Retirement House Security In Thailand

This is an appeal for information and advice regarding security for your retirement house in Thailand.

The appeal comes after I received the question below from a visitor to the website and which I have kind of half answered as you can see below. So if anyone has any advice regarding security protection for your house in Thailand and would like to post a comment below, then it would be gratefully received.

This is the query I received:-

From: Manuel N.

Subject: security for your Thai house

Message Body:

Hello Alan:

Let me first say how much I enjoy your web site and how helpful it has been.

I have been travelling to Thailand for brief periods of consultancy work at one of the universities for the last 15 years. I have recently retired and I am considering having a residence in Thailand to spend a few months of the dry season there.

However I would rather build something on rural land rather than buying a condominium in Phucket or some of the other tourist spots. I am aware that it is not possible to ”lock up” the place for 7 months of the year without security problems. I think I can deal with the issue of land ownership, but security is a problem. Any advice you can give would be appreciated.

Many thanks!

And this is my reply:-

Manuel , many thanks for your email and kind words about the website. If the website has helped you then it has been worth the effort for me to build it.

(Of course it will never finished… this retiring thing has a long way to run yet)

And you are luckier than I am. You CAN retire in Thailand whereas I am still stuck in a JOB to pay for it.

As to security, I can only offer my judgement as I have actually not actually retired to live in Thailand yet. But I will make a post on the website to see if anyone can offer any experienced-based advice.

I suppose there are several strands to security. Where your house is located would be one. If it’s in (for example) Pattaya or Phucket then I have heard that crime is high and you could well be targeted by gangs.

The other aspect would be what are you leaving in the house that potential thieves would want to steal? Anything small and light, quick to sell for a profit would be a target, tables and chairs I think not.

My wife’s Thai friend, Som, has a house in Pakchong not far from our house and it has been empty for years. Som lives in Bangkok and very rarely visits her Pakchong house. But she employs a gardener to keep the house looking nice and ‘lived in’ and also a part time security guard who does the occasional patrol.

I’m not too worried about leaving my house in Pakchong empty when Kanyah comes to stay with me in the UK. When she does that Thai neighbour will look after the house for us. I am more concerned about the danger of leaving our house in the UK empty when I retire to Thailand than I am leaving the Thai house empty.

Sorry I can’t offer more than that, Manuel, perhaps someone will come forward and offer advice from their own experience of security in Thailand.

Best Regards
Alan Brown


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3 Responses to “Retirement House Security In Thailand”

  • Alan:

    I should add that I DON’T consider it safe to leave your house in Thailand open and unprotected.

    I do take security of my house in Thailand (and my house in the UK) very seriously, even if we do have a neighbour and a security guard to look after it when we are not resident.

    For example, all the windows on our house will have steel ‘burglar bars’. I have just asked the builder not to provide a wooden door and door frame for the ground floor door to the workshop bit to provide a steel one instead.

    The interior of our Thai retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong) is ‘double protected’ because there will be strong security doors to protect the dining area and then additional security doors from there into the bedrooms and the living area.

    There will be more security featured added that I’m not going to give details of here for obvious reasons.

    This is one report on security in Thailand (or lack of it) and it’s enough to make you think long and hard about the security arrangements you have for your own property in Thailand:-

    English Resident And His Thai Wife Seriously Assaulted In South Pattaya House Robbery

    Full story:

    Our house in the U/K is well protected too. We have burglar bars on all of the windows, all the downstairs windows are double glazed laminated glass (glass/plastic film/glass X 2) – like a car windscreen and there is a burglar alarm system that automatically calls the security center who in turn will alert the police if there is a forced entry.

    Coming soon is maybe a CCTV system that I can monitor from anywhere in the world via the Internet.


  • Dear Alan,

    I don’t know where Manuel wants to build But I have a idea. I have four rai ( 4 Plots) 100 metres from a deserted beach in Leam Mea Phim and what I would like to do is build a house for me which would be a sort of club house with pool and bar and a security gatehouse and full boundry wall ( compound ) with either four houses one rai each or break it down to eight plots approx half a rai each.

    I would employ a gardener and security team. Plus a driver to pick up from the airport it would be a perfect solution and once I retire I would live there too.

    Please could you forward this if you can ?
    Leam may phim is in the provice of Rayon

    All the best…


    admin Reply:

    Russ, great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you.

    Sure I will send your message on the Manuel for you, pleased to be able to help people.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


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