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The Perfect Lifestyle – Retiring In Thailand?

I have been here in Thailand pretending to retire for just over 6 months now and it is beginning to appeal to me, much to Kanyah’s relief.

On a previous holiday visit to Thailand, before I came to Thailand to “retire” (quotes because I haven’t really “retired” at all) I had a list of severe reservations about retiring in Thailand. I even listed them and wrote about then on the “Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand” Post.

When I first came here to retire permanently in July I wanted to go back to the UK. I hated it here.

Gradually, over the months that list of concerns on the “Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand” Post have been either overcome or are in the process of being overcome.

Now, after being here just over six months I don’t want to leave.

I have a great – if simple – lifestyle.

I get up around 0630 (when it starts to get light) and go to the computer maybe continue designing my steam models or workshop tools or update my two websites ( and or correspond with my friends here in Thailand.

Then I go to the model engineering workshop and work at building my model steam engines or making tools for the workshop.

I don’t have to drive to work. I don’t have to get on trains. No suit, no tie. Shorts, sandals and T shirt cuts it out here.

And I just know that it’s going to be warm and sunny today. It’s warm and sunny every day.

In fact it’s getting warmer every day now after the ‘cold’ winter where the temperature struggled to top 20 deg C in the daytime and dropped to a shivering 15 deg C at night. Now instead of sleeping under a blanket we sleep with the fan on and yesterday it reached a comfortable 32 deg C in the afternoon.

Photo of the Sunrise Today Over Our Pakchong Retirement Home Garden

Sunrise Today Over Our Pakchong Retirement Home Garden

How Those Reservations About Retiring In Thailand Are Turning Out

Now I’m going to go through all the reservations I had about retiring in Thailand as listed on the  “Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand” Post and explain where we stand today.

In Thailand I’m Completely Dependent On My Wife

Kanyah is slowly releasing her total control over my life as I gradually take control myself. I should explain that she doesn’t and never did intend to ‘control’ me; it’s just that unless and until I am able to take control I will always be dependant upon Kanyah. The details are below.

Knowing Thailand And The Thai Language.

I am getting to know Thailand and the Thai people better as you expect after six months living in the country. We have travelled quite a bit including Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) ,Pattayah, Bangkok and even one trip to Cambodia.

But learning the Thai language is a different matter. I feel like I knew more Thai before I came here than I do now!

I have been learning Thai now for more than 30 years. I have dozens of books on the subject and at least three or four courses including audio courses and CDs. I have completed (for example) the “Thai for Beginners” and “Thai for Intermediate Learners” by Benjawan Poomsan Becker, and the Linguaphone course, for example.  I know thousands of Thai words.

But when I come here to Pakchong it’s like they’re talking a foreign language!

Some of it is down to the local dialect, some of it down to me being ‘tone deaf’ and mostly because since I came here I have not studied the Thai language like I used to when I lived in the UK. Just too busy ‘retiring’.

When you go to live in a completely different county halfway round the world there are many things to adjust to, many things needing your attention. To name just one I still have my house in the UK which needs attention and administration to do with silly things like the central heating, the garden, the Utility bills and the mail, to name just a few.

Taking two hours out a day to sit down and learn the Thai language is something I haven’t got round to yet, but I realise that I must do it before too long.

Security Of My Investment In The Property

I have long been well aware that my huge investment in the land, house and even the car here is at risk since none of it belongs to me and there isn’t a reliable ‘heir’ to pass it on to should anything happen to Kanyah.

Not only that, Kanyah has at times reminded me very well that all this belongs to her and not to me. I’m dependant upon her good will to be able to continue to live here. Not very secure at all.

That is changing on two fronts.

Firstly, after a lot of hard work, our son Alex has obtained his Thai Nationality. He is officially Thai and his name is on the house papers. He now has a Thai Birth Certificate. Alex is in the process of obtaining his Thai Passport and ID card from the Thai Embassy in London.

So Alex could now inherit the property.

