Our Retirement House In Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, Inches Towards Completion With One Wooden Wall Finished

The Thai New Builder Turns Around The Construction Of Our Retirement House – Featured: Photos Thai Style Traditional Style of Wooden Walls

Kanyah is delighted as the house build starts to take shape once again – at a rapid pace. This new builder is really fast and Kanyah is now talking about 3 to 6 weeks to complete the house construction. She originally said it would take 3 months as advised by the new Thai builder.

Below are some photos taken just a few days ago and they show the wooden walls patterned after the traditional Thai house construction. Also to be seen is the vast improvement on the finish of the concrete columns as the new builder’s labor carefully applies the cement render.

Image of New Builder Wood Wall On Neighbour Noi Side

Completed Wood Wall On Neighbour Noi's Side

Above, at last, on one side of the house the external wooden wall is complete.

Image of Close Up of New Builder Wood Wall On Neighbour Noi Side

Completed Wood Wall On Neighbour Noi's Side - Close Up

Above, a close-up photo of the first traditional Thai style wooden wall completed.

Can you see how the color of the wooden planks changes at the top-left of the wall, just over the ventilation louvres?

As I explained in Thailand Retiring Plans Trashed? Post, I tried on my last visit to Thailand in April 2011, to ensure uniformity of wooden planks by selecting an “Official Standard Plank” because about 30% of the planks I had seen in the wood merchants were below that standard even though they were in the same batch. The most common reason for these planks not meeting “The Standard” was because they were light color.

Presumably, Kanyah has not been buying wooden planks that conform to the “Official Standard Plank”. Here is the photo of it:-

Image of Pakchong House Floorboards Sample 1

Pakchong House Floorboards Sample 1

Above, although this wood is labled as ‘floorboard’ wood, the same criteria regarding colour uniformity (and other criteria like straightness of the wood) should still apply to the wood for the walls.

Image of New Builder Half Completed Wood Wall On The Road Side

Half Completed Wood Wall On The Road Side

Above, you can see one bay of the wooden wall complete and the second bay half complete. This is a view of the house from the road side.

Also complete is the rendering to the bathroom walls – note the two window frames.

Image of Close-up of Half Completed Wood Wall On The Road Side

Close-up of Half Completed Wood Wall On The Road Side

Above, notice how smooth the concrete column is in the corner, compare to previous photos when the first builder left it.

Why Isn’t Kanyah Having The Concrete Columns Painted Before Putting Back The Wood Walls?

I thought that one of the reasons Kanyah sacked the previous builder was that she wanted to have the concrete columns fully rendered and painted before erecting the wooden walls. The logic for this is that the paint should be continuous under the wood. It will be difficult – at least time consuming – to paint close up to the wood without getting paint on the wood if the painting is done after the wooden walls are placed in situ.

But here she is allowing the wooden walls to go up before the concrete rendering is painted.

Answering my own question (which I have not put to Kanyah yet) I can think of several reasons:-

  • The paint should only be applied to dry cement not to wet cement. It is likely that due to the speed the new builder is progressing that some of the cement render may till not be thoroughly dry before it’s time to install the wooden walls.
  • She’s so excited about the progress that she has forgotten about the painting.
  • She has forgotten about the need to paint the cement rendering completely because many Thai houses are not painted where they are rendered.
  • She wants the progress to go fast without slowing up to do the painting.

I wonder what answer I’ll get if I get the opportunity to ask her?

While I’m puzzled, I’ll show you another photo that puzzles me:-

Image of Rendering The Beams On The Ground Floor

Rendering The Beams On The Ground Floor

Above, it looks like the cement rendering on the ground floor beams is being completed. Certainly this photo is taken at ground floor level in the Workshop looking up at the second floor floorboards.

What puzzles me is the colour of the render – it’s white whereas cement is grey. In fact it looks like the type of gypsum plaster we use in the UK to finish internal walls. The junction of the beam on the left with the floorboards is a bit rough. Hope they intend to actually will clean it up.

By the way, notice that light coloured floorboard? Who’s not been checking against the “Official Standard Plank”?

Concrete Columns Cement Now Rendered to A Smooth Finish

Now for some photos of the rendering of the concrete columns. Remember this was one of the main reasons that Kanyah sacked the previous builder – he wasn’t doing it. ( See It’s Clear Why She Sacked The Builder)

Just to bring this issue to mind, look at a photo of this column left by the previous builder:-

Image Showing How Rough The Concrete Columns Are Before Rendering

Showing How Rough The Concrete Columns Are Before Rendering

Above, the incompleted work left by the first builder.

Compare the finish on the column with that in the picture below:-

Image of New Builder Column Rendered Smooth

New Builder Column Rendered Smooth

Above, this is the same column as the un-rendered colunm in the previous picture.

Image of New Builder Column Rendered Smooth - Close Up

New Builder Column Rendered Smooth - Close Up

Above is a close up of the properly rendered column.

Now I’m not sure if the wooden walls have been removed to allow the column to be rendered. Kanyah seemed to indicate that they were.

Doing some investigation work, I can see that in both photos there are six wooden wall planks installed to I’m a bit on the ‘planks not removed’ side. On the other hand, if you look closely, you will see that the colour of the planks are different in each photo.

Anyway, the columns are smooth and that’s the main thing. Why aren’t they painted though? Huh!

Next few photos…

This is another puzzler.

Kanyah says that this bathroom wall had been knocked down and rebuilt by the new builder. It looks exactly the same as the previous builder’s wall to me.

Image of New Builder Red Brick Bathroom Wall

Above, I’d swear that was the previous builders wall. Look at the continuation below.

Image of Close Up of the New Builder Red Brick Bathroom Wall(Alan's comments)

Above, the continuation of the red brick wall (around the window frames) is much neater than the wall below, which makes me doubt whether the wall below is by the new builder – as Kanyah says it is.

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  • steve:

    wood you believe it !
    once you thai em down u get results – same with builders I suppose


    admin Reply:


    You have posted may comments on the website and they always make me laugh – but they are normally too outrageous to display.

    This one, though, I just had to let through.

    Many thanks and keep ‘em coming , Steve.



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