Royal Silk Business Class Thai Airways Flight To Bangkok, Thailand

Well, here I am on the TG917 flight to Bangkok on Monday 29 July 2013 to start my retirement in Thailand.

Image of Alan on His Retirement Flight To Bangkok July 2013

Alan on His Retirement Flight To Bangkok July 2013

In the photo above I look happy enough, I guess.

Business Class Is The Only Civilised Way To Fly

Below are a few photos and a movie of the superb meal and the plenty of space you get in Business Class, but they’re not the only advantages. You also get 30 kg of luggage allowance, the First Class lounge facilities at Heathrow and fast-track check in and immigration at both ends of the flight.

But even those are not the main advantages  - it’s this:-

When you arrive in Thailand you are awake, alert and feeling great – like you’ve not just been on a plane for 12 hours.

The reason is that the seats fold out to make an almost full-sized flat bed. So you really do get a good sleep.

I must have slept at least 7 hours out of the 12 hour flight. But that’s not all, for me at least. the last two flights I had – particularly the one back to London with EVA I felt physically sick. This may be part of getting older or more to do with modern planes getting lighter and therefore bouncing round more in the turbulence.

Whatever the reason I know that when a plane (or ship for that matter) is bouncing or rocking and rolling, I feel much better lying down.

There was plenty of turbulence on this TG917 flight to Bangkok and I felt it. But since I was lying down I felt discomfort but not sick.

This short movie shows you how much space you get when travelling Royal Silk Business Class on a Thai Airways Boeing 747. Note that there are only 4 seats across the cabin and note the huge gap from my seat to the seat in front. That’s the space needed for when the seat turns into a bed.

The Meals Thai Airways on Royal Silk Business Class

When I first traveled on Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class and the meal was served I was blown away.

None of that tiny tray, plastic cutlery and food served in aluminium mess cans with foil lids.

No. In Thai Airways on Royal Silk Business Class first of all they give you a table cloth. A real one.

Then the meal is served on a large tray as you can see in the photos below.

Image of Thai Airways Business Class Dinner Starter

Thai Airways Business Class Dinner Starter

For the main meal there are four courses and you have a choice of four main meals dishes. You also get a choice of two dishes for breakfast.

I don’t need to say any more, the photos tell it all.

Image of Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Dinner Menu

Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Dinner Menu

Click on the photo above to see a larger image.

Image of Thai Airways Business Class Dinner Cheese Board

Thai Airways Business Class Dinner Cheese Board

Next, the breakfast:-

Image of Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Breakfast Menu

Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Breakfast Menu

Click on the photo above to see a larger image.

By the way, there is another menu for the drinks including fine wines,

Image of Thai Airways Business Class breakfast First Course

Thai Airways Business Class breakfast First Course

Oh, and you welcomed on board with a glass of champagne!

Landing at The Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bangkok

I don’t know about you but I love to look through the window when a plane lands – particularly in Thailand when you can get a good view of the local topography.

This time I had a window seat and was able to video it all:-


Fast Track Through Immigration At Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

I mentioned above another advantage of travelling Royal Silk Business Class on Thai Airways and that’s that you get to fast-track through the airport at both ends.

I first wrote about this in the “Fast Track Past The Long Immigration Queues At Suvarnabhumi Airport” Post when there were huge queses at the Thai immigration desks.

When I arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bangkok I quickly found the fast-track immigration place.

It’s a bit beyond the normal immigration desks, in other words just walk past the sign pointing to immigration. then in about 50 yards (or metres) you’ll see the VIP sign.

When  I went in there were three desks open. Three people in one queue, a group of about seven in another and three in another.

I joined the three queue then the guy in front of me suddenly disappeared leaving me in second place!

He had jumped to first place in a new desk they just opened.

Suddenly I was in front of the Thai immigration officer and handed my passport over.

 Unexpected Behavior from the Thai Immigration Officer at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport !

