Royal Thai Embassy London – “Alex, You Should Get Your Thai Passport In 6-8 Weeks”

Well that was the good news (except for the word “should” – I would have preferred the word “will” but more of that later. But getting to that good news point was fraught with misunderstandings and confusion. Let me explain by first describing how to get an appointment at the Royal Thai Embassy, Queen’s Gate, London.

If you are not up to speed with Alex’s passport story click here to read a short summary of the story so far.

How  To Get An Appointment For The Royal Thai Embassy In London.

According to Alex, you have to make an appointment before visiting the Embassy. I have been there many times to get visas and never made an appointment – you just turn up get a queue ticket and wait your turn.

A few weeks ago when Alex visited us here in Nottingham I mentioned to him that we ought to go to the Thai Embassy sooner rather than later in case we had to get some more documents and return at a later date since we (myself and his Mum Kanyah) were returning to thailand on 7th June.

So prompted Alex got out his smartphone and a few minutes later announced that the earliest appointment time would 1030 on Monday 19th June. He gave us the impression that he had been to the Thai Embassy website to get the appointment.

So on the due day (yesterday) we arrived at the Thai Embassy at 0900 and waited for Alex. As the time grew nearer to 1030 Kanyah started to fret about Alex being late. He arrived at 1015 and said “let’s go in”. “Well our appointment isn’t until 1030″ I said and Alex replied you have to get a ticket and wait in the queue.

I was expecting that Alex had arranged a specific appointment at a specific time.

Today as I am writing up this story I went to the Thai Embassy website to see how to get an appointment because I thought it would be good information for readers. Search as I might I could find no mention of needing an appointment nor any way to get one. instead all I found was this:- “No appointment is required” on the “How to apply for a Visa” page.

So has Alex been misleading us? And why would he fake appointment for two weeks time when he could have faked it much earlier to give us more time if something went wrong? And why did he chose 1030 instead of earlier? (They open at 0900)

I just asked Kanyah about this and she told me that the lady in the Thai Embassy asked her if we had an appointment and when Kanyah said yes the lady then checked the book and confirmed that yes we had an appointment for 1030 on 19th June at 1030. So I’m bewildered.

So, I go back to checking the Thai Embassy website and eventually find a page in English dealing with passport Applications. It’s very difficult to get to this page because when you click the “EN” (English language tab) the page flashes up and then promptly disappears. Try if you like here’s the link:-
Online passport booking
(Select “Passport Only” and “Over 20 years old”)

Anyway on that page (which I’ll include here as a pdf for you to download) it does say “Make an appointment by online reservation system”. Here is part of a screenshot from the website:-

Image of Online Booking Thai Passport Application

Online Booking Thai Passport Application

Search as I might I couldn’t  find the referred to “online reservation system” on the website.  Then I noticed a checkbox and acceptance button at the bottom of the web page:-


Acceptance check-box

Acceptance check-box


When I checked the box and clicked Accept I was taken to an Appointment Booking page:-

Image showing the Online Booking Thai Passport Application page

Online Booking Thai Passport Application

Voila! My apologies, Alex, for questioning you.

By the way when I tried to find when the next available appoint  might me it looks as if there are no appointments available until 2 July, by which time we would have returned to Thailand:-

Ima ge showing Thai Embassy Passport Application Appointment Calendar

Thai Embassy Passport Application Appointment Calendar

Documents Required To Apply For A Thai Passport At The Royal Thai Embassy, London

It is only now, as I am writing this Post that I come to understand the requirements for Alex to get his thai Passport at the Thai Embassy. On the day (yesterday) I didn’t.

Here is a screenshot of the page showing the actual requirements. Note that I have marked certain sections which I’ll talk bout in more detail in a minute:-

Image showing Requirements to Apply For A Thai Passport

Requirements to Apply For A Thai Passport

Now let’s examine the annotated text using the numbers I have entered in red colour.

1 “Parents are required to accompany to the applicant to the embassy.”

