As The Retirement House Build Project In Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand Is Reported “Finished”, Alan Delves Into Electric Fishing Machines, SEO School, And Others

From Alan
Tuesday 11 October 2011: 0630 AM

I came in to the office especially early this morning to send you a very quick update with the news about our retiring in Thailand plan and the retirement house we are building in Pakchong but the email I typed became too rambling so I’ve posted it here online instead.

The House Is “Finished”

This is the latest news by phone from Kanyah in Pakchong. According to her the house is “finished”.

After much cajoling by me she even eventually got all the light fittings put up and has had the lights switched on. “It’s beautiful” she says and “I’ll send you some photographs”…

That was a few weeks ago and guess what? No photos.

I used to love coming in early to work and excitedly switch on the PC to see what new photos I have from Thailand. Not any more. I don’t raise my expectations so high – then I don’t get disappointed when I see nothing in the inbox.

She’s Still Not Moving In

Although the house is “finished” Kanyah still refuses to move in and occupy it. She’s having other works done like some massive concrete slabs around the house and an outside toilet built.

And before she can move in all that has to be finished, the builder’s debris removed from the garden and there has to be a special ‘house blessing’ ceremony on a date set by the monk according to her birthday.

The Next Set of Photos

I did upload a set of photos to the website and added the commentary – that took me about 2 weeks to do – and I was just about to push the publish button when a creeping doubt came over me.

As I was uploading the photos I kept being niggled by a thought that there was something missing. Checking the previous two Posts told me what I was thinking.

There was another set of photos on my PC earlier than the set I had just uploaded!

So in order to keep the story in the right sequence, I’m afraid I’ll have to upload the previous set before I can publish the current set.

Getting Websites Ranked High in The Search Engines

I really seem to make a meal out of posting photos on the website. But a large part of this is because I am careful to make sure that when the Post goes live it is going to help get the website ranked highly in the search engines.

I could just throw a bunch of pictures up here and it would only take a few minutes but that doesn’t give the reader any narrative and add any value to the photos, nor would it help the search engine results.

It’s the text that takes the time. Just to satisfy the Search Engines, each photo needs a descriptive Filename, a Title, an Alternative Title, a Caption and a Description.

After I have done that for the dozen or so pictures I want to upload, I then have to write the narrative around the photos to explain what is going on out there in Pakchong.

Anyone interested in getting websites ranked highly in the Search Engines could do worse than see how I do it by watching the movies in the free SEO School on my other website. Here are some examples:-


Yes, I probably am. And it does get in the way of doing the things I like, like building my steam engine, updating this website, communicating with my fellow online Thailand friends.

But look – I’m planning to retire in Thailand soon. To do that I need to get my hands on all the money I can and at the moment – in this recession – I’m not turning down any opportunity to earn it. Building up this nest egg is made more difficult by the fact that as soon as the money comes in out it goes again the Thailand. Oh boy! Will I be glad when the house is really finished and the spending has stopped!

So I’m working 12 – 14 hours a day including weekends and tying to fit in a bit of updating the website and steam engine building just to keep my sanity.

As you may know, I work in the construction industry and I have just posted a few photo of some of my projects on the website here:-

I did that in response to a question from a website visitor, Dr Wortley, about what I do who is an expert in the field of electric fishing machines!

Electric Fishing Machines

Apparently these machines momentarily stun the fish in a river or pond and they can be selectively collected for e.g. research, transfer to a better waterway, or just for eating.

The remaining fish soon recover and swim away unharmed.

So, a question to anyone reading this. Have you any idea about using electric fishing machines in Thailand? If so, please leave your comment below or wend me an email via the Contact Us form. I’m sure Dr Wortley and our other reader – plus myself of course – would be very interested in what you have to say.

An Apology To My Followers

Thank to everyone who has contacted me and/or posted a comment on the RetiringInThailand website. I appreciate all of your observations and I’m acutely aware that I owe a response to many of you.

So please accept my apologies for not getting in touch already and be assured that I’ll get round to it – time permitting – as soon as possible.

I’ve rambled on for far too long so I’ll leave off now and speak to you later.

