The Post Man Came to the Door Then Walked Away… A Minute Later…

… my heart fell -

- there was no package from the Thai consulate in Birmingham and that meant – no passport and no visa for Thailand…

… then a minute later the door bell rang…

“Please sign here” he said, with a Special Delivery package in his hand. Here it was…

Image of Alan Thai Non O Multiple Entry Visa

Alan Thai Non O Multiple Entry Visa

Kanyah Was Delighted

As soon as I had opened the Special Delivery packet from the Royal Thai Consulate in Birmingham and checked that all my original documents were there including my passport with Thai Non O Multiple Entry Visa I called Kanyah via Skype to tell her the good news.

I recorded the conversation using Camtasia but for some unknown reason my voice was not recorded. (Can anyone solve that issue – I would be grateful to know how to make sure my voice as well as the other person on the call is recorded?)

Listen to at least part of this recording just to get a feel for Kanyah’s happy mood. Then listen to the recording from two days before below.

A Happy Kanyah When I Told Her I Was Coming To Thailand

Now listen to a bit (or all if you can stand it) of the next recording which was made two days previously.

Very Upset And Distressed Kanyah When I Told Her I Might Not Be Going To Thailand

This recording is typical of the many calls I have made to Kanyah in Thailand over the last year since my last visit in December 2012. She is not at all happy living alone in our retirement home I had built in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand.

Packing My Bag For A Model Engineering Holiday In Thailand

Most people know about my passion and hobby of model engineering (making reals models of engines and things that really work, like steam engines)

There is a description and photos of me setting up my model engineering workshop  and building a steam model on the web page at My Model Engineering Workshop In Thailand

Packing Bags for Thailand 2013 450

I'll be on the flight to Bangkok next Monday 29 July 2013 to start my retirement in Thailand. These photos show what I'm taking with me - materials and tools to continue with my model engineering hobby in Thailand. You can see the part-finished model of a Burrell Traction Engine and a kit of parts for a model vertical steam boiler.

[img src=]00Model Verticle Steam Boiler Kit
[img src=]00Model Steam Boiler Fittings
[img src=]00Ball Joint Bearing
[img src=]00Carbide Lathe Tool Inserts
[img src=]00Lathe Tools With Carbide Inserts
[img src=]00Model Steam Fittings
[img src=]00Tap Die Set Metric
[img src=]00Tap Die Set Model Engineer
[img src=]00Model Burrell Traction Engine Model
[img src=]00Model Burrell Traction Engine Model 02
[img src=]00Assorted Small Screws
[img src=]00More Assorted Small Screws
[img src=]00Yet More Assorted Small Screws
[img src=]00Model Traction Engine Spkes etc

I’m not going to bore you with details of the photos in the gallery above except to to say that now I’m retiring to Thailand I expect to be able to make significant and rapid progress on these models:-

Model Burrel Traction Engine

I have been building that model Burrell Traction Engine for well over a year now. Since I was working away from home in London all week the only time I had to work on the model was at weekends. Now I’ll have all day every day!

Model Vertical Steam Boiler

I can’t remember exactly when I bought that kit to make the model vertical steam boiler but it was many years ago. And to date I have not touched it!

I recon it’t just a few weeks work to finish once I get to Thailand. (Other model engineering projects permitting)

Now I’m Actually Looking Forward To Retiring In Thailand

I just noticed something as I was writing this Post and getting ready to go to Pakchong (Pak Chong) to stay in our retirement house.

I’m actually looking forward to it!

How long it will last I don’t know. Perhaps in a few weeks I’ll be back in the U.K. working on that contract with LU? Who knows? All I know is I’m looking forward to re-starting building that steam engine (Victoria) in my model engineering workshop in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

So let’s just leave it at that for now.



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11 Responses to “Thai Non O Multiple Entry Visa Received”

  • George:

    No offence but is that is happy, then I don’t want to see sad.


  • Congratulations there Alan. So happy for you.


  • Joe Van Wyck:

    Happy for you guys. Have a nice trip. Joe


  • martin:

    Yes Alan, a big difference. remember to make time for Kanyah every day and you will be left to play in your workshop without being disturbed.  It is all about proximity and availability in a Thai relationship. Happy wife, happy life.   Good luck mate.  


    admin Reply:

    Hi Martin and thanks for the nice words.

    It’s working as you say, Kanyah is happy in the garden all day and she leaves me to play in the workshop. She is very happy.

    Your comment was posted a long time ago and things have changed considerably (for the better) since then as you will see if you read the latest Posts.

