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Held Hostage for 5 Days in My Own Home in Pakchong

The Food Ran Out, The Beer’s Running Out, Cash is Running Out  And My Patience Is Exhausted!

Following the two car accidents just after I opened my Thai Bank account we decided that we could save 1,000 Baht by getting the car body repaired privately.

We made the appointment to drop the car in the car body repair shop on Tuesday 6th August which Kanyah duly did.

Despite Kanyah phoning every day and being told “It will be ready tomorrow” it’s now Thursday 15 and still no car.

Bear in mind that before this we had a Sunday and the Queen’s Birthday both holidays with all shops closed.

So that’s 5 days in a row already marooned here in the house. And now it’s mid-day and the weather is shaping up to poor down. I doubt we’ll get the car today.

The only place to get food is the local roadside shack-restaurant 5 minutes walk away. (See below for full details)

That’s where I’ve been eating for the last three days!

Please Do Not Dismiss This Post As Trivial

As you read this Post you may think ‘so what his car’s in the garage for a few days.

But it’s not the story that’s important – it’s the message.

This Post demonstrates two of the key concerns I expressed about retiring to Thailand on the Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand Post.

Kanyah’s Bad Foot Is Healing

What about Sunday – why didn’t I go out then?

Apart from all the main shops being closed Kanyah was suddenly struck with a huge swelling on her foot that was exceedingly painful. She couldn’t walk and couldn’t drive.

I was worried and she stubbornly refused to go to the hospital.

Instead she sought help from the old man across the road who rendered his witch-doctor magic on her.

Some magic words, blow on the foot, put on some red powder and three day’s later she is nearly better.

Here is a movie of Kanyah hobbling up the road to the local roadside shack-restaurant. Notice at the end she shakes her stick at me!

The Mother Of All Shopping Lists

At least during this time stuck at home I had time to prepare my shopping list even if i couldn’t print it out because the ink’s dried up in the printer and we can’t get to Tesco to buy new cartridges.

It’s always been difficult trying to explain what I when I go to buy tools and materials for my model engineering workshop.

In most cases there in no translation in the dictionary for what I want since it’s all technical stuff. Like how do you translate “14 mm Ripper End Mill” or “15 mm twist drill with shank reduced to 1/2″?

Here’s how. It’s a shopping list with, for each item:-

  • Decription (English Language)
  • Decription (Thai Language)
  • Photo
  • Dimensions or Size
  • Quantity Required

Finally there’s a column for them to write the price since from experience I won’t be able to get this easily from the receipt.

Here it is, click on it to see a bigger version in pdf format.

Image of the Thai Shopping List

Thai Shopping List

Two Hours later and Still No Car

It’s now 1415 and still no car and no phone call.

I may as well take a walk to the near food-shack (wish there was a proper name for these roadside food stalls) and get some lunch.

The Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

So it’s off to Lunch. I took some movies and photos on the way.

Here are some photos.

Photo of the Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant


Photo of the Sign of the Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Sign of the Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Above, the sign of the Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant. Translated it means “Quiteo Ruea -Baahn Phen”.

(Thai Boat Noodle Soup – from House at Phen). Let’s just call it the ‘near house Quiteo Ruea restaurant’.

Photo of Alan's Lunch 'Pak Ka Naa Moo Gob' at the Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Alan’s Lunch ‘Pak Ka Naa Moo Gob’ at the Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Above, Alan’s lunch.

The food is called ‘Pak Ka Naa Moo Gob’.

‘Pak Ka Naa’ is a green Thai vegetable and ‘Moo Gob’ is the fatty rind of roast pork.

It’s stir fried together with other vegetables and some chillies etc.

The meal cost 30 Thai Baht (Under one US Dollar and about £0.62).

Leo Beer from the shop next door cost 50 Thai Baht.  ($1.6 and about £1.03).

1530 Back Home And Kanyah Says The Car Is Ready

I mentioned the money was running out. We have to pay 3,000 Baht for the repairs and a quick count up shows we only have 2,860 Baht between us.

Getting to the Bank and then to the car Body Shop is problematic. there are local buses (Pick-up trucks) but they are far and few between. Could take two hours to reach the car body shop. The alternative is to find someone to take you on a motorcycle.

Not so difficult for Kanyah on her own but more difficult with me in tow. (She has no money in her bank to it’s down to me to use my new ATM card.)

She decides to borrow 500 Baht from the Old Guy and off she goes to see him.

