Proof That I’m Now Totally Committed To Retiring In Thailand

After several months of doubting if I would be able to settle down and retire to Thailand I have finally totally committed myself to do it.

I’m back in the UK packing up our personal belongings and in particular my model engineering workshop to have it all shipped to Thailand. I have arranged to have everything shipped in a 20 foot container.

The target date for filling the container is 28 April as you can see in the schedule below.

Image of Shipping To Thailand Time Schedule

Shipping To Thailand Time Schedule

Packing everything  is hard and frantic work. Most of the hard work is in packing my model engineering workshop machines and tools.


Cost Of Shipping To Thailand

Since I wrote this Post ome people have shown an interest in the cost of shipping personal effects to thailand by container.

I have therefore added the quotations I received as below.


Above, as you can see the actual container cost is only £1,256 but the add-on’s at each end bring the total to nearly four time that much.

Image of Shipping Quotation from 1st Anglo Pacific></a></p> <p>The Little Samson Traction Engine Castings<br /> You may have read in one of my other Posts that I'm planning to build a half-size (6

Above, there is a huge additional cost of £950 for customs clearance and delivery to Pakchong.

When I bought my big machine tools in Bangkok the cost of delivery to Pakchong was 12,500 Baht. (£235) and that included removing them from John’s workshop and installing them in mine.

So there is no way that moving a container to Pakchong from Bangkok to Pakchong can cost £950. I’m just hoping that the remaining money (£950 – 235 = £715) is there to assist ‘customs clearance’. Read into that what you will.

The Little Samson Traction Engine Castings

You may have read in one of my other Posts that I’m planning to build a half-size (6″ scale) model of a Little Samson traction engine in Thailand.  I have extended the workshop and bought two big machine tools to make the parts.

Well, this dream came a step closer yesterday (20 April 2014) when I collected all the castings from Little Samson Models in Cambridge.

The castings weighed around a ton I guess because the car tires got hot struggling under the weight. The car was well nose-up even though some of the castings were put in the front and rear passenger’s foot well, not just in the boot.

The point I’m making here is to demonstrate that at last I am burning my boats and retiring to Thailand forever. I have made the commitment now – there is no turning back.

See The Little Samson Traction Engine Castings

I have uploaded photos of the Little Samson model steam engine castings being taken home in my Ford Fiesta car on the website.

Please go take a look at the photos and you will soon see how committed to retiring in Thailand I am now.


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6 Responses to “Totally Committed To Retiring In Thailand”

  • billy mitchell:

    Hi Alan
    yep I am the same …just built a nice house here in Pak Kret and starting my hobby off again…marine reef aquarium 1100ltr…because my wife is returning national we had all our furniture and my tools and aquarium stuff packed into a container we did not have to pay tax and customs did not even inspect the container …just looked at inventory and thet was it
    we paid a bit extra to thai shipping office to have the container fast well worth it as I could have brought lots more workshop equipment if I knew how all the paperwork went  
    the container arrived and the shipping office put everything in the right spots …well worth it 


    admin Reply:

    Hi Billy,

    Just getting round to replying to comments after all that packing and decoration mayhem.

    We are on tenterhooks awaiting the Thai customs verdict on our container. We have three weeks to wait, tow her in UK and one in Thailand before our container hits the shores at the Laem Chabang container port.

    I can’t declare the goods as duty free under the returning Thai rules because kanyah has been living in Thailand for the last 5 years. So I’m trying to import the personal effects under my retirement visa.

    Marine Life Aquarium?

    I suppose that is salt water which from my limited knowledge of the subject is a lot more difficult than a fresh water aquarium. Please correct me.

    Perhaps one day we will get to see it?

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • mel:

    that is a lot of metal. but at least it small so can full the gaps in the container. i am glad you have made your mind up, as the indecision was making you  stressed. keep in touch an have a good time (will need lots of photos. mel


    admin Reply:

    Hi Mel,

    Yes it’s a lot of metal but it pales in comparison with the value of the amount of yellow metal that Mrs Brown (AKA Kanyah) has in mind.

    When we go near any water (rivers, canals etc) I will have to attach a safety rope to her in case she falls in. Can’t have all that heavy yellow metal dragging her into the mud, can we?

    To be honest I don’t mind buying Mrs Brown all the gold she wants. After all it’s redeemable and set to skyrocket in price as China dumps its US$2.4 trillion stash of greenbacks in favour of bullion.

    By the way my EPA is running out.



  • I’ve been retired in Thailand for about 2 years now. It has a lot to recommend it and, like you, I have a hobby (photography) to relieve boredom. Otherwise, one could go bonkers! Yesterday, I ventured out in the motor for my longest drive so far in Thailand, about 100 miles, to Si Chiang Mai. I managed to not see any of the usual idiot drivers, especially on motor bikes! Good luck with the packing, shipping and renting out your house – it’s a good idea to meet the tenants if you can and don’t rent out to “friends” – use a good agent!
    Mike Moran


    admin Reply:

    Hi Mike and thanks for your comments.

    We have been so busy here doing the packing/decorating etc only now have I found the time to respond to comments including yours.

    100 miles! And you’re a photographer. Thailand is a massive country and 100 miles is just your back yard. Youve got to travel 1,000s of mile to see Thailand.

    And don’t forget the neighbouring countries like Cambodia. Plenty of interesting photographic opportunities there.

    Look out for my upcoming Report on the Thai/Cambodia border crossing at Poipet.

    As to house renting I have entrusted that to Letting Agents. They vet the applicants and deal with all the paperwork. I just sit back and spend the income.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


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