    I now have a new multiple re-entry visa and a Retirement Visa for example.

    Once again thank you for your comments.



  • Rob Mansfield:

    Great outcome Al. I may be getting a redundancy payout by the end of the year and my wife, Noi and I are planning retirement in Thailand next year. Hope to meet up with you one day. We will probably be based just out of Khon Kaen, in Noi’s village as we already have land there.
    Regards Rob Mansfield


    admin Reply:

    Hi Rob and thank you for your comment.

    It’s such a long time since you posted it you may have forgotten. I have been so busy with sorting out this retirement in Thailand project I have had little time to answer all the comments but I’m putting today aside for that.

    So much has happened since you posted your comment. Have you seen these Posts for example:-

    My Security Assured As Usufruct Is Legalised On The Chanote

    Settling Down To Retiring In Thailand

    Retiring In Thailand Retirement Visa

    And yes, I do hope we can meet up some day.

    Please update us with your own retiring in Thailand project.

    Best Regards



  • Lyle:

    Glad to see that your gonna make it here after all.

    Good idea to bring as much as you can pertaining to your hobby.

    I wish I would have brought more of my woodturning equipment with me when I came over as it is very difficult to find the items I need with Thailand shops have such little internet presence.

    You just have to happen to drive a shop that you are looking for and hope they carry something similar to what you want.

    Cant wait to see one of your finished products!


    admin Reply:

    Hi Lyle and thank you for your comment.

    It’s such a long time since you posted it you may have forgotten. I have been so busy with sorting out this retirement in Thailand project I have had little time to answer all the comments but I’m putting today aside for that.

    But to come back to obtaining tools in Thailand my other website will be a valuable resource to you.

    There is a section dedicated to reporting supplies of tools and materials in Thailand. Take the Review of Cromwell Tools Bangkok, Thailand Page for example.

    Cromwell Thailand is a huge tool supplier and part of the Cromwell group UK, the Industrial Supplies company.

    On their website they claim to have over £350,000 (186 million Thai Baht) of stock at their warehouse in Thailand.

    They claim to stock a wide range of products specialising in Cutting Tools, Abrasives & Power Tools, Precision & Laboratory Equipment, Workshop Equipment, Hand Tools, Fasteners, Lubricants & Chemical Products, Office Supplies & Stationery, Welding Equipment, Maintenance & Personal Protection Equipment and much more.

    Cromwell Tools have a website where you can request a free catalogue and it’s massive. Read the page I mentioned above and request the catalogue you will not be disappointed.

    Best Regards



  • stewart:

    Congratulations Mr. Brown!
    I trust you are well and comfortable. Welcome to Thailand and retirement.
    I am from California, USA and am on my second 90 day tourist visa. I turned 50  last year and gave myself the 1st trip to Thailand. Four more and six months later I am married and living in Isaan near Nong Khai. It’s a wonderful life! Not without it’s own peculiar challenges for us “fallings”. 
    My current visa ends September 9 but I plan to go to Lao before then to get a “non-O”and ultimately a retirement visa.
    What are your plans for your “rebirth”?


    admin Reply:

    Hi Stewart and good to make your acquaintance and what a lovely storey yours is.

    Can you really get a non O Thai visa in Laos?

    Well, I just answered that question by posting it in Google. Seems it’s dead easy. according to this Post “Non Immigrant O Visa, Savvanakhet, Laos”

    I’m settling in down here in Pakchong (Pak Chong) but as usual have just too much to do.

    My main interest is building steam models in Thailand. My ultimate dream is to build a stream traction engine and drive down to the local roadside eating house for a Quiteo and a beer!

    But for that I need some bigger machine tools and lots of expensive materials. So I need to make the money first and although I have ‘retired’ I do need to find extra cash and another income. I have plans for that but it’s just another diversion away from model engineering.

    I must say that the big driver for me to come here this time was my wife Kanyah. She has been so lonely here by herself and she wants me to stay here ‘forever’ and not to go working again. I’m just so pleased that she’s happy now I’m here.

    Like you ultimately I need a retirement visa so that’s another job to do. Before that, some more jobs that get in the way are:-

    Open Thai Bank Account
    Get a Thai Driving License
    For our son, Alex, to obtain Thai Nationality and a Thai passport
    To put the land and house in Alex’s name
    To build at least two more websites. One for model engineering in Thailand and one to sell Thai artifacts.

    Once again, Stewart, many thanks for your comment. Please keep in touch.

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown


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