Builder Ruins The Gate Runner – But Check Out My Office…

Day 9. Sunday 01 May. (Written in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand. Posted In U.K.

Labor Day So No Building Work Going On

Today is labor day in Thailand so there will be nobody working on site building our retirement house today.

Wobbly Internet At The Mansion

Tried to get on the Internet at the Mansion. After trying for an hour and then giving up it suddenly appeared. But by then it was time to go out so no Internet work done. 

Stainless Steel Gate Runner Ruined

Kanyah has bought a beautiful and ornate stainless steel gate for the driveway into our retirement house being built in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand. I do agree that the gate is a wonderful work of art and a clear demonsttration of the Thai craftman’s skills at bending and welding stainless steel tube. But to me it’s out of keeping with the style of house we are building. Our retirement house is intended to be ‘traddittonal rustic’ and to match the house the gate should have been black steel not bright stainless steel. 

Never mind, at least the gae does a useful job. At least it did until the runner was ruined by our builder. 

This video of the beautiful stainless steel gate was taken yesterday. Just look at how smoothly the gate runs when it is opened:- 


Then we discovered that our Thai builder had run over the gate’s steel ‘running rail’ in his pickup and bent it down. This must have happened yesterday when they left the construction site at the end of the day.

Image of Stainless Steel Gate Runner

Stainless Steel Gate Runner

 Above, showing the wheels and the runner fo the stainless steel gate in the front wall of our Thai retirement house. 

Image of Thai House Gate Runner 1

Thai House Gate Runners 1

Above, you can see how the gate runner is supported off the ground by the steel rods. They have done this so that the runner can be set dead flat, even though the ground is uneven. The gate fitters spent all day fitting this gate and getting the gate runner horizontal and flat. 

Image of Thai House Gate Runner 2

Thai House Gate Runner 2

 It bent down because the builder had not put the concrete under it as he had promised to. He just doesn’t care at all about quality or our property. 

There’s no photo of the bent runner because I was too upset to take one. I just had to walk away before I got too angry. 

Decided to buy a large padlock to lock the gate and not let the builder into the land with his pickup until he has put the concerete under the running rail. 

Introducing My Office In Pakchong

So Kanyah and Jalan dropped me off at what I call ‘my office’which is that roadside food stall where I can sit an use the laptop on a proper table whilst drinking a beer or two from the supermarket next door. 

Here is the sign to the roadside food stall – the Thai reads “Mea Rampaeng”, It’s the name of the restaurant I used to use for my “office” in Pakchong (Pak Chong). “Mea Rampaeng” means “worried mother” and when you see the video you will see why. The food (and service) is superb, by the way. Highly recommended. 

Image of Mea Rampaeng Sign

The Sign At The "Mea Rampaeng" Restaurant

 The guys/gals running that place (the office) are so friendly and helpful to let me sit there. 


Project Manager’s Office

I have shown you my office above, now take a look at the Project Manager’s office in the picture below:- 

Image of the Project Manager In Her Office

Project Manager In Her Office

Builder Appears

As I was sitting in my ‘office’ preparing a video of the poor quality workmanship of the floor planks to upload to YouTube, who should walk in but the builder, acccompanied by his wife and small daughter!

Apparently (as Kanyah toldme later) he went to the site and then made a special trip to ‘my office’ to see me. We couldn’t figure out why, especially as this was his day off. I suspect his idea was to sweet-talk me into giving him an advance.

Anyway I showed him the viideo of the floor planks and complained about him bending the gate runner. He promised to repair both the floor and the gate runner tomorrow.

Padlocks On The Gate

Kanyah and Jalan came back with the padlocks which were then fitted to the gate(s).

Image of Stainless Steel House Gate Locked

Stainless Steel House Gate Locked

Above, with padlocks on the gate, the builder can’t drive over the gate runner again until he has put the concrete under it.

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2 Responses to “Stainless Steel Gate Runner Ruined”

  • Cliff:

    Nice looking gate. What was the thinking behind installing it while major work was still going on at the building site? I would have thought it would be one of the last things to get installed.


    admin Reply:


    Thanks for the comment about the timing of installing the stainless steel gate.

    The installation was instigated by Kanyah, I don’t know what she was thinking, but can only hazard a guess. (You will realise from this and other posts that I have very little control over what goes on on site)

    Possible reasons for installaing the stainless steel gate at this stage:-

    Kanyah is generally frustrated by the slow progress on the house and wanted to get as much done as she can.

    Since the fence is built around the land the gate would make the site secure, more important as we get more desirable materials on site i.e. wood rather than sand and cement.

    Since the gate is 6 m wide when it is open there is no impediment to site traffic.

    By the way, the runner is now concreted in – pictures in another post coming soon.

    Many thanks for your interest and

    Best Regards



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