Kanyah Now Has The Thai House Papers – And We Have The Baan Lek Tee (House Address)

A Time To Celebrate – At Last Kanyah Has Her Name Registered On Her Own House Papers And I Have An Address In Thailand!

Wow! What an exciting moment for Kanyah. She phoned me just a few minutes ago to tell me that she now has the Thai house papers with he name registered on them.

Then an hour later a tearful Kanyah phoned me again to tell me, guess what, that “she now has the Thai house papers with her name registered on them!”.

(She loves to repeat things as I’ve said before)

This Is A Lifetime’s Dream Come True For Kanyah

Now Kanyah is so, so happy, that her dream of owning her own house and having her own house papers with her name on them has now actually come true. In her phone calls she thanks me profusely in English and Thai.

Yes, we had a house in England but she never really assimilated (anybody go the correct word?) to that as being ‘hers’.

Kanyah Is No Longer The Tramp With No Place To Call Home

Now she truly does have a house and a place that she can call home – after 30 years of following me around the world like a tramp. (Not a poor one but a tramp nevertheless)

It’s not surprising that she is jubilant, happy and at last fulfilled. Not surprising then that she thanked me so much.

In Thailand The House Papers Are A Passport To All Official Business

What I mean is (and people familiar with Thailand will know this) that to do any just about official business in Thailand a Thai must show the house papers with their name registered on them. Without the house papers (and their name on them) a Thai person is basically non-existent – a gipsy for want of a better word.

Here are some of the things you need the house papers for:-

  • To obtain a Thai ID card
  • To obtain a thai passport
  • To obtain a driving license
  • To open a bank account
  • To get married
  • To obtain a British visitor’s (or any other) Visa

(If you know of any more, please post a comment or send me an email)

It seems that my words are getting through to Kanyah

If you have read my other posts then you will no that I’m pretty direct with Kanyah and let her know in no uncertain terms what I want her to do. I have for months and weeks been pushing her to get these house papers.

At last my harassment seems to have bourn fruit. Just as my ranting and raving back in May of 2011 about the standard of workmanship and the failure of Jalan to supervise the construction led eventually to Kanyah giving the previous builder and Jalan the push. (Pushed out i.e. she sacked them). There is a Post about those ‘dark days’ at “Thai Retirement House Building Project From Hell – And I’m Sick Of It” and related Posts.

So those of you who ask me to ‘go gentle’ on Kanyah take note. Pushing her brings results!

It might be painful but that’s life. If you don’t push for what you want in life you’ll get what they give you.

Image of Baan Lek Tee

About The Thai House Address – Baan Lek Tee In The Thai Language – And The House Papers

Well I’ve just about said what I want to say on this subject – that is until Kanyah send me a copy of the house papers.

I’ll then post a copy here and get them translated into English and put the translation up here also. And then I’ll know Kanyah’s (and my) address in Thailand so I’ll send her a letter.

Here Is A Copy Of The Thai House Papers

Placeholder for the Thai House Papers

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One Response to “Thai House Address – Baan Lek Tee In Thai Language”

  • Len:

      Well it sounds like you are half there. I don’t pretend to be an expert in this
    area and I can only relate my experiences. Your wife has her Tabien bahn – her
    blue house book which makes her the owner of the house and land (for the most
    part a foreigner cannot directly own land) what you will have to do when you
    get here (and you may need your retirement visa to do it ) is to get a
    yellow Tabien Bahn which lists you as an occupant in your wife’s house it will
    probably come with a 13 digit ID number for you making it a little easier
    to get a driver’s license etc. and VERY important to have for Thai immigration.
    The better your proof of your address the easier things get. I think the next
    step is to get an usufruct giving you some standing if anything should happen to her. Whatever you may want to seek legal advise when you retire – you would not be the first foreigner with the short straw and while you probably have
    no problems with your wife – in one of your major fights you could end up outside with no rights and no house.
       Also – I don’t know if you have a Thai driver’s license yet but if not you might
    want to obtain an International Driver’s License when you retire here. It usually
    gets you out of the written test – the hour movie – and the driving test. You still
    will have to distinguish red-yellow-green (best named in Thai) and a stupid
    reaction test  (foot on accelerator-green light-when change to red you have
    about 5 seconds to hit the brake) – some places also have a depth perception test. PS-if you fail any test (very hard) you usually get to keep trying until you
    get it right. But with my yellow Tabien Bahn they put my Thai ID on the driver’s
    license instead of my passport number which may help to make one more acceptable to some Thais. – showing you are here to stay and not visit.
       Lastly – everything should be a compromise. You see little use for a marble
    floor – Kanyah see a beautiful room. Cover the floor with some linoneum and
    if later you no longer need a workshop you have a ready made room. I wanted
    my upstair living room to be a hardwood floor but I had to settle for half being new wood and half from Noi’s father’s house old house (some warped) – hate
    it but a compromise and her family is happy.  Have fun and think retirement.


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