I had prepared myself for two ‘issues’ that might arise when I went to immigration through the fast-track channel at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Your Fast Track VIP Passport Voucher

I remembered from my previous visit to Thailand by Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class that I had to hang on to my boarding card when passing through the fast-track channel at Bangkok to prove that I was eligible. Here it is:-


Image of Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Boarding Card

Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Boarding Card

I saw people in the other queues had some kind of Fast-Track VIP Pass, not just a boarding card. Anyway I was prepared.

But the Thai immigration officer just took my passport and didn’t ask for any evidence that i was qualified to be in the fast-track lane!

So, no problem here.

Filling Out Your Address in Thailand on the Landing Card

On the arrivals or landing card there is a place to enter your address in Thailand. I have always put a hotel address because it’s easier than writing a Thai address.

This time I just put “Thongplay House” then a large space and put “Pakchong” at the end.

I left that space for the Thai immigration officer to write the address (if she wanted to) from an address label I had made previously and had placed a copy in my shirt pocket ready for the eventuality.

Here is the lable:-

Image of Address of Our Retirement House in Pakchong (Pak Chong)

Address of Our Retirement House in Pakchong (Pak Chong)

I needn’t have bothered.

I noticed that Thai immigration officer lady was a but surly so I was expecting the worst and glad that I took this little precaution.

Also I noticed, with a bit of relief, that when the male Thai immigration officer opened the desk next to hers they exchanged a few words and she actually smiled at some joke they had made.

So my passport was stamped – 3 months stay and I was home and dry.

Collecting Baggage

Another advantage of travelling Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class is that your baggage is given priority.

I only had to wait a few minutes when my bag (stuffed with model engineering goodies) arrived. It was about the 25th bag off the plane.

Convinced About Flying Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class?

If you have not flown business class to Thailand before have I convinced you of the advantages?

Maybe so but have I convinced you that it’s worth the extra cost?

My flight (return ticket) cost £2,500 and that’s a lot of money. But remember I bought this ticket to travel at the peak time both sides of Christmas. I guess a normal price for July would be around £2,000.

Still a lot of money and about twice the price of an economy fare. For me this is the only way to travel. As I get older those economy flights are so uncomfortable and make me so ill I just cant stand them.

Your choice of course but once you have tried Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class there will be no other way to travel.

A Note About This Post

Because of the 6 hours time difference between London and Thailand my body clock is all screwed up.

I woke up at 3 AM this morning local time and was wide awake. No point to stay in bed so I started this Post.

Now it’s 0930 AM so it has taken me a good 6 hours!

And I still have to write and send out the announcement email and promote the page using articles and bookmarking to make sure that the search engines take note.

This is a pretty good measure of how long it takes to write these posts. A large potion of the time is in preparing the images and in particular the movies.

Also, I like to add a lot of detail. It’s the detail that counts and that makes the blog alive, I think.

Please add your comments below.

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26 Responses to “Retirement Flight To Bangkok, Thailand”

  • George Hill:

    Hi Alan
    Glad to hear you had a great flight back to start the retirement.
    I hope everything else goes as well for you and Kanyah.
    My flight back to Baku on Qatar Airways was cattle class so not as good as your flight .
    Again Best of luck on the retirement.


  • Roy Martin:

    Welcome to Thailand maybe I will see you around some time , I stay at lahan sai in the salon next door to yes co lotus so if your shopping pop on and say hello 
    enjoy your retirement 


    admin Reply:

    Hi Roy and thank you for your comment and the invite.

    We may have seen each other already inside Tesco and not realised who each of us was. It’s quite amazing how many farangs there are in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

    Best Regards



  • Brian Corrigan:

    Pleased you had a nice flight Alan.Any chance of you replying to my enquiry regarding the fence at your house?


    admin Reply:

    Hi Brian and thanks for the question.

    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond – there has been so much to do and so much going on related to my retirement to Thailand and settling down here.

    As to the fence we just bought the materials locally and Kanyah’s nephew built it up himself. He bought an electric arc welder and welded the mesh to the panels. The panels were made out of galvanised steel tube.

