The Tiles Are On The Main Roof But Problems Are Arisin’…

Progress Photos Taken Tuesday 29 March, 2011

The next set of progress photos may at first site look OK to you but there are some big problems arising (reminds me of that song by Creedence Clearwater Revival I See The Bad Moon Arisin).

It annoys me intesely that what I see as a major (and avoidable) problem the Thais just treat as a normal everyday occurrence. Much of these issues could have been dealt with and a satisfactory outcome except for poor communication, laziness, pride and ignorance.

I Need To Be Out There In Thailand Immediately…

I need to be out there in Thailand on site immediately to sort things out. (If it’s not too late). As it is I’m not due to go out there until 22 April so let’s see if we can hold off the build for a bit. There are other issues arising too that I regard as so serious that I will not mention them here at this time – but let me just say this:- the house build is not going at all very well at the moment. In fact it’s stopped!

And these photos were sent to me by the Architect after he visited the site on Tuesday 29 March, 2011, not by Kanyah. Thereby another problem and story.

More on that later when I have sorted the problems out (if indeed I can).

OK, here are some progress photos taken last week.

Image of Pakchong House Main Roof Front View

Pakchong House Main Roof Front View

Above, the main roof tiles are finished and looks good. Also I can just see a thin strip of wood on the second floor – it looks like the second floor balcony flooring is being installed.

Image of Pakchong House Main Roof Rear View

Pakchong House Main Roof Rear View

I like the natural color of the roof tiles. In the beginning I chose bright red color, but this color is more natural looking and fits in well with the rustic look I want for the house.

Image of Pakchong House Workshop

Pakchong House Workshop

Above, the rafters are in place for the balcony roof. In the foreground you can see a pile of widow frames on the floor.

This Construction Site Is untidy And Needs A Clean-Up

Image of Pakchong House Window Frames

Pakchong House Window Frames

Above, I’m highlighting the fact that the wooden window frames are just sitting unprotected on the ground exposed to the termites, the sun and the rain. A sure-fire recipe for damage. They should be stored in the workshop sitting on the concrete and away from the elements.

Image of Pakchong House Build Termite Food

Pakchong House Build Termite Food

Above, look at all that termite food, just sitting on the ground. Termites love soft wood and left here for a few weeks that pile of wood could soon turn into a pile of termite droppings!

And look at the masses of wooden posts used as scaffolding to access the upper parts of the house. A termite motorway to my brand new wooden floor!

We have a termite protection system installed under the ground floor slab but it’s not activated yet. The builder should clean up the site and get rid of the termite fodder.

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3 Responses to “Roof Tiles On – But Problems Are Arising”

  • terry:

    Alan, construction stopped because it is approaching Songkran?


    admin Reply:


    When I made that post I didn’t know why construction had stopped and that was the worrying thing.

    I’m getting some information from site now and will report in the next post when I have pieced the story together.

    Best Regards


  • Billy:

    Alan, I have just started following your work. Fascinating.

    I live in Thailand and we are just embarking on a house build in Uthai Thani. I am picking up as many tips as I can.

    Thank you Alan.


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