A few minutes later she returns and announces that the young man in the near house will take us to the car repair shop in his pickup for 100 Baht. So off we go.

Whaaay I Love Tesco. Got My Printer Ink And Food Essentials

Pick up our car and off to my favorite store Tesco Lotus.

After emptying my Thai bank account at the ATM, get the printer ink – now I can print out my Shopping List – and a few essentials like bread, milk, butter and beer.

Happy Days Are Back!

What This Post Demonstrates

Look back at the Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand Post and you’ll see this amongst the other bullet points:-

  • I don’t have a Thai driving license so I can’t drive in Thailand, since I don’t have a UK driving license either. Without a car and the ability to drive it I would be marooned in our retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong). Not a nice thought. Tesco Lotus is a short drive away but impossible to shop there without wheels.
  • Knowing Thailand and the Thai language. Sure I can speak enough everyday Thai to buy me a beer and a meal, but supposing I was ill and needed a doctor. Or how about if I needed a Lawyer – perhaps to deal with the ownership of the house.The point here is I need Kanyah to take me to collect the car and to go to Tesco Lotus.

That Post was written on 15 February – exactly 6 months ago to the day – and nothing’s changed.

Yes, It’s Finally Come True – On 29th July 2013 I Will Be Retiring To Thailand… Maybe!

A Major Unplanned Event Forced Me To Retire To Thailand Earlier Than I Would Have Chosen Otherwise

Forced Retirement

As you will know if you have read a few of my posts I have doubts about retiring to Thailand (e.g. see
Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand) and this retirement decision was forced on me not my preferred choice.

I know it sounds weird - most people would jump at the chance to retire to Thailand – but Thailand is not the country of choice for retirrment for me. Retiring, and in particular retiring in Thailand, just isn’t my activity of choice right now.

Nevertheless because of the reasons I’ll explain in a minute I am retiring in a weeks time (subject to receiving the multiple re-entry visa) to our retirement house we built in in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

It’s for real!

What Is Forcing My Retirement To Thailand?

The short answer is money – or rather not enough of it.

As I explained on a previous Post I want to Retire properly and to be able to do the things I want unfettered by worrying if I can afford it or not. To be in that situation you need a LOT of money.

Sure, I have a modest pension already and some decent savings, but I was aiming for a much bigger pension pot.

The Big LU Clear Out

I am self employed and have my own consultancy company, Dataway Ltd. I do consultancy work in the building and construction industry and have several big-name Clients, including London Underground (LU), part of Transport for London (TfL).

I had a very lucrative contract in London with LU until a week last week, when LU suddenly, on Tuesday 9th July 2013,  announced a massive clear-out of some 150 Project Managers and Engineers. I was one of them. I had a day to clear my desk and on Wednesday 10th I said my goodbyes to LU and headed for home here in Nottingham.

So, overnight, that income stopped. (And it was a very large income by any normal people’s standards)

This put my immediate managers at the time in a spot of difficulty because there was no one available with the ability to continue the specialised work on the project I was engaged on. (Called the Heavy Maintenance Project, or HMF)

 Cunning Plan Devised – But Will It Work Out?

Since someone had to continue with the work I was engaged on, the managers devised a cunning plan to re-engage me via another company. I won’t go into detail but what is intended is that my company, Dataway Ltd, will enter into a Contract to complete all the work on a fixed-price lump-sum basis. (My remuneration previously was per day)

So if that can be arranged, I will be able to continue with LU and build up my pension pot as planned. If not I will retire to Thailand.

4 Weeks To Make My Mind Up

I gave myself and LU four weeks to get this new Contract in place otherwise I would retire to Thailand for good.

Dataway Ltd  has other clients, as I said, including Takenaka Europe a Blue Chip company I had been engaged with on various projects for the last 14 years.

So I could start looking for further consultancy work outside of LU but my experience over the last 10 years or so as self employed tells me that I could get by but it would be unlikely that I would not make the same as an LU contract. After there is a severe recession on and there is very little building and construction work except in the Rail Sector.

Also I could get a ‘proper job’ but that pays even less and it’s too late for me to go back into being an employees.

So, knowing how long LU takes to arrange any for of Contract I gave myself and LU the 4 weeks window.

4 Weeks Reduced to 2 Sees Me Out To Thailand on Monday 29th September!

Of course my Thai wife Kanyah – living in our retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong) – was delighted with my retirement news. She is very lonely there and want me to stop working and be beside her.