From this requirement alone it’s clear why the Thai Embassy wouldn’t entertain Alex’s previous application forms when he tried to apply by himself.

But there is another point here too. We knew this before Alex came to visit us in Thailand to try to get his passport there. It was precisely because of the requirement for parents to be present that we decided that Alex should visit us in Thailand and make the application there because at the time we had no plans to go to UK.

2 “Current passport”

During the processing of his application (in fact it was after his application had been accepted and he was sent to have his photo taken) Alex was asked for his UK Passport.

He didn’t have his passport with him.

Needless to say I was very agitated by this because it’s such an important and obvious document to have with you when making this kind of application. How on earth could he not have bought it – Kanyah was always telling him to bring all important documents with him.

Alex offered his driving license as a means of photoo-ID and they seemed to accept that.

A huge relief- I was expecting to have to make another appointment for another visit and perhaps there wasn’t enough time before we returned to Thailand.

3 “A photocopy of Thai House Registration or Thai Identity Card bearing 13-digit number”

Kanyah had bought the Thai House Registration book with here and indeed we had already has Alex’s name entered at the Amphur in Pak Chong, Thailand before we came to the UK. And, yes, there was the 13 digit number. We took the book with us ‘in case it was needed” not because we knew this number was required.

When we at the Thai Embassy there was a place on the Application Form that asked for the applicant’s Thai ID Card number. This always perplexed us because Alex didn’t have a Thai ID card.

The Missing Link That Make All The Difference Whether Your Thai Passport Application Is Accepted Or Not

Then it clicked. The number in the Thai House Registration book next to Alex’s name would be the number to go on the Application Form and on his Thai ID card when he gets it.

There are some more points here:-

  • When Alex made his previous applications he had a copy of the Thai House Registration book so could have entered the ID number had he known the significance of it!
  • As I said we had already registered Alex in the Thai House Registration book in Pakchong to progress his Thai Passport application  but we had no idea that this was essential proir to applying for the passport.

4  “The Royal Thai Embassy in London will issue a passport containing the forename and surname of the applicant in accordance with the personal data in House Registration Document ONLY.”

We (Kanyah and myself) had never seen this requirement before but it emphasises what we had learned above. That Alex must be registered in the Thai House Registration book   the local Amphur in thailand before an application for a passport can be made.

Now this poses a question. We ((Kanyah and myself) happened to be in Thailand and were able to make this registration. But suppose we were living ‘permanently’ here in the UK. Would a visit to Thailand for that specific purpose be required? I assume it would.

Same Forms, Same Information, Different Result

The end result of our visit to the Royal Thai Embassy in London, UK, was that Alex’s application for his Thai passport was accepted for processing.

But the Application Form Kanyah filled in for Alex yesterday was exactly the same one that Alex had previously submitted to the Thai Embassy and the answers were the same. If fact Kanyah copied the answers from the previous Form to fill out the new one yesterday.

Here is a copy of the Thai Passport Application Form which I have translated into English:-

Image of Alex Thai Passport Application Form

Alex Thai Passport Application Form

The only difference was that we now knew what number to put where is asks for the Thai ID number.

But Alex had that information with him when he presented the Application Form previously and could have entered it it had he known (or had the Thai Embassy staff explained where it was to be found).

These are the possible reasons why the Thai Embassy staff did not process Alex’s previous application:-

  • He did not know his Thai ID number.
  • His parents were not present.
  • He did not make an appointment.

 ‘Should’ Not ‘Will’ Receive His Thai Passport.

What happens next?

Now we come to the ‘should’ not ‘will’.

They (the Thai Embassy staff) told us that the documents would now be sent to Thailand for checking (and/or approval?). Also there would be a police search for any criminal charges on Alex’s record. It’s not clear if this police search will be conducted in UK or Thailand.

Now Alex isn’t a criminal at all but he does have a criminal record. How? In the UK if you have a drink-and-drive conviction that counts as a criminal offence. Will it stop them issuing his passport? We have to wait and see.

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