Mobile Broadband Internet In Thailand – Report – A Review Of The Best Options

What is the best option for mobile broadband Internet in Thailand? That is the question I am asking myself as I prepare to travel to Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, for a holiday.

A heavy internet user – well I run this website just for one use I make of the internet – I can’t afford to to be disconnected from the internet for more than a few hours!

I’ll be staying in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, during my holiday and need to get online from my own retirement house. I’m well aware that broadband is readily available in Bangkok and other main cities and even in Pakchong in the town centre, but our house is away from the town centre and I therefore need a mobile broadband internet service.

Our neighbour has Sky which they use just for TV as far as I know. I don’t particularly need TV but if it’s thrown in as part of the internet package then I’m sure Kanyah won’t mind. I’m also not a great user of the phone – Kanyah is – but a normal mobile is OK for phone calls on a cheap pay-as-you go Sim card.

Phone Usage In Thailand

Having said that I’m not really a big phone user in Thailand – and that’s true – but there are some handy Apps that you can get for the 3G phones – like the Apple IPhone 4s that I would like to have. To name just two:-

  • One is a three-way Thai/English dictionaary that I use on my laptop
  • The second is a Satnav App. I don’t know if one is available for Thailand. Any Comments anyone?

Have Your Say On Mobile Broadband Internet In Thailand

You, reading this, are highly likely to have far more knowledge about mobile broadband internet in Thailand than I am. Most likely you live in Thailand and have your own mobile internet broadband. Maybe you have tried more than one system or provider. Or maybe you just keep up-to-date with the latest developments on the introduction of mobile broadband internet in Thailand.

All I can do until I get to thailand is to research on the Internet, and that’s OK but nothing beats a report from someone actually using the services. People like you.

So please post your experience about mobile broadband internet in Thailand in the comments box below. Or simply ask your questions and someone is sure to know the answer.

As for me? Well, I’ll do my internet reseach and post my findings on this page. In the meantime please do us all a favour and tell us of your experiences.

Mobile Broadband Internet In Thailand – Research From The Internet

I found a useful introductory report called Thailand Broadband Internet Comparisons – AIS – TOT – 3BB and it drew attention to the fact that (alledgedly) Thailand has some legal issues with 3G licenses and so there is not much on offer in the way of 3G connections. The writer tested out a mobile wireless system that uses GSM Edge to connect to the Internet.

How I Connected To Broadband Mobile Internet In less Than Three Minutes

And How I Can’t Stay Connected For Three Minutes

My Saga With Mobile Broadband In Thailand

To get connected to the Internet in Thailand via mobile broadband is dead easy. Even in the out-of-city places like our retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

On the first day of my holiday in Thailand we went to the Tesco Lotus supermarket in Pakchong (Pak Chong) and I went to the mobile/Internet shop, called “Telewiz”and told the girl I wanted to get mobile broadband in Thailand.

After a few minutes of discussion I bought a “dongle” that fits into any USB socket on my laptop.

The dongle is called “HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard” and accesses the “AIS” network (the girl said it can connect anywhere in the world). The cost was 1,390 Baht with 30 hours connection free. That 30 free hours came via a SIM Card. When the 30 hours runs out I have to buy a new SIM Card.

Anyway after three days using this contraption at base in Pakchong (Pak Chong) I can confirm as follows:-

  • It does connect to the Internet. According to the instruction booklet it’s connecting to a 3G network.
  • When it’s connected the speed is good.
  • It disconnects every few minutes or so (depends upon the time of day) and then reconnects itself.
  • I managed to updated and add web pages to this website using it.
  • I have great trouble using Google Maps and uploading videos to YouTube. I did upload one video to YuTube but have been trying for days to upload another one. Also I can’t get Google Maps to show Bangkok properly. Only 60% of the map images show.

In short it will get you by for emails and light usage but it’s deadly frustrating.

Photos Of The HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard for Broadband Mobile Internet

Here are some photos of the HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard for Broadband Mobile Internet itself (the “Dongle”, the box and the receipt from Telewiz at Tesco Lotus, Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand.

Image of HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard for broadband mobile Internet - Front View

HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard Front View

Above, a photo of the front of the packaging of the HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard with the dongle itself alongside. You can see the price , 1390 at the top-right of the box.

Image of HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard for broadband mobile Internet - Rear View

HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard Rear View

Above, the back of the box with technical information in Thai and English languages.

Image of Close-up View of the Label on box of HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard for Broadband Mobile Internet

Close-up View of the Label on Box of HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard

Above, more information for the technocrats on the label stuck to the side of the box.

Image of Receipt from Telewiz at Tesco Lotus, Pakchong (Pak Chong), for the HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard

Receipt for the HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard

Above, the receipt from Telewiz at Tesco Lotus, Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand for the HUAWEI E153 AIS 3G Aircard. Note the date 25 Dec 2011. (Christmas day for Christians)

Fixed Landline Broadband At Our retirement House At Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand?

I have seen the telephone company guys fixing a telephone line in the main road leading to our soi. So it seems possible (and Kanyah confirmed that) that we can get a landline. Then (I assume) we can get broadband from the landline.

More Information About Mobile (And Fixed) Broadband In Thailand

I’m well aware that this information about mobile broadband in Thailand is incomplete. I’ll be investigating further in future and will post the results here.