Talking all the above over with a friend at my local pub, the Plough Inn, and explaining that it seemed stupid to sit around here in the UK waiting for that LU Contract to appear when I knew I only gave it a 50% or less chance of it ever happening.


Image of The Plough Inn St Peters Street Nottingham
The Plough Inn St Peters Street Nottingham

My friend made a very valid point. Why not go out to Thailand now and if the Contract does materialise then return to the UK. There would be plenty of money in that contract to support another return air ticket.

So taking that suggestion on board I changed the departure leg of my existing Christmas trip ticket and booked myself on the Thai Airways International flight TG917 departing from Heathrow on Monday, July 29, 2013 at 2130.

Image of my Thai Airways London to Bangkok Flight Confirmation 130729

Thai Airways London to Bangkok Flight Confirmation 130729

Visa Woes as Thai Embassy Changes the Rules

Beware If You Are About to Apply for a Non O Multiple Re-entry Visa (Or any Other Kind of Thai Visa?)

Today is Friday 19 July 2013 and I have just visited the Royal Thai Consulate in Birmingham, UK to get a multiple re-entry visa for my retirement rip to Thailand.

Previously, as reported at How I Got My Thai Multiple Journey Visa In UK obtaining this visa was a breeze taking just a few minutes and no fuss.

This time though, there was a problem. The Royal Thai Consulate representative told me that only just this week the rules had changed.

The Royal Thai Consulate in Birmingham could no longer issue Thai multiple re-entry visas without reference to the Thai Embassy in London. They had to scan all the documents from each applicant and email them to the Thai Embassy in London for a decision.

Since this is a new process there is no knowing how long this will take. The Royal Thai Consulate representative also told me that Monday and Tuesday was a Thai holiday and that the Thai Embassy in London would be closed until Wednesday.

Bearing in mind that my flight to Bangkok is booked for a week on Monday, it only leaves three days (Wednesday to Friday) for them to make the decision, process the application assuming I am accepted and to get the passport back to me.

All a bit tight so although I’m assuming everything proceed satisfactorily so I’m organising everything for a Monday flight, I’m also prepared to have to delay it a few days.

Things to Do Before Leaving for Thailand

There are many, many issues to be sorted out before I can travel to Thailand.

It’s not so bad if you are going away for a few weeks but if you are leaving your house in your own country empty for moths or even as long as a year, then there are a whole host of issues to sort out mainly dealing with security.

I have made a huge to-do list and am steadily working through them:-

Cetegory Jobs to Do July 2013
House Cut Lawn
House Throw Bin Bags
House Beer Barrels
House Clear Office Shelves
House Hoover
House Mail In Kitchen
House Steel Everywhere
House Boiler Service
Workshop Motor On Mill
Workshop Lathe Saddle Stop
Workshop Lathe Leadscrew Handle
Workshop Lathe Suds
Workshop Clean Up
Money Amazon First Course
Money Amazon Brown Bag Course
Money Article For Model Engineer
Money Dtw Vat June
Money Daily Balance Sheet
Money All Monthly Sos & Dds
Money Utility Meters/Bills
Money LU Contract
Car Blood Test
Car Battery & Start
Car Driving License
Thailand Visa – What Is Required
Thailand Change Air Ticket
Thailand Stop Mail
Thailand Paperless Ltsb Statements
Thailand Paperless Utility Bills
Thailand Second Front Door?
Thailand Luggagle Lables
Thailand Pack Luggage
Thailand Weigh Tools For Luggae
Thailand Tool Tips
Thailand ER Collets In Thailand?
Thailand Tool Holders Thailand?
Thailand Backup All Computers
Security See Security Sheet

Where We Are Now

A Quick Summary of My Thailand Retirement Plan Situation

  • Booked on the Thai Airways International flight TG917 to Bangkok departing from Heathrow on Monday, July 29.
  • No Visa – Awaiting news from the Royal Thai Consulate on my Multiple Re-entry Thai Visa application
  • Awaiting news from London Underground on a possible Contract
  • Working trough a massive do-do list in preparation for leaving for Thailand

See you in the next Post!

Our Retirement House In Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, Inches Towards Completion With One Wooden Wall Finished

The Thai New Builder Turns Around The Construction Of Our Retirement House – Featured: Photos Thai Style Traditional Style of Wooden Walls

Kanyah is delighted as the house build starts to take shape once again – at a rapid pace. This new builder is really fast and Kanyah is now talking about 3 to 6 weeks to complete the house construction. She originally said it would take 3 months as advised by the new Thai builder.

