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Look At These Photos From Our Retirement House Build Project In Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, And It’s Clear Why Kanyah Sacked The Thai Builder

It’s so obvious from the photos below why Kanyah terminated the contract with our Thai builder who was supposed to build our dream retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, that you almost don’t need any commentary from me.

The builder has installed the wooden walls on the second floor of our house before the concrete beams and columns have been completely rendered. In fact only one or two columns have been rendered, the remainder are very rough and in the ‘as cast’ condition as you can see.

With the wooden walls in place it will be impossible to go back and render the walls and to paint them.

Why has the builder done this and not had the walls completely rendered and painted before he installed the wooden walls?

That is a mystery. And if you scroll down the page you’ll see why, after I have looked at the builder’s “Working Schedule” (we call it a Construction Programme in the U.K.) it becomes even more of a mystery.

He Was Dead Wrong In Underestimated Kanyah’s Determination

I had complained passionately to Kanyah when I was in Pakchong a few weeks ago, as reported on the “Thailand Retirement House Build Plans Dashed” post, that she was not taking suffient interest in the quality of the builders work and was letting the builder get away with it.

My rants and raves in Thailand must have had some effect on her because in this issue over the walls being installed before the concrete columns were rendered she has really dug her heals in and resisted the builders attempts to ignore her demands that the work be done properly and in the correct sequence.

Kanyah and her nephew, Jalan, had complained to the builder that he should finish the rendering before putting up the wood walls. but he ignored them and put the wood walls up on all four sides of the house.

Kanyah insisted that he take down the walls and do the rendering before putting the walls up. No move from the builder so she kicked him off site – permanently! And she didn’t pay him a single Baht more. In fact we had already paid him for far more than he had completed.

Kanyah has found a new builder who will be removing all the wooden walls and rendering the columns and beams before putting them back.

Now, let’s look at the photos and I’ll explain the problem in detail in case you aren’t familiar with rendered concrete.

Image Showing How Rough The Concrete Columns Are Before Rendering

Showing How Rough The Concrete Columns Are Before Rendering

Above, it’s clear to see that the column and beam have not been rendered. The column has had the first stage preparation – rendering the corners – ready for main rendering. Refer to the sketch on Concrete Rendering Causes Thai Builder To Be Sacked From The Thailand Retirement House Build for details of what I mean by this.

Image of Column Rendering Complete Not complete But Wooden Walls Installed

Column Rendering Complete Not complete But Wooden Walls Installed

Above, it looks as though this beam and column have been rendered, but the adjacent beam has not. Even so, the rendering should have been painted before installing the wooden wall planks.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Rendering cast-In-Situ Concrete In Thailand – But Were Afraid To Ask…

I appreciate that on this page I am basically assuming that you know what ‘rendering’ is and how and why it is done in Thailand. If you aren’t sure then could could visit the Concrete Rendering Causes Thai Builder To Be Sacked From The Thailand Retirement House Build Post where everything about cement rendering of cast conrete beams, columns and concrete block walls is explained in detail, fully illustrated with sketches and photographs.

Image of Wooden Walls Installed Before Concrete Beam Rendering Complete

Wooden Walls Installed Before Concrete Beam Rendering Complete

Above, you can see how rough the concrete beam is before rendering.

Actually, wood itself looks quite nice in these photos.

Image of Wooden Walls Installed Before Column Rendering Complete

Wooden Walls Installed Before Column Rendering Complete

Above, a clear contrast btween a rendered column and one that is not. It will be impossible to render this column without taking the wooden walls down, which our new builder will have to do.

The Builder’s “Working Schedule” (Termed a “Construction Programme” in the U.K.)

Before we signed the construction Contract in January, 2011, the builder handed us his planned “Working Schedule” (Termed a “Construction Programme” in the U.K.) which is not referred to in the Contract and does not form part of it.

However, there is also a Payment Schedule comprising two up-front advances and 10 staged payments. The stage payments do relate to the tasks listed in the “Working Schedule”, where each task has a sequential ID. At the time we had paid him for Stage 6, although I knew that he had not completed all the work in Stage 6. From what Kanyah was telling me I was assuming that the wood walls were in Stage 7 and that he was doing that before finishing Stage 6 so that he could get paid for Stage 7 even though he had not completed Stage 6!

When I started to write this Post I had not checked the”Working Schedule” to see what the builder’s planned sequence of work was. Now here it is:-

Tasks for “Working Schedule” Stage 6:-

ID Task Name My Comment Progress
21 Install wood frame walls That’s what he is doing now 50% complete
22 Install door, window Window frames installed Doors not purchased
23 Bamboo mat wall This should be the very last item of work! Mat not purchased
24 Render Wall, Plaster This should be before Task ID 21, “Install wood frame walls” Part complete

Above, you can see that I consider the sequence of working to be illogical. Surely all the finishes (rendering and paint) that are going to be covered by the wood walls should be completed before the wood walls are installed? I think so.

Bear in mind that we have paid for all of Stage 6 and not much of it has been completed. Stage 6 payment is 155,000 Baht!

