After Our Thai Landscape Gardener Asked For An Extra 30,000 Baht I Asked Kanyah To Terminate The Contract!

Rip-Off Thai Gardener Suspected Of Being In Cahoots With Our Neighbour Over Extortinate Commisssions

Kanyah phoned me this morning to tell me that the day before yesterday our Thai landscape gardener had arrived on site at our retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, with 3 labourers and cleared the garden areas of vegetation, builder’s waste and other rubbish ready to comence the garden landscaping.

She told me the labour cost 220 baht/day which is line with what some people have mentioned in comments on the previous post “Gardening Contract For Our Retirement House In Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand“.

Kanyah told me how clean the garden areas looked now and promised to send me some photos so that I can post them up here on the RetiringInThailand website.

She also told me that the gardener had asked her for another 30,000 Baht on top of the 120,000 Baht we had already agreed for the landscaping of our Thai garden as detailed on the “Gardening Contract Post.

She explained that she had been angry with the gardener and was yelling at him asking why he was asking for more money now and why didn’t he ask for 130,000 Baht when her husband (myself) was there (in Pakchong) and when the contract was negotiated and agreed?

“We didn’t tell you the price was 120,000 Baht” she told him. “That was your price, not ours. If you wanted 130,000 Baht why didn’t you ask for it” she told him.

She asked me what I wanted to do. To go along with the 130,000 Baht or to cancel the contract?

Well, no doubt you won’t be surprised that I firmly asked Kanyah to cancel the contract.

Kanyah agreed with me 100% and said she was suspicious of our neighbour Noi trying to sqeeze more money out of us through the gardener.

Update As The Gardener Returns And Is Promptly Sent Packing

Literally just a few minutes ago – about an hour after Kanyah’s first telephone call this morning – she called me again the say that the Thai landscape gardener had returned and she told him that the contract was terminated and told him to leave.

She also said that when she made the first telephone call to me this morning the neighbour’s wife Tim had been standing in our doorway, listenening. Kanyah suspects she was spying for Noi.

Seems Like What People Have Said Is true

After I made the the “Gardening Contract Post several people emailed me or posted a comment on the website to say that at 120,000 Baht i was being ripped off and warned me about the neighbour being in on the deal to get a fat commission.

Seems they may well have been right after all!

Some people suggested that there were several gardening centers around Pakchong (Pak Chong) and that I should go out and visit them to get advice and costs, buy plants etc and basically ‘do the landscape gardening’ myself.

I did explain (at length) that I am back in the U.K. now and that I have not time to spend in Pakchong (Pak Chong) making a Thai garden.

I suggested this route of visiting the local gardening centers in and around Pakchong (Pak Chong) to Kanyah but she wasn’t too enthusiastic about it to say the least. here approach seems to be to leave the garden as it is until I can go over and sort it out.

Well, I guess I could sort it out (i.e. get the garden areas landscaped and looking nice) but I’m no gardener and my retiring in Thailand plans are all about building steam model engines in my model engineering workshop!

So unless somehow Kanyah manages to find another Thai landscape gardener then it looks like the Thai garden will stay rather bare for some time to come.

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6 Responses to “Thai Landscape Gardener To Be Terminated On Day 2”

  • John:

    Alan, you will be ripped off if you do not get involved with the project management of the whole landscape.  Why not take your time and visit the local gardens you like.  Take photos of the features you like.  Make a montage of what you like.  Provide some size and indication of quality.  Ask a few quotes of reputable gardener and knock out the contract with main terms in English with attachments of the montage and amplification on quality, service, delivery, price,  time and progress payment.  I think the local gardener should be able to handle that and you may get a more satisfactory outcome.


    admin Reply:

    Hi John and thanks for your comments about making a Thai garden and landscaping in thailand.

    What you suggest is all good advice but I probably won’t follow it and here’s why:-

    1. The Thai Garden in our retirement house in Thailand is Kanyah’s project. All the time we have been married (30 years) Kanyah has been dreaming and planning to own her own house in Thailand and to build (if that is the correct word) a garden. She has told me so many times that’s her dream and that she loves farming and gardening.

    2. I have no interest in gardening and am totally useless at it. Because I was totally useless at gardening when I was a kid and couldn’t grow anything I decided to grow weeds. I gathered weed seeds from some weeds and planted them. Guess what? They didn’t grow. I never touched a garden again since then.