Below are some photos taken just a few days ago and they show the wooden walls patterned after the traditional Thai house construction. Also to be seen is the vast improvement on the finish of the concrete columns as the new builder’s labor carefully applies the cement render.

Image of New Builder Wood Wall On Neighbour Noi Side

Completed Wood Wall On Neighbour Noi's Side

Above, at last, on one side of the house the external wooden wall is complete.

Image of Close Up of New Builder Wood Wall On Neighbour Noi Side

Completed Wood Wall On Neighbour Noi's Side - Close Up

Above, a close-up photo of the first traditional Thai style wooden wall completed.

Can you see how the color of the wooden planks changes at the top-left of the wall, just over the ventilation louvres?

As I explained in Thailand Retiring Plans Trashed? Post, I tried on my last visit to Thailand in April 2011, to ensure uniformity of wooden planks by selecting an “Official Standard Plank” because about 30% of the planks I had seen in the wood merchants were below that standard even though they were in the same batch. The most common reason for these planks not meeting “The Standard” was because they were light color.

Presumably, Kanyah has not been buying wooden planks that conform to the “Official Standard Plank”. Here is the photo of it:-

Image of Pakchong House Floorboards Sample 1

Pakchong House Floorboards Sample 1

Above, although this wood is labled as ‘floorboard’ wood, the same criteria regarding colour uniformity (and other criteria like straightness of the wood) should still apply to the wood for the walls.

Image of New Builder Half Completed Wood Wall On The Road Side

Half Completed Wood Wall On The Road Side

Above, you can see one bay of the wooden wall complete and the second bay half complete. This is a view of the house from the road side.

Also complete is the rendering to the bathroom walls – note the two window frames.

Image of Close-up of Half Completed Wood Wall On The Road Side

Close-up of Half Completed Wood Wall On The Road Side

Above, notice how smooth the concrete column is in the corner, compare to previous photos when the first builder left it.

Why Isn’t Kanyah Having The Concrete Columns Painted Before Putting Back The Wood Walls?

I thought that one of the reasons Kanyah sacked the previous builder was that she wanted to have the concrete columns fully rendered and painted before erecting the wooden walls. The logic for this is that the paint should be continuous under the wood. It will be difficult – at least time consuming – to paint close up to the wood without getting paint on the wood if the painting is done after the wooden walls are placed in situ.

But here she is allowing the wooden walls to go up before the concrete rendering is painted.

Answering my own question (which I have not put to Kanyah yet) I can think of several reasons:-

  • The paint should only be applied to dry cement not to wet cement. It is likely that due to the speed the new builder is progressing that some of the cement render may till not be thoroughly dry before it’s time to install the wooden walls.
  • She’s so excited about the progress that she has forgotten about the painting.
  • She has forgotten about the need to paint the cement rendering completely because many Thai houses are not painted where they are rendered.
  • She wants the progress to go fast without slowing up to do the painting.

I wonder what answer I’ll get if I get the opportunity to ask her?

While I’m puzzled, I’ll show you another photo that puzzles me:-

Image of Rendering The Beams On The Ground Floor

Rendering The Beams On The Ground Floor

Above, it looks like the cement rendering on the ground floor beams is being completed. Certainly this photo is taken at ground floor level in the Workshop looking up at the second floor floorboards.

What puzzles me is the colour of the render – it’s white whereas cement is grey. In fact it looks like the type of gypsum plaster we use in the UK to finish internal walls. The junction of the beam on the left with the floorboards is a bit rough. Hope they intend to actually will clean it up.

By the way, notice that light coloured floorboard? Who’s not been checking against the “Official Standard Plank”?

Concrete Columns Cement Now Rendered to A Smooth Finish

Now for some photos of the rendering of the concrete columns. Remember this was one of the main reasons that Kanyah sacked the previous builder – he wasn’t doing it. ( See It’s Clear Why She Sacked The Builder)

Just to bring this issue to mind, look at a photo of this column left by the previous builder:-

Image Showing How Rough The Concrete Columns Are Before Rendering

Showing How Rough The Concrete Columns Are Before Rendering

Above, the incompleted work left by the first builder.

Compare the finish on the column with that in the picture below:-

Image of New Builder Column Rendered Smooth

New Builder Column Rendered Smooth

Above, this is the same column as the un-rendered colunm in the previous picture.