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12 Responses to “Mobile Broadband Internet In Thailand”

  • Julian Reczek:

    Hi Yes I have mobile broadband in Thailand it works most of the time I would use True as a provider ,definitely not DTAC Im not sure about TOT but they are big in Bangkok ,make sure you download Mozilla firefox to speed up the internet ,you can download it from the internet for free.Hope this helps   Julian


  • Alan,

    Before we had an internet connection, I was using my bluetooth. which was TB 300 for 100 hours. call *138

    That was a few years back ? lost the details, but I think that is possible…


  • Len:

    Alan I regret that I will not be of much help to you. I live in the middle of
    rice country and will not see 3G for awhile. I do have access to land line
    DSL but there are no towers here at all. The word in the Bangkok Post was
    there is an attempt to go 4G in the near future – new government – new ideas
    I guess. Are you familiar with Thaivisa. It is a great forum site to get info
    on Thailand from expats that have live here for a long time. if you are not already a member you should be.Takes a minute to join and there is usually someone that can answer your questions.
    Glad to hear you have “finished” your house. – suspect you will have many
    additional project in the future – I’ve had a few and have a few more waiting.


    admin Reply:


    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes I know about the Thaivisa forum and go there sometims when I’m looking for some specific piece of information. It is a good place to look for information I’m searching now, i.e. how to get online to the Internet in Thailand using mobile broadband.

    I don’t use the website a great deal through because of all the negativity I find and too many just 3 or 4 word comments or moans without really giving any meaningful or useful infoprmation. That’s why I havn’t put a Forum on this website.




  • Alec:

    Hi Alan
    I may be able to help on the mobile broadband issue as we had  problems initially as our new house is about 20Km from Udon Thani. We found the best mobile phone reception was with Dtac. so we purchased a Dtac internet enabling cd disc and connect to the computer via a USB from the phone while keeping the phone connected to the charger all the time.  We then click on the desktop and the computer connects after about 15 seconds and works very well. We did try other systems but this one is the best for us. However there maybe a better 123 Go system or other one in your area
    Hope this is of some help
    Best wishes and cant wait to get back there in a few days
    I put an advert in the Bangkok Post for technology transfer starting 18 December for 5 days sdo am hoping I can get working over there soon 


    admin Reply:

    Hi Alec and thanks for the info.

    I’ll look into your method of getting online in Thailand with broadband mobile using DTAC.

    Also I’m interested in your advert in the Bangkok Post about technology transfer. Presumably this is to help you get a work visa?

    Best Regards



  • Terry:

    Hi Alan
    Best option: If you are in an area where you can have a land line (TOT) installed, your problem is solved. TOT provides an unlimited use for 699 I think. Reasonably good speed – 3mps?
    Mobile options: Being in the boonies, I am forced to go mobile. I have a half decent connection through DTAC – 299 baht per month 50 hours usage; they have unlimited at 790 baht per month I believe. It’s easy, make sure you have enough credit for the plan you wish to subscribe to, and ring DTAC (I think it’s 1678) and they will activate your SIM for internet use. Then connect your phone to your laptop or computer (phone acts as a modem). That’s about the most convenient connection you can have if you are nowhere near fixed lines.
    An alternative which I have been informed by a friend is to buy a Huawei 583/585 dongle, buy a package from AIS or any of the other providers (I am told DTAC HAPPY Internet is best – buy the 699 baht card for unlimited usage), and it works far better than the above DTAC option (the one using the phone as a modem). The Huawei is a MIFI and acts as a wireless router, so up to 5 machines can access this. This option is through a SIM that goes with the card you buy, plug the SIM into the Huawei and the speed is far better than the other option. I am told downloading movies etc is no problem with this setup. I am presently outstaion, will be back mid December and will try the Huawei which I have bought. You might want to bring one with you if you think this will work, as it sells in Thailand for between 2500 to 3000 baht – mjuch cheaper in UK or USA.
    Hope this helps. Cheers


    admin Reply:

    Hi Terry,

    That a whole load of useful info on getting online in Thailand with with mobile broadband Internet. I googled Huawei 583/585 dongle, and up came this report:-

    Looks like this could well be the way to go. The Huawei 583/585 dongle is provided by 3. As it happens I use a 3 dongle to get online in the UK (not the Huawei 583/585 dongle though). It’s plenty fast enough and good coverage.

    This is certainly one option I’ll be investigating to get online in Thailand over the next few days.

    Many thanks for the information.



  • Terence:

    Hi Alan,

    Just arrived at Phayao about 10 days ago and had been putting up in my friend’s house in a quite remote village with zero activity at night. Been dead tired for helping my friend and their village folks in the annual rice-harvesting and had not been online since I left my hometown.  

    So happened today I was asking my friend how to go online with my laptop that I brought along?
    Answer is get a Air-card (wireless adaptor/modem called Edge Modem) cost about 1,500B and a SIM card (cost about 69B) both avaliable from any 7-11 store I was told.

    Just this evening only my friend lent both to me to try out going online and happened to read your mails too. But the speed is rather slow, only about 460.8Kbps. Hope this info will helps.

    Will check out other avaliable options around town when free. 


  • Brian Wale:

    I connect with the internet using an AIS Aircard but True is much better, I get internet better in Pak Chong than i di in Pattaya.


  • mel howard:

    hi Alan

    was just wondering what was the outcome of all this and which was eventually your best method of getting online as i arrive there on 28th Dec myself I also wait in anticipation for the bombshell your about to drop hope you’ve settled in to your new retirement home and having a good christmas

    best regards



  • Terry:

    Hi Alan
    Read about your using the Huawei and using Telewiz….i think you don’t need to buy another SIM card…just a top up everytime you use up your credit.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to thailand!


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