As I Struggle Here Back In The U.K. To Catch Up With My Work, Projects, And Try To Get Back To Normal Living – Retiring In Thailand Is Becoming A Bit Of A Strain!

I’ve been back in the U.K. a week now since my Christmas trip to Pakchong (Pak Chong) where our Thai retirement house is and I’m feeling under a lost of strain and pressure.

Far away is the idea of retiring in Thailand right now.

And yet a lot of this pressure is because I am planning to retire to Thailand that I am creating too many jobs and too much pressure for myself.

Trying To Catch Up, Trying To Stand Still, Trying Just To Get Some Piece Of Mind

  • Make all the posts on the RetiringInThailand website using the photos and movies of my last trip
  • Reply to and approve all the comments made on the website by dozens of readers
  • Catch up with work at my day-job
  • Catch up with my other two projects one having a deadline coming up in a few weeks and I have a stack of work to do
  • Prepare and pay the VAT for the last quater for my own limited company
  • Chase up a load of stuff I ordered last year by mail order (for model engineering) and which hasn’t arrived
  •  A major project related to my car
  • Buy air tickets for my next trip to Thailand at Easter
  • Buy tools and a model kit to take to Thailand on my next ‘retiring in Thailand’ trip to our retirment hosue in Pakchong (Pak Chong)
  • Tryto finish my model steam engine I’m building in my model engineering worshop in Nottingham.
  • Work on the design of my next model engine (a steam traction engine) to be built in the U.K.
  • Try to suport Kanyah in Thailand as she suffers the loss of the thai landscape gardener, lives on her own and tries to combat loneliness and bordom
  • Ponder on how to keep kanyah happy and occupied when she comes here in the summer and I’m still working 12 – 14 houras a day…

The list goes on and on and on… and all this while I’m working away from home in London during the week only travelling back to my home in Nottinghma at week ends.

Why Am I telling You All This?

  1. So that you can understand why I am slow respond to your comments posted on the RetiringInThailand website and to answer questions, and slow to post the photos and videos from my last thailand trip
  2. So that you’ll understand that retirning to (for me) Thailand is not at all a straighforward thing like jumping on a plane and lying in the sun for the rest of your life
  3. It may be theraputic for me to get all this stuff off my chest and written down – may take some of the pressure off me

One New Page Posted “Setting Up A Model Engineering Workshop In Thailand – Making A Steel Work Bench”

This exercise (plus buying the lathe) sounds trivial but for me it was a major test of my resolve to retire to Thailand. To see whether I am ready to make the commitment or not.

On retring to Thailand my plan is to spend a lost of time in my model engineering workshop making steam models. So, in order to do that i need to invest time, money and effort into buying the tools I need for the workshop and setting it up.

I could have easily spent the last two weeks in Thailand ‘on holiday’ – going out and around or doing not much at all. But instead I had to prove that I could start setting this model engineering workshop up in Thailand ready for my retirement.

This is not an easy thing to do in a country where ‘model engineering’ isn’t heard of and there aren’t many places you can buy the tools and materials.

Plus there is the inertia and the need to motivate Kanyah to help me go out and seek out what I need. And to fight Kanyah’s critisism of me spending a lot of money on ‘silly tools and steel’.  A lot of determination and courage was brought to bear.

Anyway the Making a Steel Work Bench in Thailand  project is finished now and the story is online.

Buying and installing a lathe in Thailand is another project that I completed but the web page is not complete yet.

That’s my rant for today – got to get back to that huge to-do list I made above.

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4 Responses to “Retiring In Thailand Is The Last Thing On My Mind Right Now”

  • Dudley:

    Nice job Alan, I’m gleaning much from your comments because I’m doing much the same thing but on a much smaller scale. Thanks. 
                                                                                   Regards, Dudley 


    admin Reply:

    Thanks Dudley,

    I’m not sure what it is you’re doing on a smaller scale… getting stressed out like me, retiring to Thaland or building a retirement house in Thailand:-)



  • martin goode:

    hang in there Alan.  try to prioritise projects, if possible, complete the easiest project first.  small steps, you know the story.  you will be okay, it’s the distance making things difficult. cheers


    admin Reply:

    Hi Martin and thanks for your encouragement.

    I do make life complicated for myself, I know.

    Life isn’t made any easier because my wife kanyah is in a terrible emotional state in Thailand. I fear for her as she tries to live in the house by herself.

    Best Regards



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