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Just Arrived In Thailand To Finalise The Land Purchase

Photo of Alan Arriving in Thailand 1 May 2010

Alan In Bangkok To Buy The Land In Pakchong May 1, 2010

Above, A Photo Of Alan Arriving At Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (Taken Saturday 1st May 2010)

Saturday 1st May 2010 and here I am in Thailand to see the land transferred into my wife’s name.

And what happened when I arrive?

Problems, Problems, Problems.

Why, oh why is everything so difficult in Thailand? What would take minutes in UK can take hours or days (or may never be achieved) in Thailand.

It seems like The whole system is stacked against you.

And I’m not just talking about the Thai laws – even the phones don’t work. Well, they work, but depending upon where you’re calling that dictates which phone to use!

This became a major issue on day 1 because the money I had sent to my wife by bank transfer last Monday (5 days ago) had not yet arrived in her bank. i had made many previous bank transfers and they normally took only a few 9ie 3) days. So what had happened here?

I only have one week here in Thailand to finalise this land purchase (due to business commitments back in UK) so we can’t afford any delays.

The first thought is to call my bank in UK where they would still be open for an hour due to the time difference.  And that’s when the phone problems began to kick in. There are three phones in this house, one landline and two mobiles. I could call the bank on the land line only but then it ran out of money! yes it’s a pay-as-you-go phone with a SIM card. So off we went to get a new SIM card… not so easy… well the rest of this tale I’ll fill in later because it’s not really telling you what you want to know. And that is…

Exactly How The Land Purchase Process Works

As we go through the actual process of buying our retirement land in Thailand over the next few days. I’ll be photographing and recording every detail and posting it on the website for a permanent record for anyone to follow if they are considering buying land for their retirement to Thailand.

For now, let me go back to how the problem with getting the funds transferred was solved.

Transferring Funds (Money) to Thailand

As I said, on Saturday 1st May and I just arrived in Bangkok – a bit jet-lagged but not tired, it was only an 11 hour flight – and the funds I transferred have not yet arrived into my wife’s bank account. frantically trying to call my bank in the UK failed dismally due to not having a clear phone connection and also the UK bank has a security system where you have to enter a string on numbers about you and your bank account before you are even queued to speak to an advisor. the the queue is 20 minutes long and just as the adviser says hello the phone drops out… then it’s bank closing time in the UK!

Fast forward to Sunday and off we go to my wife’s bank (Kasikorn Bank in Bang Kapi) to check again to see if the money has arrived. She puts her bank book into the machine (Thai banks issue customers with a little book and every transaction is printed by the machine in the book – no paper statements) and well… there were the funds!

But arranging the means to enable those funds to be handed over to the land seller on completion of the purchase of the land was not so simple.

Collected The Toyota Pickup Yesterday

Just a quick update on buying a car in Thailand.

If you have read an earlier post on this Retiring In Thailand website where I describe how I went about buying a car in Thailand, you will know that we settled on a brand new Toyota Pickup (Toyota Hilux 4WD 2.5 D-4D HL2 Single Cab 2dr) for 550,000 Bhat. That included road tax and one years free insurance.

Well on that day almost a month to the day my wife paid a deposit of 100,000 Baht for the pickup to the Bangkok car dealer, due to be available for collection on the 15th March.

When she called them near to the time to ask about collection they confirmed that yes, the car (pickup) would be ready on the 15th. And so it was. But.

There’s always a but! For some unexplained reason she didn’t go to pick up the car until yesterday, 16th March. When I called her later on the 16th she had taken the pickup home and complained about some problems with the windows and keys!

When I here the word ‘problem’ coming out of Thailand my wallet gives a twitch and snuggles down deeper inside my pocket. ‘Problems’ always need money to sort them out…

Anyway, as she explained, the pickup when she collected it was provided with manual windows (wind up – wind down by hand0 and you had to lock each door with the key. Now when she was talking about locking doors, keys and problems, my first thought was that she had locked the keys inside the pickup.

No, it seems she asked the car dealer to change the windows to electric operation and the door locking to central locking, radio controlled type.

She said all that was done for ‘only 6,900 Baht.

The other thing she mentioned was that it was ‘a lovely colour’.

Explaining this to a friend later I made the comment that I didn’t understand why she hadn’t spotted those things when she first inspected the cars on sale in Bankok paid the deposit. His reply:- “Because she’s a women. She was probably more interested in the colour”. Well I did then tell him that her delight about the colour was one of the things she liked best about the pickup!

Anyway, seems she took possession of the car without too much hassle. I was worried how she was going to pay for the car – I didn’t think the idea of carrying and handing over 450,000 Baht in cash was very safe and asked her to get a debit card form her bank and pay using that. I still have to check with her what she dis in the end. Also she is taking some photo’s today of the car and I’ll post them and some information about the dealers address etc as soon as she emails them through to me.

So that’s a brief update on buying a car in Thailand.

Of course, it’s only about a Thai national buying a car in Bankok, Thailand, not how a farang can buy a car in Thailand.

For more information on why we decided to buy a brand new car in Thailand rather than a second-hand car please read the previous post on buying a car in Thailand.

New! Just Added – Complete Car Information And Photos

Today (18 March 2010) I have just created a new page on the website giving all the details of the Toyota Hilux Viga pickup we bought in Bangkok, Thailand.

There is a mass of information on that web page including a breakdown of the cost for the car itself and the extras, a full list of what was included in the price, the name and address of the car dealer and a few photographs.

This detailed information will be invaluable for anyone thinking about buying a car in Thailand.

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