On the other front, Kanyah has agreed to sign what is called a Usufruct and I’m having that drawn up by a solicitor as I write this. A Usufruct is a legal and binding document that will give me the right to use the land and house as if it was my own. I can’t be kicked out and Kanyah can’t sell it (without my permission). When that (the Usufruct) is signed I’ll feel much more secure.

 Driving In Thailand

I have now passed the Thai Driving Test and have a Thai driving license.

What a story that was, passing the Thai Driving Test.

Anyway now I can drive anywhere (not only in Thailand but anywhere in the world) and that is a whole life-changer itself.

 Getting A Thai Bank Account

This was another concern of mine, I didn’t have a Thai bank account.

As it turns out this was one of the easier things to do and how I did it is all explained on the “I Open A Bank Account In Thailand” Post.

Thai Visa’s And Thai Retirement Visa In Particular

This has turned out to be a real winner after a disastrous mistake by Thai immigration at the Cambodian Poipet border crossing.

I’ll not go into the details here because the story about “My Retiring In Thailand Project Changed Dramatically Yesterday When The Visa Issue Suddenly Disappeared And Now I Can Stay Here Forever” has a full Post in it’s own right but the outcome is actually better than I could ever imagine.

I came here to Thailand with a one year multiple entry visa I obtained in the UK. It allows me to stay here in Thailand and to come and go as I please but it has the restriction that I must leave and re-enter at least every three months. (Hence the trip to Cambodia).

But it was only valid for one year. My plan was to return to UK after the one year and renew it. I would have to do that perpetually because I didn’t qualify to obtain a Retirement Visa in the UK. (And still don’t.)

After the mess up by Thai immigration at the Cambodian Poipet border crossing I had to find an answer to the mess they had put me in and (missing out all the details that are revealed in that “Retiring In Thailand Retirement Visa” Post) I ended up with a Thai Retirement Visa!

This means that:-

  • I don’t have to go to the UK (or anywhere else) every year to get a new visa – I can renew this in Thailand
  • I don’t have to prove that I am married to a Thai in order to renew the visa – the visa is completely independant of Kanyah
  • I also have a multiple entry visa so I can come and go in and out of Thailand as I wish.

Another life-changer!

Healthcare In Thailand

This was another big concern of mine and whilst a couple of recent incidents have diminished my concern about minor illnesses it is still an issue for the unknow ‘big problems’.

But lets look quickly at those recent incidents that are a tribute to the Thai healthcare system and the thai people themselves.

Alex’s ‘Fever’

When our son Alex came to visit us last October to claim his Thai Nationality he developed a fever. Hot, shaking and very ill.

We took him to the local Pakchong Nanah Hospital in the evening around 1900 hrs. He went straight in to see a doctor – no waiting or asking questions – and was diagnosed with food poisoning. They gave us a prescription and  few minutes later were on our way home.

We had to pay for the prescription (antibiotics plus a few others) which only cost around 300 Baht and Alex was much better the next day and fine in a couple of days.

My Painful Leg Joints

I had been suffering from terrible pains in my right knee joint and my right hip. And I mean terrible pain.

I had been a bit silly at the turn of the New Year jumping up and down and generally prancing around with the Thai kids from next door inspired by the loud CCR music we had on for good party spirit.

A few days later the painful joints surfaced. I wondered if I had done the cartilages some damage.

As is my way – to avoid doctors and hospitals like the plague – I suffered the pain for a month hoping it would go away. It didn’t. in fact it got worse.

So it was off to the local Pakchong Nanah Hospital again to face the medicine.

There was a wait to see a doctor – the place was packed and very busy – but they asked no questions relating to me not being Thai (like how would I pay for the visit) – in fact before I could see a doctor I had to register. I now have a Thai Medical Card!

Image showing Alan's Thai Medical Card

Alan’s Thai Medical Card

Above is a scan of my Thai Medical card I received when I registered at the pakchong Nanah hospital at Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand. My name printed on it in black Thai typeface.

