Where To Get The Cost Of Building A House In Thailand

This is the post where I tell you how to get an estimate of the cost of building your retirement home in Thailand and you don’t have to go to Thailand to find out.

If you have read the last post Building A Retirement House in Thailand you will know that I promised to give you this information – where to get Thailand house prices.

I have completed the update the drawings I had made of our planned retirement home we want to build in Thailand as mentioned in the previous post. The drawings have been updated now but I still have to upload them to the website.

More importantly, I have sent them to a couple of companies in Thailand to get quotations. One company produces plans (drawings) of Thai houses so I have asked for a quotation to have my outline house drawings fully developed.

Another is a design-and-build company in Thailand who will design and build your house for you. I have asked them for a quotation for producing the drawings and also a budget price for building the house.

You can find all this information including the website addresses of the companies I approached on the Thailand House Prices page.

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