The Roof Is (Almost) Ready To Receive The Roof Tiles And The Wall Is Nearing Completion

Pictures taken during the construction of our retirment house in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand week ending Friday 11th March, 2011

Image of Pakchong House Roof Purlins 01

Pakchong House Roof Purlins 01

This picture (above) gives you some idea of the size of the house. As you can see it towers over the blue neighbours house which is big enough itself.

You can see that all the steel rafters are on the roof and most of the purlins have been fitted. I should think that by now (due to the delay in my getting the pictures compared to when they were taken) they have started putting on the roof tiles.

Image of Pakchong House Roof Purlins 02

Pakchong House Roof Purlins 02

In this photo (above) you can clearly see the ‘U’ section of the steel rafters. In this house the concept was originally to have an all wood roof structure. in other words the rafters would be wood.

Inside the house bamboo mats would be laid between the rafters, leaving part of the rafter exposed to view. The concept is shown in the picture below. (That is not our house, but what we want our house to look like)

Image Showing Bamboo Wall Matt

Bamboo Matt on Walls & Underside of Roof

Above, this is the effect we want of exposed rafters underneath the roof and bamboo mat acting as an internal wall and roof liner.

Now that we changed from wooden rafters to steel to save money, I’m not quite sure house we will treat the steel rafters to make them look like wood. Infill the open part of the “U” section of the rafters with wood and paint it all in the same colour?

Perhaps I didn’t mention the change from a wooden roof structure to steel before?

This was one of a few changes I made to the specification of the house in January (2011) when I negotiated the final price with our builder.

The roof we decided to accept is the CEPAC steel roof system with cement tiles and heat Protection system. It is a very sophisticated but cost effective product compared to my original all-wood roof structure and ceramic tiles. I would look into it if I were you (assuming you are going to build a house).

Here are a couple of links to useful websites that clearly illustrate the CEPAC concept:-

CERIS do a similar cool roof roof system but apparently it is more expensive and I wrote about it on the Comments On Thai Architects Preliminary House Design page.
Image of Pakchong House Roof Purlins 03

Pakchong House Roof Purlins 03

Above, Health and safety worries here. That worker is about 8 m above the ground and has not anti-fall gear whatsoever!

Image of Pakchong House Roof Purlins 04

Pakchong House Roof Purlins 04

Above. A clear view of the steel roof structure.

Image of Pakchong House - Our Builder

Pakchong House - Our Builder

It’s about time I introduced our builder and here he is (above). He typically has about four build projects on the go at any one time. He is a great guy, very knowledgeable and accommodating. He is also a qualified Thai Architect.

The Cost For Building A Concrete And Block Wall In Thailand

Next a few pictures of the wall at the front of the land, bordering on to the main access road. This is ‘extra work’ for our builder – not included in the original house-build price.

Kanyah negotiated a price with our builder of 49,000 Baht for this wall.The land width is 20 m and assuming there is a gap left for the gat of 2 m the length of the wall will be 17 m. Therefore the cost per meter for the wall is 2,882 baht/m. (That’s £58/m @ 49 Baht/£)

Compare that with the cost for the metal mesh fence of  1,003 Baht/m (£20/m). The wall is nearly 3 times the cost of the fence.

Image of Pakchong House Front Wall 01

Pakchong House Front Wall 01

Above, the construction method of the wall is clear. Concrete posts at intervals and block infill.

Image of Pakchong House Front Wall 02

Image of Pakchong House Front Wall 02

Above, the wall looks a bit out of vertical but I think that’s a result of the camera lens. I have noticed that the camera Kanyah uses distorts straight lines as most cameras do unless they are expensive professional cameras.

Image of Pakchong House Front Wall 03

Pakchong House Front Wall 03

I assume that this guy is casting a concrete capping along the top of the wall. Notice the water running down the wall. Concrete should not be that wet!

Image of Pakchong House Front Wall 04

Pakchong House Front Wall 04

Above, as I mentioned above, I’m sure ti wall is vertical and that it’s just the camera that makes it look like it’s falling over.

Image of Pakchong House Front Wall 05

Pakchong House Front Wall 05

Here you can get an idea of the height of the wall. About 2 m I’d say. Also you can see the formwork for the concrete capping along the top of the wall. (If in fact that’s what it is!)

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6 Responses to “Roof Purlins On And Ready For The Roof Tiles”

  • craig:

    love watching your build and reading your thoughts i have to write a comment if only to encourage you to keep it coming I’ve come to Thailand for a no stress life now living in chumphon and loving it I’ve decided to risk my stress free life and i’m just about ready to purchase a small plot and start my project the plot is only 400 squire meters i intend to build a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single storey i am a bricklayer by trade and intend assisting on the blockwork at this point im sourcing x priceing materials and have been thinking about the roof i have seen the cpac lightwieght galvanised cold formed system have you seen it and do you know how the cost compare


    admin Reply:

    Hi Craig and thank you very much for the comment.

    I am sure our readers would be interested in learning a bit more about you and your storey, if you can manage to let us know a bit more.

    Here are a few things I’d be very interested to learn:-

    How long have you lived in Thailand?
    Is your life in Thailand really stress free?
    If your’e buying land then presumably you are married to a Thai? (Not sure that contributes to a stress free life!)
    Any drawings or planss for your house?
    And anything else you could tell us about yourself and your retirement in Thailand. Like, for example, can you speak, read, write the Thai language and where is you mother country?

    All these are things people like to read about.

    As to CPAC lightweight galvanised cold form system, that is what I am using on our roof as you can see in the photoes. I also put a link to the CEPAC roof website on the post. Is that not the system you are referring to?

    I can dig out some prices for you and let you know.

    Once again, Craig, nice to have made your aquaintence and thanks for the comment.

    Why not join the Announcement List and get an automatic notification whenever I post something interesting on the website?

    Just put your name and email in the Form at the top of this page where it says “Keep Updated”.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • craig:

    the roof system I’ve seen is all galvanised truss purlins braces the lot x it all screws together with self drilling screws not a spot of wielding any were they design the full system for you on your roof photos of your trusses look oxy red and a thicker gauge i’m Shaw cpac do 2 systems i will be looking at all options further to your question im from the uk linconshire after visiting thailand as much as i could over the last four years i moved here before Christmas with the intention of building a home and chilling out its not as cheap as it was but still doable each to there own but this place works well for me dont talk thai but with a thai girl who talks good english yes i do find i have a stess free life at the moment good luck to you and your retirement


    admin Reply:

    Many thanks Craig, I do wish you the very best and coolest, stress-free retrirement in Tailand.

    You need to watch out for the weight of the tiles when you select your roof steel. Thai tiles are very heavy.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • steve:

            bbc3 monday28/03 thailand documentary


    admin Reply:

    What time, Steve?


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