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Learning how to speak Thai can be difficult or easy depending upon what tools and teachers you have. I know from my own experience of learning how to speak Thai over many years.

I have been learning the Thai language for many years and tried many courses, including Liguaphone, Rosetta Stone and then finally the courses by Benjawan Poomsan Becker which really are far and away the best of them all.

That’s not to say that Liguaphone and Rosetta Stone aren’t good, they are. Particularly Rosetta Stone.

Why The ‘Natural Learning Method’  Doesn’t Work

But the problem I have with those courses is that they don’t include any English! Of course this is promoted as ‘the natural way of learning’, just as a child would learn. But that’s not a real-life situation for a grown-up learning a foreign language in their home country. A child learning their own language in their own country is surrounded by people talking the language all day long. This is not the case when learning a foreign language when in your home country.

That’s one reason why ‘the natural way of learning’ doesn’t work for me. The other is that I don’t want to wait for years to learn the meanin of a word. I want to know now.

That’s just one reason why the courses by Benjawan Poomsan Becker are soo good. They provide the Thai in audio and written form followed by the translation in English.

Here’s an example. In the courses by Benjawan Poomsan Becker he reads a list of words and his Thai partner reads the Thai after each word. A perfect way to quickly build up your vocabulary.

Thai for Beginners

This is the ideal course for beginners. I have it and run the CDs in my car whenever I’m driving. I have since progressed onto the Intermediate Course but still come back periodically to Thai for Beginners to refresh. Read more about Thai for Beginners here.

Learn Thai

Sample Exercises  From Thai for Beginners

Just click on the buttons below to hear recordings taken from the Thai for Beginners Course.

Note: Please wait while the audio file loads…

Tape 1, Side A, Lesson 1: Vocabulary

Tape 1, Side A, Lesson 2: Vocabulary

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2 Responses to “Learn Thai”

  • For all Thai learners there is a great site womenlearnthai.com (for men too). Lots of stuff on the language and culture.


    admin Reply:

    Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for the tip on learning Thai, i’ll check out the website.

    I went to the other site that you mentioned selling ebooks about Thailand and bought your “Retired Life in Thailand” book. I’m waiting for the download link now. I did download the free first chapter of “Retired Life in Thailand” and found it interesting enough to buy the whole book. After I have read it I’ll write a review.


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