The time came to see the doctor and we told him the story. I also mentioned that previously in the UK I had suffered from Sciatica in my left leg.

(Sciatica results from injury to or pressure on the sciatic nerve in the spine cause by the spinal discs being out of position. The sciatic nerve tells the brain that there is pain in the leg(s) even though the leg(s) is (are) healthy. The pain can be – and was- horrific. Sitting down or lying down makes little difference.)

Anyway I want to know if I had damaged the ligaments or if it was sciatica again.

I was sent off for some Xrays. No queue. No need to make an appointment and come back another day as Kanyah had too at Saraburi hospital. No straight in and at least 6 xrays taken of my joints and spine. No waiting for films to be developed. the xrays went straight into the central computer where they could be accessed by any doctor in the hospital on his PC.

Back to the doctor again and I was diagnosed with Degenerative Spondylolisthesis which causes sciatica pain. Apparently my spinal discs are out of position. the doctor said I might need an operation to pin them back in place but he would make an appointment for me to see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow.

He gave me a prescription that included some painkillers amongst other goodies. Total cost? Just over 1,000 baht (about £20).

The following day I duly visited the orthopedic doctor who after looking at the xrays and doing some physical checks on my legs and back proclaimed my condition was mild and not serious.

He gave me another prescription that would help me sleep better.

It’s only two weeks later now and I’m fine. No pain at all.

All in all I have great faith in the Thai health care system. The doctors (and nurses) all speak English, they are very compassionate and they know what they are doing.

I’m truly impressed.

So although I would probably have to return to the UK if a big problem surfaced I know that for the occasional ailment I can rely on the Thai health service.

Good Food And English Beer In Pakchong (Pak Chong)

I previously bemoaned the lack of decent places too eat in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

Since then I have found a few places to get good food in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

One of them is called E.A.T. and they do English food and English beer as reported on the “EAT Paradise in Pak Chong” Post.

Of course they do other types of food also and also have a vast range of beers from all round the world. buy my treat is to be able to enjoy a little bit of England. Lamb chops, mashed potato and Fullers ESB Beer.

New! English Beer By Mail Order In Thailand

And if I’m too lazy to go down to E.A.T. in Pakchong (Pak Chong) to buy some English Beer I can now order it online and have it delivered to my house!

Here are just some of the beers available:-

  • Fuller’s ESB
  • Fuller’s Imperial Stout
  • Fuller’s London India Pale Ale
  • Fuller’s London Porter
  • Fuller’s London Pride
  • Wells Bombardier NRB
  • Wychwood Ginger Bread
  • Young’s Double Chocolate Stout
  • Young’s Special London Ale

I have just picked out my favourites, there are many more available, plus this is just from the english Craft Beer range. thhey also have similar ranges form other countries, like America, Australian, Belgian, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Italian , Apanese, New Zealand, Norwegian, Scottish, Singaporean, Spanish, Sri Lankan.

And there are also sections on the website for Fruit Beers, Cider, Mead , Beer Club, Discovery Cases, Mixed Sets.

Here is the website:-

Stuck In Pakchong (Pak Chong) And Enjoying It

On that  “Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand” Post I complained about feeling ‘stuck’ in Pakchong (Pak Chong), but now I really am getting used to just staying at home and can understand why Kanyah doesn’t want to go out.

I have got into a little routine of doing a bit of work (like writing this Post) on the computer interspersed with building my steam engine in the model engineer’s workshop. I have also started another blog called so if you want to know in more detail what I’m doing as a ‘retiree’ in Pakchong (Pak Chong) then hop over to the website.

Sometime soon we have to make a visit to the UK – to bring the rest of our personal belongings over (my model engineering workshop mainly) and to get the house ready for renting out – and I’m not looking forward to it.

When I first came here to Thailand on my retirement trip I would have jumped at an excuse like that to go back to UK. Now I’d rather just stay here. Strange isn’t it?

That’s all for now – I just wanted to update you with how our retiring in Thailand project is going and  to report on those reservations I had previously.


