My Trip To Thailand Is Cancelled Due To Snow At Heathrow

Monday December 20th, 2010.

I was due to travel to Thailand yesterday, Sunday 19th December 2010, to decide together with my wife, Kanyah, on a builder and hopefully sign up a contract to get our retirement house built.

Perhaps you can imaging my frustration – even anger – at having my flight cancelled due to the snow at Heathrow. Knowing that this time of year is very busy I booked my flight in July! What are the odds of the airport being closed on the very day I wanted to fly?

Eva Air Triumph On Zero Grade Customer Services

I was booked on Eval Air flight BR68. I knew about the snow and weather situation at Heathrow after a friend warned me about it so I visited the Eva and the Heathrow airport websites where I eventually found that the flight was cancelled – after making my way halfway to Heathrow,

They gave a telephone number to call and despite calling it constantly, yes, you’ve guessed, no reply.

I also subscribed to both the Eva “Flying Messenger” service and the Heathrow airport equivalent both of which promise to send texts to your mobile giving the status of your flight. Well I did get a text from Eva “Your flight BR68 has  been cancelled”. Nothing else, except for the Eva Air website address which I’m not going to do them the honour of posting here.

I’m sick and tired of this no information situation. Eva have my phone number and my email address. How difficult would it be for them to send an email to everybody on their flight list and let us know what is going on? No. They are too busy running their business. Get todays flights out and let’s hope that all yesterday’s would-be travellers ask for a refund.

Talking of which, it’s not just the flight and ‘holiday’ I have lost, I also pre-booked my train tickets including the Heathrow Express ticket from London to Heathrow. All of which I will lose.

Anyway, here is a movie to keep you amused…

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