    3. Model Engineering is my passion and hobby. That is what I will be doing in my model engineering workshop when I retire to Thailand. When we decided to build the house we agreed – model engineering for me and gardening for Kanyah.

    4. I’m living in the U.K. not in Thailand. I visit Thailand for short breaks but I don’t live there and I don’t have the time to go round garden centers etc. If I have time to round any shops it’s down to the tool shop or the steel stockholder for me.

    But thanks for your advice on how to put together a contract for a Thai landscape gardener to make a Thai garden. Perhaps some of our readers can follow your idea.



    Dan Reply:

    Dear Alan,

    We have noticed that your blog links to our website concerning a bad experience you had with your landscapers whilst building your house.

    I wish to make it plain that this job was NOTHING to do with our company. We have never heard of your good self nor undertaken any job in Pakchong. We therefore ask that you remove the link to our website as this is laying blame at our door when it is totally unjustified.

    Indeed, may I ask who told you of our website? If one of the Thai contractors you had issue with pointed it out to you then he was lying to you about this as well.

    Our management is Thai / English. As a foreigner you would have had your requirements and job dealt with by an English national. If this did not occur then, I reiterate, IT WAS NOT OUR COMPANY.

    In fact, if you had approached us about the job in the first place I hope that you would now have a garden that you could be proud of.

    I hope this resolves the issue, please contact us if you wish to check what I am saying.


  • Kanpitcha:

    Hi Alan
    Sorry to hear bad new about your gardener. It’s not surprise at all. You are foreigner and Thai people though you are rich so always try to cheat you.
    It’s ok to loose a little money than go along with it and loose more money in the future. They start with difficult thing then will create more problems later. To be honest 120,000 baht is very expensive with your land area. You did not even see draw picture what your garden will look like. They will put 1,000 Tian Tong trees in your landscape is too much and that trees did not great looking at all.
    I think you can try to do landscape by self. It’s no rush and no need to do right now. You both will be in UK for awhile so if you finish your garden that have to have people to maintain them. The grass will grow up quickly and have to cut often. Your first priority to build your retire house is done and your house look clean now is that ok for now.
    If you would like to give shade to the house, you should plant fruit trees around the fence first. Example is mango, gooseberry fruit, Mangos teen, banana and coconut etc.
    This both benefit can make your house cooler and can be food. Also not much takes care. You should have some of back space for grow kitchen vegetable. For other trees and flower you can go to the garden shop to ask for advice or pick by your self. I advice some flower is look nice for your garden can be Frangipani flowers ( LeLaVadee), Rose,  and Orchids etc.
    Good luck for your coming project.


  • Terence:

    Hi Alan,

    Well done on your firm decision, should send a clear message across to any party related, that we mean business and dead serious about it.
    One thing you should bear in mind (till you kicks the bucket when retiring in Thailand) is that being a foreigner in general (and a Thai’s husband as well) the local merchants always had different price tags for us even a small petty item wherever we goes (like market etc.) except Tesco or shops with fixed price list.

    Should be more wary and always check around when dealing with any project/investment with big price tag.

    Even though I do speak Thai and look like a native Thai and having been here off/on for donkey years are not spared once I speak to them (do not have the 100% accent). 

    So good luck, Pal

    Best regards,


    admin Reply:

    Terence, many thanks for the tips about getting value for your money when you retire to Thailand.

    I didn’t realise from your other comments that you had been in Thailand for so long and can speak Thai. I obviously need to take more notice of what you say in your comments in future.

    Just two things I want to emphasise because almost everyone posting on this website seems to miss:-

    I Don’t Live in Thailand.

    I live and work in the U.K. making and saving money for my eventual retirement to Thailand.

    So I don’t have time to spare in Thailand to shop around etc. This costs me more money, I know, but I’d rather pay X% more to get something NOW, than spend Y days getting a lower price. ‘Cause I don’t have Y days to spare in Thailand and in Y days here in UK I can easily make well above the +X%.

    But I won’t be ripped off. Do without first.

    Kanyah Does The All The Negotiation

    Kanyah always demands a discount and usually gets one whatever she buys. She is from the ‘old school’ in Thailand. She’s from the days when there were no fixed prices and you had to barter over everything.

    To get an inside track on The Negotiating Skills Of A Thai (Kanyah) In The Marketplace I recommend this Post.

    Thanks for the comments again Terrence, and please keep them coming. i’ll pay special attention next time in deference to your vast experience of retiring in Thailand.



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