Two Shopping Mysteries Today in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand

Written on Friday 16 Aug 2013

Mystery No. 1 – Will It Ever Happen At All

Mystery No. 2 – If It Does Happen – How Successful Will it Be?

Let Me Explain

Mystery No. 1 – Will It Ever Happen At All

It’s 915 and Kanyah has just shown her presence. She has performed her morning ritual of sweeping the upstairs floor and balcony. Now she’s in the garden doing nothing.

I was up at 0600 and have spent the time in the model engineering workshop progressing with my current project.

Now that Kanyah has arrived I’m eager to go to the hardware shops to buy the stuff on my Shopping List.

This is on no interest to Kanyah since shopping for my stuff is boring for her and makes her tired.

I don’t have a Thai driving license so I’m dependent upon Kanyah’s good will to take me.

So, I’m not even sure if the shopping trip will take place at all.

For me it’s urgent to start it early in the morning before it gets too hot and also because I know it will take along time and sap Kanyah’s patience.

It’s On!

Kanyah just agreed to take me. Only it’s 1000 AM and she has just started breakfast.

No sense of urgency, these Thais.

First Report On The Mystery Shopping Trip in Pakchong (Pak Chong)

Well, we made the shopping trip to see what we could get in Pakchong (Pak Chong) for my model engineering workshop form the Mother of All Shopping Lists.

A Resoundingly Successful Shopping Trip – In More Ways Than One  - Perhaps…

Although out of the 17 items on the shopping list I only bought one back home with me I rank this trip as one of the most successful shopping expeditions I have been on in Pakchong (Pak Chong) to buy supplies for my model engineering workshop (if the follow-up trip tomorrow pans out as promised).

So here’s the story.

First went to my favourite tool and metals shop called “Pakchong See La Borgaan” according to Kanyah (Borgaan = Service).

image of Pakchong Tool Metal Shop See La Borgaan (Service)
Pakchong Tool Metal Shop See La Borgaan (Service)

Above, my favorite model engineering supplies shop in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

The photo below is my translation of the sign . I like to do this so that I remember the name, can explain to people how to find it and it helps me to learn Thai language.

Image of Pakchong Tool Metal Shop Sign See La Borgaan (Service)

Pakchong Tool Metal Shop Sign See La Borgaan (Service)

Once inside I showed my shopping list to the lady at the normal counter and she invited me sit down at a desk with a “Mr Bouy”. (his name sounded like ‘Bouy but I’m obviously missing a bit of the tonal here).

The shopping list worked like a dream!

“Mr Bouy” seemed to be the manager or owner of the shop and he soon had the serving ladies (always puzzles me why all the workers in this shop are women) running round and bringing various tools etc to the desk for me to examine.

Although Mr Bouy spoke good English there were still some communication problems.

He asked me if I wanted the price column filling in, to which I said yes but I want to buy everything today.

I was getting the impression that he thought I just wanted the price of everything and I couldn’t quite make him understand that i wanted to buy whatever they had.

Eventually we had been through the list several times and marked those things he had with a tick and the others with an X, All the prices had been dutifully filled in and I was happy.

 53% Pass Rate Is As Good As It Gets

Out of the 17 items he could supply 8. (47%) We managed to buy one of the items from a different shop so it was 9/17 = 53 % and that’s the highest success rate I have ever had when shopping for something I’m not sure if they have or not.

We arranged to pick the stuff up tomorrow, Saturday, at 1200.

Model Engineer’s Paradise Right Here in Pakchong (Pak Chong)

As we chatted, Mr Bouy was talking about the poor quality of locally sourced tools and explained that be bought ‘good quality’ tools from japan via Agents in Bangkok.

He started talking about the quality of his bandsaw used in the shop to cut off the lengths of metal people like myself want to buy. He then said he had a bigger one ‘in the back’ pointing to the yard behind the shop.

The then started talking about CNC Multi-Purpose Machining Machines, Wire Erosion Machines and gear Hobbing Machines, and that he was producing parts here in Pakchong (Pak Chong) for a Client in San Francisco U.S.A.!