Thank you for visiting


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10 Responses to “Retirement House “Finished”, Electric Fishing Machines, SEO School, Et Al”

  • Steve Wickboldt:


    They outlawed that a long time ago in good old Lousisiana, we still do a bit of that type of fishing from time to time though. But don’t tell the game warden.

    The best way I know is to get an old military wind up phone, hook up some old jumper cables and put over the side of the boat and give them fish a good shock.

    It is much saffer than dianamite fishing as less noise for the wardens to hear and come to get ya.

    Got to be sure to make sure you don’t shock yourself with these new fancy metal boats, wood boats are best for electric shock fishing.

    Bringing back good memories thinking of shock fishing!


  • steve:



    admin Reply:


    A Micro Brewery?

    What a brilliant idea – I never thought of that!

    The washing room in that Utility Block that Kanyah is having built is plenty big enough for a micro brewery. I’m sure Kanyah won’t mind.

    Anybody any ideas about the laws in Thailand relating to brewing beer for home consumption?

    I guess it’s completly outlawed.

    See you in The Plough some day soon.



  • Terry:

    Hi Alan,

    Electric Fishing Machines…are you planning to sell these in Thailand? I think it may be of interest to Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. My company has branches and associates in these countries (as well as Thailand) and will be keen to distribute for you (of course if it is a new technology and it works!).

    Please let me have details including prices, terms and conditions.

    Cheers, Terry

    p.s.: congratulations on your new build…a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I am sure! Mine’s just completed last month…extremely happy with it…took 3 long months. Yes, only three, but it was only a small build..some 120 sq m and one storey, raised 1.5 meters.


  • Andy:


    I like the sound of the electric fishing machine anything to make life easier!!

    Sure you will get the garden debris sorted soon, the house looks fantastic.



    admin Reply:

    Andy, this is your first comment and I thank you for that.

    Please add another comment whenever you can – make the website interesting for everybody.

    As to electric fishing I think we had better not let the Thais know about it. Be no fish in any river in two weeks if they found out.

    Chock Dee



  • lance halliday:

    Hi Alan.
    good to hear your retirement house in los is finished, wish you and your wife all the best in
    the future, im living in thailand too been here 4 plus years, im about an hours drive from central bkk but we my thai wife and i are moving to a new house thats under construction 
    and should be finished april 2012, cant wait to move there its in Roi ET in Issarn 
     a cosy place in a orchid with a little over 5000, square meters land. so i will
    have enough space for my 2 dogs and some other pets birds etc. The company thats building
    our house is PD. House they are known for building good quality houses. any ways keep
    up the good work and im looking forward to seeing some photos finishing results of your
    retirement home, so take care and all the best. lance


    admin Reply:

    Hi Lance,

    Thanks for your comment on the RetiringInThailand website and I’m horrified when I see that you posted it on 12th October and it’s now the 24th.

    12 days and this is the first time I have found the spare time to respond to all these comments that good people like yourself have posted on the site.

    When I said out house was “finished” I put the “commas” around the word “finished” because it’s not finished and this is a big issue going on between myself and Kanyah.

    Anyway it’s good to hear that you retirement house build project is going well. I haven’t heard of the PD. House building company. Any information you can give about then would be welcome by our readers I’m sure because good builders are like gold dust in Thailand.

    The latest update on our house is on the “Thailand Retirement House Photos Page 3” Post, which has an essay on galvanised steel rain gutters of all things, with many more to follow.

    Please keep in touch.

    Chock Dee



  • Alec:

    Hi Alan
    Another problem we have from time to time in our new house 18Km from Udon Thani is the power cuts so I aim to instal a Kraus and Naimur 2 pole 100 amp changeover switch and quiet Honda generator as a standby power supply. Any standby system has to be managed correctly but I reckon there is a market for this kind of application, particularly in the countryside. We had the same problem at my works in the 1970′s in the UK when the miners strikes were on and I installed a similar system then. Many neighbouring houses and offices were amazed to see our place all lit up and working while the rest of the street was blacked out
    Regarding buildings in Thailand there seems to be no building regulations or planning issues here just do and build what you want so long as you own the land so I guess its caveat emptor in Thailand


  • steve:



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