Image of New Builder Column Rendered Smooth - Close Up

New Builder Column Rendered Smooth - Close Up

Above is a close up of the properly rendered column.

Now I’m not sure if the wooden walls have been removed to allow the column to be rendered. Kanyah seemed to indicate that they were.

Doing some investigation work, I can see that in both photos there are six wooden wall planks installed to I’m a bit on the ‘planks not removed’ side. On the other hand, if you look closely, you will see that the colour of the planks are different in each photo.

Anyway, the columns are smooth and that’s the main thing. Why aren’t they painted though? Huh!

Next few photos…

This is another puzzler.

Kanyah says that this bathroom wall had been knocked down and rebuilt by the new builder. It looks exactly the same as the previous builder’s wall to me.

Image of New Builder Red Brick Bathroom Wall

Above, I’d swear that was the previous builders wall. Look at the continuation below.

Image of Close Up of the New Builder Red Brick Bathroom Wall(Alan's comments)

Above, the continuation of the red brick wall (around the window frames) is much neater than the wall below, which makes me doubt whether the wall below is by the new builder – as Kanyah says it is.

Our Retiring In Thailand House Build Project In Pakchong (Pak Chong) Inches Forwards

The dream of completing our retirement house build project in Pakchong (Pak Chong) never seems to waver in Kanyah, even though in previous posts I had reported how wobbly it felt for me.

Kanyah’s Update Progress Report

This is roughly how a telephone call from Kanyah in Pakchong (Pak Chong) to me went today:-

The builder is not ready to start for another 5 days. (Funny, I seem to have heard that before..)

By the way 5 days from today will be 14th June, three weeks since construction under our previous builder stopped when Kanyah terminated his contract on 25th May. (Story on the Kanyah Has Terminated The Builder Today – All Work Stops” Post)

Kanyah has purchased the following materials ready for when the house construction starts again:-

  • Wood to finish the walls
  • Nails for the wood
  • Bamboo Mat and wood for the bamboo lining (I reported on this in the “It’s Clear Why She Sacked The BuilderPost)
  • Wood to make the scaffolding for the workers to access the higher levels of the house from
  • Plastic doors for the bathroom/bedrooms

Why On Earth Buy Plastic Doors For The Bathroom/Bedrooms At This Stage?

I didn’t say anything to Kanyah when she told me she had bought the plastic doors for the bathroom/bedrooms, but I was thinking “why on earth buy Plastic doors for the bathroom/bedrooms at this stage?”.

Why didn’t I say anything to her? It’s pointless trying to have a discussion with Kanyah over the phone. She tells me what she wants me to know and that’s just about it. (Appear familiar anyone?)

If I really have a point to make or something to explain I have to spend hours crafting a carefully worded email to send to her. Then it can take a few days to a a weeks to get her to open the email. Very frustrating.

As I have said before, communication is extremely difficult. Don’t forget by the way, that Kanyah speaks and can read English very well and understands English perfectly.

Like the Bamboo mat, these are the last things to be fitted. Like the Bamboo Mat, they will just lie around in the workshop for weeks or month getting dirty and deteriorating.

I really must put an email together to explain a logical purchasing strategy to Kanyah.

Do All Thai’s Have Backwards Logic ? – Question Answered.

On the same subject of purchasing doors, I suggested to Kanyah that since she has 5 days to wait (doing nothing) she should go to Korat and spend her time usefully looking for the exterior doors, i.e. the main folding door for the first Floor and my workshop door. From our visits to vendors in Pakchong (Pak Chong) she is unlikely to find them locally.

What was the answer? “It’s not time yet. Wait for the builder”.

Now I ask you, my dear patient reader, where is the logic in that? We need the exterior doors to close off the building and make it watertight so that we can fit the interior doors and Bamboo Mat. But she buys the interior doors and Bamboo Mat but refuses to buy the exterior doors!

Do all Thai’s have backwards logic or is it just Kanyah?

The answer is that there is no logic in what she has bought. Logic is not one of Kanyah’s strong points. She is strong willed, hot tempered and emotional. Logical she is not.

I really must put an email together to explain a logical purchasing strategy to Kanyah.

Progress Photos Coming Tomorrow…

Kanyah has promised to send me photos of the house tomorrow. These will show the house with the wooden walls half finished and unobscured by the wooden ‘scaffolding’ (that the old builder took away when he was kicked off the job).