This was amazing but it was about to get astonishing!

Perhaps my dream of building a large scale traction engine in Thailand could come true after all!

I asked Mr Bouy if I could take a look at these machines and he gladly agreed and off we went together.

This story is continued on the next Post “Model Engineers Paradise in Pakchong“…

Meanwhile on the way home Kanyah finds the Aluminium Shop and we buy item 2 from the Shopping List

The Pakchong (Pak Chong) Aluminium Shop

I took this photo of the sign of the aluminium shop in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand so that i could come back again and refer to it by it’s proper name:-

image of Aluminium Shop Pakchong Sign Translated

Aluminium Shop Pakchong Sign Translated

This photo shows what aluminium you can buy there. it’s mostly sections for window frames and the like.

Not very interesting unless you absolutely must have some aluminium sections!

Image of Shop-Front View of the Aluminium Shop in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand

Shop-Front View of the Aluminium Shop in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand

That’s it for this Post.

The next two Posts are:-

“Model Engineers Paradise In Pakchong Thailand” and “Mystery Shopping In Thailand- Part 2″

Held Hostage for 5 Days in My Own Home in Pakchong

The Food Ran Out, The Beer’s Running Out, Cash is Running Out  And My Patience Is Exhausted!

Following the two car accidents just after I opened my Thai Bank account we decided that we could save 1,000 Baht by getting the car body repaired privately.

We made the appointment to drop the car in the car body repair shop on Tuesday 6th August which Kanyah duly did.

Despite Kanyah phoning every day and being told “It will be ready tomorrow” it’s now Thursday 15 and still no car.

Bear in mind that before this we had a Sunday and the Queen’s Birthday both holidays with all shops closed.

So that’s 5 days in a row already marooned here in the house. And now it’s mid-day and the weather is shaping up to poor down. I doubt we’ll get the car today.

The only place to get food is the local roadside shack-restaurant 5 minutes walk away. (See below for full details)

That’s where I’ve been eating for the last three days!

Please Do Not Dismiss This Post As Trivial

As you read this Post you may think ‘so what his car’s in the garage for a few days.

But it’s not the story that’s important – it’s the message.

This Post demonstrates two of the key concerns I expressed about retiring to Thailand on the Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand Post.

Kanyah’s Bad Foot Is Healing

What about Sunday – why didn’t I go out then?

Apart from all the main shops being closed Kanyah was suddenly struck with a huge swelling on her foot that was exceedingly painful. She couldn’t walk and couldn’t drive.

I was worried and she stubbornly refused to go to the hospital.

Instead she sought help from the old man across the road who rendered his witch-doctor magic on her.

Some magic words, blow on the foot, put on some red powder and three day’s later she is nearly better.

Here is a movie of Kanyah hobbling up the road to the local roadside shack-restaurant. Notice at the end she shakes her stick at me!

The Mother Of All Shopping Lists

At least during this time stuck at home I had time to prepare my shopping list even if i couldn’t print it out because the ink’s dried up in the printer and we can’t get to Tesco to buy new cartridges.

It’s always been difficult trying to explain what I when I go to buy tools and materials for my model engineering workshop.

In most cases there in no translation in the dictionary for what I want since it’s all technical stuff. Like how do you translate “14 mm Ripper End Mill” or “15 mm twist drill with shank reduced to 1/2″?

Here’s how. It’s a shopping list with, for each item:-

  • Decription (English Language)
  • Decription (Thai Language)
  • Photo
  • Dimensions or Size
  • Quantity Required

Finally there’s a column for them to write the price since from experience I won’t be able to get this easily from the receipt.

Here it is, click on it to see a bigger version in pdf format.

Image of the Thai Shopping List

Thai Shopping List

Two Hours later and Still No Car

It’s now 1415 and still no car and no phone call.

I may as well take a walk to the near food-shack (wish there was a proper name for these roadside food stalls) and get some lunch.

The Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

So it’s off to Lunch. I took some movies and photos on the way.

Here are some photos.

Photo of the Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant


Photo of the Sign of the Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Sign of the Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Above, the sign of the Near House Quiteo Ruea Restaurant. Translated it means “Quiteo Ruea -Baahn Phen”.

(Thai Boat Noodle Soup – from House at Phen). Let’s just call it the ‘near house Quiteo Ruea restaurant’.

Photo of Alan's Lunch 'Pak Ka Naa Moo Gob' at the Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Alan’s Lunch ‘Pak Ka Naa Moo Gob’ at the Quiteo Ruea Restaurant

Above, Alan’s lunch.

The food is called ‘Pak Ka Naa Moo Gob’.

‘Pak Ka Naa’ is a green Thai vegetable and ‘Moo Gob’ is the fatty rind of roast pork.

It’s stir fried together with other vegetables and some chillies etc.

The meal cost 30 Thai Baht (Under one US Dollar and about £0.62).

Leo Beer from the shop next door cost 50 Thai Baht.  ($1.6 and about £1.03).

1530 Back Home And Kanyah Says The Car Is Ready

I mentioned the money was running out. We have to pay 3,000 Baht for the repairs and a quick count up shows we only have 2,860 Baht between us.

Getting to the Bank and then to the car Body Shop is problematic. there are local buses (Pick-up trucks) but they are far and few between. Could take two hours to reach the car body shop. The alternative is to find someone to take you on a motorcycle.

Not so difficult for Kanyah on her own but more difficult with me in tow. (She has no money in her bank to it’s down to me to use my new ATM card.)

She decides to borrow 500 Baht from the Old Guy and off she goes to see him.

A few minutes later she returns and announces that the young man in the near house will take us to the car repair shop in his pickup for 100 Baht. So off we go.

Whaaay I Love Tesco. Got My Printer Ink And Food Essentials

Pick up our car and off to my favorite store Tesco Lotus.

After emptying my Thai bank account at the ATM, get the printer ink – now I can print out my Shopping List – and a few essentials like bread, milk, butter and beer.

Happy Days Are Back!

What This Post Demonstrates

Look back at the Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand Post and you’ll see this amongst the other bullet points:-

  • I don’t have a Thai driving license so I can’t drive in Thailand, since I don’t have a UK driving license either. Without a car and the ability to drive it I would be marooned in our retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong). Not a nice thought. Tesco Lotus is a short drive away but impossible to shop there without wheels.
  • Knowing Thailand and the Thai language. Sure I can speak enough everyday Thai to buy me a beer and a meal, but supposing I was ill and needed a doctor. Or how about if I needed a Lawyer – perhaps to deal with the ownership of the house.The point here is I need Kanyah to take me to collect the car and to go to Tesco Lotus.

That Post was written on 15 February – exactly 6 months ago to the day – and nothing’s changed.

The Post Man Came to the Door Then Walked Away… A Minute Later…

… my heart fell -

- there was no package from the Thai consulate in Birmingham and that meant – no passport and no visa for Thailand…

… then a minute later the door bell rang…

“Please sign here” he said, with a Special Delivery package in his hand. Here it was…

Image of Alan Thai Non O Multiple Entry Visa

Alan Thai Non O Multiple Entry Visa

Kanyah Was Delighted

As soon as I had opened the Special Delivery packet from the Royal Thai Consulate in Birmingham and checked that all my original documents were there including my passport with Thai Non O Multiple Entry Visa I called Kanyah via Skype to tell her the good news.

I recorded the conversation using Camtasia but for some unknown reason my voice was not recorded. (Can anyone solve that issue – I would be grateful to know how to make sure my voice as well as the other person on the call is recorded?)

Listen to at least part of this recording just to get a feel for Kanyah’s happy mood. Then listen to the recording from two days before below.

A Happy Kanyah When I Told Her I Was Coming To Thailand

Now listen to a bit (or all if you can stand it) of the next recording which was made two days previously.

