Thai Visas – Getting My Thai Non-Immigration Visa In UK

I’m off to the Royal Thai Consulate in Birmingham, UK, today to get my Thai non-immigration visa – multiple entry type.

Should be no problem to get the visa, I satisfy all the requirements, have all the paperwork and have had one before, so in theory I should be returning home with my brand new multiple entry visa for Thailand.

Here is a picture of my last Thai multiple entry visa:-

Picture of my previous Thai multiple=

Above, a picture of my expired Thai Non Immigration Visa.

What Is A Multiple Entry Visa For Thailand?

A Thai non-immigration visa with multiple entries is valid for one year and allows multiple entries into Thailand. The maximum stay for any one visit is 90 days.

At this stage I don’t want a Thai retirement visa, just a multiple entry visa.

On the website at there is a section about how to get a Thai Visa and showing all the requirements so I don’t need to go into that here.

Well, it’s time to go. I’ll make another post with more information on what is needed to get a Thai multiple-entry visa from the Royal Thai Consulate in Birmingham.

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