So I look forward with eager anticipation for the email containing the photos tomorrow!

(That’s a joke by the way) I have about as much chance receiving the photos tomorrow as Kanyah has seeing the new builder on site in 5 days time…

Talking of builders what has come of our previous one…?

As it happens, apparently he is not bothering Kanyah, and that is something I was really worried about. Still time for an arson attack, though.

If he’s not bothered to make trouble then I can understand why. According to my figures he’s already made a handsome profit from us. Take the 200,000 Baht we paid him for work he never did, for example…

I Lost 200,000+ Baht When She Sacked The Builder

Having now checked the documents and worked out what the previous builder was paid and what he didn’t do for the money he had already been paid, I reckon that I have lost around 200,000 ~ 250,000 Baht because of the sacking.

The 200,000 is made up of Payment No. 6 of 155000, Baht for which the main part of the work was not complete, secondary ‘wing’ roofs not complete, (Payment No. 5), 63,000 Baht for the scaffolding which we paid for and which the builder removed from site plus the cost of removing and replacing the wood walls.

This is mitigated by 6 X 10,000 Baht = 60,000 Baht that we underpaid the builder compared to the original agreement.

(This 10,000 Baht reduction per Stage Payment from the original Contract was negotiated with the builder by Jalan to protect us from what has actually just happened!)

However, I still think we can complete the house in the original budget, if Kanyah is careful with her purchases.

I just mentioned that Kanyah should be careful with her purchases. Well you have seen how strong-willed she can be when she wants her own way (the sacking of the builder episode) but when it comes to negotiating a purchase she is… ruthless.

Here’s an example of something that happened a few years ago but which I’ll never forget because in retrospect it’s so funny.

Kanyah and the Cheap 500 Baht Folding Camping Table

The Negotiating Skills Of A Thai In The Marketplace

A few years ago, December 2006 to be exact, when this whole thing started, we were staying as always at the Mansion in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

The rooms in The Mansion don’t have tables as standard and I wanted one to work on with my lap top.

Here’s a photo of me using the very table I’m going to tell you about:-

Image of Alan And His Cheap Folding Table In Pakchong (Pak Chong)

Alan And His Cheap Folding Table In Pakchong (Pak Chong)


Above, this is me in 2006 staying at The Mansion in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand. I am sitting on the balcony overlooking the open-air Atrium. I’m online through The Mansion’s wireless broadband.

In the shop in Pakchong (Pak Chong) they wanted 800 Baht for the table. Kanyah beat them down to 500 Baht, but she wanted blood. they wouldn’t go lower and the sales girl walked away to serve another customer. We had been there about an hour already and I was getting tired and fed up of it.

In typical (to a Thai) westerns style I told her to pay the 5000 Baht and lets go.

I got a real mouthful from Kanyah blaming my presence (as the Farang) for the reason she couldn’t get the price down further.

Anyway I paid the 500 Baht and we took the table away. But Kanyah was not finished with me yet! She was furious that I had capitulated to the sales girl and insisted that I would never go with her when she went shopping again. I have written this in a few minutes but it took well over an hour and at the end of it we weren’t talking to each other… anybody connect with this?

If so please leave a comment below.

The end result, though was 2:0 to me. I got the table and Kanyah refuses to let me go shopping with her. Perfect.

New Thai Builder, New Construction Contract, New Start On Building Our Retirement House In Pakchong (Pak Chong)

0910 Hrs GMT, Friday 27th May 2011

Great News, We Will Start Building Our House Again!

Kanyah just phoned me from Thailand with some bright news.

She has found another builder who has agreed to finish building the house for us.

They have agreed a fixed-price labor only contract. We will buy the materials ourselves. Kanyah thinks that we can complete the house within the total price we agreed with the previous builder which will be a terrific outcome.

The builder is one who gave us a quotation a few days after we had signed the contract with the previous builder. He was introduced to us by our neighbour.

The new builder has check all over the house and says that a lot of remedial work is needed to clean up the mess left by the previous builder and repair the defects. hence he has estimated it will take 3 months to complete, i.e. end of September. The previous contract was to complete on 22 June, ie three weeks time.

We are in no great hurry to move into the house, we prefer to have the work done slowly and properly.

Kanyah has not signed the new contract with the builder yet, nor has she sent me any photographs, but these things will happen over the next few days.

That’s all for now.

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