Very Upset And Distressed Kanyah When I Told Her I Might Not Be Going To Thailand

This recording is typical of the many calls I have made to Kanyah in Thailand over the last year since my last visit in December 2012. She is not at all happy living alone in our retirement home I had built in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand.

Packing My Bag For A Model Engineering Holiday In Thailand

Most people know about my passion and hobby of model engineering (making reals models of engines and things that really work, like steam engines)

There is a description and photos of me setting up my model engineering workshop  and building a steam model on the web page at My Model Engineering Workshop In Thailand

Packing Bags for Thailand 2013 450

I'll be on the flight to Bangkok next Monday 29 July 2013 to start my retirement in Thailand. These photos show what I'm taking with me - materials and tools to continue with my model engineering hobby in Thailand. You can see the part-finished model of a Burrell Traction Engine and a kit of parts for a model vertical steam boiler.

[img src=]00Model Verticle Steam Boiler Kit
[img src=]00Model Steam Boiler Fittings
[img src=]00Ball Joint Bearing
[img src=]00Carbide Lathe Tool Inserts
[img src=]00Lathe Tools With Carbide Inserts
[img src=]00Model Steam Fittings
[img src=]00Tap Die Set Metric
[img src=]00Tap Die Set Model Engineer
[img src=]00Model Burrell Traction Engine Model
[img src=]00Model Burrell Traction Engine Model 02
[img src=]00Assorted Small Screws
[img src=]00More Assorted Small Screws
[img src=]00Yet More Assorted Small Screws
[img src=]00Model Traction Engine Spkes etc

I’m not going to bore you with details of the photos in the gallery above except to to say that now I’m retiring to Thailand I expect to be able to make significant and rapid progress on these models:-

Model Burrel Traction Engine

I have been building that model Burrell Traction Engine for well over a year now. Since I was working away from home in London all week the only time I had to work on the model was at weekends. Now I’ll have all day every day!

Model Vertical Steam Boiler

I can’t remember exactly when I bought that kit to make the model vertical steam boiler but it was many years ago. And to date I have not touched it!

I recon it’t just a few weeks work to finish once I get to Thailand. (Other model engineering projects permitting)

Now I’m Actually Looking Forward To Retiring In Thailand

I just noticed something as I was writing this Post and getting ready to go to Pakchong (Pak Chong) to stay in our retirement house.

I’m actually looking forward to it!

How long it will last I don’t know. Perhaps in a few weeks I’ll be back in the U.K. working on that contract with LU? Who knows? All I know is I’m looking forward to re-starting building that steam engine (Victoria) in my model engineering workshop in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

So let’s just leave it at that for now.




A Steam Model Engineering Holiday in Pakchong Thailand

Day 1 Saturday 16 Dec 2012

Leaving behind the bleak and freezing cold weather in UK Alan embarks on another step towards retirement in Thailand and after just a 13 hour flight arrives in Bangkok, Thailand and is greeted with 32 deg C weather, and a Seafood Dinner complete with live music.

How much things can change in less than 24 hours!

Seafood and Music at Color Living Hotel, Bangkok

Day 03 Sunday 17 Dec 2012

 Day 02 Sunday 17 Dec 2012

Waiting for Monday to arrive to get Alan’s model engineering workshop accessories from Sunrise Technologies when they open tomorrow.

Day 03 Monday 18 Dec 2012

Collected the model engineering workshop tools from Sunrise Technologies Ltd in Bangkok and went home to Pakchong.

These photos are the latest of our house in Pakchong, Thailand.

Photo of Farang Alan in his retirement house in Pakchong, Thailand in December 2012

Alan At The Pakchong House 17 Dec 2012

Photo of Farang Alan in his retirement house in Pakchong, Thailand in December 2012

Alan In The Pakchong House Garden 17 Dec 2012

Photo of thermometer showing the Temperature At Our Retirement House In Pakchong, Thailand, 18 Dec 2012

Temperature In Pakchong, Thailand, 18 Dec 2012

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