residual unwanted items and rubbish
  • And (not in the last week, but in the week before – 7 May) all our belongings were dispatched to Thailand via container

* These certificates are required by law before the house can be let. I only discovered this in a telephone conversation to the Letting Agent yesterday.

On Programme For Return To Thailand

We have done so well that we are in fact ahead of our programme of works and can confidently predict we will be on our planned flight back to Thailand on the 7th June.

We then have one week in Thailand to ‘relax’ until the container arrives at Laem Chabang Port – Near Pattayah – and then the fun begins – getting the container through customs.

All the above has been tremendously hard work – not only physical hard work but knowing what has to be done and how to do it, making the plans, obtaining materials and tradesmen has been just as demanding.

And although we are on course to finish on time there is still a lot to be done – external DIY and admin jobs – including winding up my UK limited company and closing back accounts etc, etc.

This whole exercise of packing our belongings and sending then to Thailand (including getting the half size Traction engine castings), preparing the house ready for letting and arranging our affairs for permanent Thai residency has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in such a short time.

Think about it. When we leave for Thailand the house has to be completely empty and we have only our bags packed for Thailand. As we progress through our action plan workshop tools, furniture and cooking utensils all disappear. Then when I find I need some tool to do a little DIY job I have to buy another one having sent my own to Thailand. There is only one chair in the house (in my ‘office’), the beds have gone, we have one cup, one plate, one bowl and one each of knife fork and spoon!

And after the cooker has been cleaned next week we won’t want to dirty it again so will be relying on microwave and takeways for the remaining three weeks.


Alex’s Thai Passport

This next Monday, 19th May we are going with Alex to the Thai Embassy in London to try to obtain his Thai Passport.

If you haven’t read the story of how we have tried to do this before (in Thailand) and managed to get Alex his Thai Birth Certificate and have his name put on the Thai house papers as a Thai National then here is a quick summary:-

  • Alex is our son and of course half Thai and half English.
  • He was born in UK and lives and works in London.
  • He came to Thailand in November 2013 in an attempt to get his Thai Passport and ID Card.
  • On that visit we managed to get the Ministry of Foreign affairs to write a letter to The British Embassy in London requesting them to issue a Thai Birth Certificate for Alex.
  • This they did and a few weeks later the Thai Birth Certificate arrived at our house in Pak Chong.
  • With this Kanyah visited the local Amphur and his name was added to the House Papers as a Thai National
  • Alex, by this time back in UK tried to obtain his Thai Passport from the Thai Embassy in London

Alex has visited the Thai Embassy himself several times and Kanyah has filled out forms he sent to us in Thailand as demanded by the Thai Embassy officials, but Alex says he is just bullied and they (the Thai Embassy officials) are not helping him. He says that they (the Thai Embassy officials) will only speak to him in the Thai language and of course Alex can’t speak Thai.

So Monday will be an interesting – and no doubt fraught – day.

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4 Responses to “What A Fantastic Week In UK”

  • Well done! I’ve been through it myself a few years ago and more to come with a house build in Thailand!

    Mike Moran


  • George Hill:

    Hi Alan

    Makes my time back at work seem like a holiday.
    I hope the progress continues and you get back on time. And as has been said before best of luck with the customs when the container arrives.



  • Len:

    Suspect Thai customs will be scratching their heads
    trying to figure what to tax the engine. If high they
    may be open to a discount. My moving company claimed they
    were able to cut the fee in half – saying its common,
    Who knows – good luck. (PS we had to sleep on the floor
    for a week after they picked up our belongings – Thank the
    lord for take out)


    admin Reply:

    Hi Len,

    Scratching their heads or scratching their wallets?

    Let’s see what happens. We go down to Bangkok Port to see the import agent tomorrow.

    I managed to avoid sleeping on the floor until the last night. Kanyah slept on the floor for the whole two months and ten days. But the Thais can do that.

    And we never had a takaway meal. Not one. Can’t recall how we did that – remarkable what you can cook on a kitchen hob.


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