Tasks for “Working Schedule” Stage 10 – the last Stage:-

ID Task Name My Comment
30 Power Lines, plugs This should be before Bamboo Mat
And so on down to…
37 Paint This should be before Task ID 21, at least for the concrete hidden by the wood walls

So now I can understand why the builder was reluctant to follow Kanyah’s request to have the walls rendered before the wood walls were installed – he hadn’t intended it that way.

Nevertheless, his sequence of works is very strange. I assume it was produced very quickly and without a great deal of care. After all it was produced before we had signed a Contract so the builder was spending his own time  making it in the hope of winning the project, so i can expect a few mistakes. What is important is whether at the time when Kanyah had the issue of the wall/rendering sequence with the builder what was his logic for adhering to his construction sequence?

This Is Not The End Of The Story

Because Kanyah had told me that the wood wall installation was in Stage 7, whereas from the above it clearly is in Stage 6, and the builders working schedule shows wood walls being installed before finishing the rendering, I need to get back to Kanyah again and put these questions to her. When (if!) I get any clarity I’ll post it here.

Kanyah Buys The Very Last Material To Be Installed – Bamboo Mat

Image of Toyota Pickup Truck Filled With Bamboo Mat To Line The Walls

Toyota Pickup Truck Filled With Bamboo Mat To Line The Walls

In the picture above, buried under the plastic protection is a pile of bamboo mats that we will be using to line the walls and ceiling of the house.

Kanyah, that’s her standing beside the Toyota Pickup, seems very pleased with her purchase which she made whilst staying at her nephew’s house in Khampaeng Phet – taking a break until the new builder is ready to start work on our house.

Now it’s fine that Kanyah is taking an interest in the finishes of the house and it demonstrates her vision of seeing the house complete, which will keep her going through what will undoubtedly be difficult times ahead, notwithstanding the new builder.

Seems Like Out-Of-Sequence Working Is The Norm In Thailand

But the bamboo mat is the very last item to be installed in the house. It goes on like a wallpaper after all the other work is complete including the electrical wiring. So this bamboo mat is just going to sit in the workshop for three months, getting in the way, and gathering dust, insects and no doubt mildew as this is the rainy season.

A nice buy, Kanyah, but completely out of sequence. You’ll be out buying furniture next!

OMG what have I said?

Collected The Toyota Pickup Yesterday

Just a quick update on buying a car in Thailand.

If you have read an earlier post on this Retiring In Thailand website where I describe how I went about buying a car in Thailand, you will know that we settled on a brand new Toyota Pickup (Toyota Hilux 4WD 2.5 D-4D HL2 Single Cab 2dr) for 550,000 Bhat. That included road tax and one years free insurance.

Well on that day almost a month to the day my wife paid a deposit of 100,000 Baht for the pickup to the Bangkok car dealer, due to be available for collection on the 15th March.

When she called them near to the time to ask about collection they confirmed that yes, the car (pickup) would be ready on the 15th. And so it was. But.

There’s always a but! For some unexplained reason she didn’t go to pick up the car until yesterday, 16th March. When I called her later on the 16th she had taken the pickup home and complained about some problems with the windows and keys!

When I here the word ‘problem’ coming out of Thailand my wallet gives a twitch and snuggles down deeper inside my pocket. ‘Problems’ always need money to sort them out…

Anyway, as she explained, the pickup when she collected it was provided with manual windows (wind up – wind down by hand0 and you had to lock each door with the key. Now when she was talking about locking doors, keys and problems, my first thought was that she had locked the keys inside the pickup.

No, it seems she asked the car dealer to change the windows to electric operation and the door locking to central locking, radio controlled type.

She said all that was done for ‘only 6,900 Baht.

The other thing she mentioned was that it was ‘a lovely colour’.

Explaining this to a friend later I made the comment that I didn’t understand why she hadn’t spotted those things when she first inspected the cars on sale in Bankok paid the deposit. His reply:- “Because she’s a women. She was probably more interested in the colour”. Well I did then tell him that her delight about the colour was one of the things she liked best about the pickup!

Anyway, seems she took possession of the car without too much hassle. I was worried how she was going to pay for the car – I didn’t think the idea of carrying and handing over 450,000 Baht in cash was very safe and asked her to get a debit card form her bank and pay using that. I still have to check with her what she dis in the end. Also she is taking some photo’s today of the car and I’ll post them and some information about the dealers address etc as soon as she emails them through to me.

So that’s a brief update on buying a car in Thailand.

Of course, it’s only about a Thai national buying a car in Bankok, Thailand, not how a farang can buy a car in Thailand.

For more information on why we decided to buy a brand new car in Thailand rather than a second-hand car please read the previous post on buying a car in Thailand.

New! Just Added – Complete Car Information And Photos

Today (18 March 2010) I have just created a new page on the website giving all the details of the Toyota Hilux Viga pickup we bought in Bangkok, Thailand.

There is a mass of information on that web page including a breakdown of the cost for the car itself and the extras, a full list of what was included in the price, the name and address of the car dealer and a few photographs.

This detailed information will be invaluable for anyone thinking about buying a car in Thailand.

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