    I’ve got some photos if you want to see just let me know. Also if you want me to send you the dimensions etc just let me know also.


  • Len:

    Welcome to LOS . Remember to not let the system get to you. Everything is just a little
    harder than it has to be but if you go with the flow you will get through it. You go
    1-2-3-4-5 and the Thais go 2-4-1-3-5 – either way you get there. They always have their
    way to do things and sometimes its a little hard to see but it does work (usually). Also,
    remember to have fun. If you find yourself getting a little bored you can always take a
    small trip. Most hotels are relatively cheap so its good to explore. Your trains will help
    to keep you busy – always need something to do. My dad is 93 and still loves to dance and have a good time because he always has a good reason to get up in the morning. Enjoy your retirement and your life in the Land of Smiles.


    admin Reply:

    Len & Noi,

    Many thanks for your kind words as usual.

    Things will get a lot better when I have my Thai Driving License. At the moment being reliant on Kanyah who prefers simply too stay at home day after day is very frustrating.

    Best Regards



  • Robert Mohler:

    Congratulations on finally getting your retirement and to be with Kanyah there in Thailand. Have enjoyed all your videos and words. You do make your blog come alive with details. Very good and wishing you all the best old chap.


    admin Reply:

    Many thanks Robert, I do try.

    Best Regards

    Please keep following our retiring in Thailand story – it’s only just began!



  • craig:

    Great to see you finally made it Alan and hope you really enjoy your retirement in Thailand.
    Thai Airways Royal Silk ! – omg you have too much money my friend !
    Spare a thought for the rest of us who travel cattle class :-)
    Regards, Craig


    admin Reply:

    Hi Craig and thank you for your comment.

    It’s such a long time since you posted it you may have forgotten. I have been so busy with sorting out this retirement in Thailand project I have had little time to answer all the comments but I’m putting today aside for that.

    I had the money when I was working. Now I have retired i have to be a bit more careful.

    But it’s more than just the comfort of flying Business Class it’s no good flying economy if it makes you physically ill.

    Best Regards



  • Graham Lee:

    Good luck Alan and congratulations on your retirement. Hope it all works out well for you. I’m just a few years behind you – we have our land south of Hua Hin cleared and levelled and ready to start building next year inshallah. Like you we used Kensington for the design – but need to choose a builder next; although will probably let Kensington handle it all right through to handing us the keys.
    best, Grahan & Jin 


    admin Reply:

    Hi Graham,

    Sorry I only just got round to your comment – many thanks for it by the way – but as you’ll note when you read the latest Posts there has been a lot going on.

    Hope Kensington did a good job on your design. We were well pleased with our design but a few issues started to pop up during construction.

    The builder preferred to ignore the plans in some cases and with me not being on site Kanyah just let him have his own way much to my annoyance.

    If you let Kensington do the build for you I would want to know how they supervise the job. How active will they be in making sure the right materials are being used and the drawings being followed?

    One thing’s for certain – you can’t use a local builder if you’re not in Thailand to watch them!

    Kensington may be your only choice if you want a turn-key build.

    Anyway hope you keep in touch.

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


  • fredgallaher:

    Another great post. I should receive my type O visa today (tracked on UPS). We will be arriving Oct 17th 2013 and will spend one night in Chiang Mai then off to Phrae. We plan to stay 4.5 months.
    I’d like to introduce myself. I retired after 35 years as a Clinical Laboratory Administrator. I have a MSc degree in biological sciences, so we share analytical approaches to problem solving. I hope we can get together and share experiences.
    We bought a beautiful Teak house but want to make some changes especially for comfort. First off is a new roof with adequate attic space (current roof has 10-15 degree pitch) and is tile cement. We plan on a 40 degree pitch with a colorbond roof. We will use insulation under the roof and add 6-9 inches of ceiling insulation when the roof is off. I plan to add some attic sub flooring to allow access in case we need to get rid of cridders. We need to consider any electrical need also.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
    ps We are flying EVA business from San Francisco.


    admin Reply:

    Hi Fred and thanks for introducing yourself.

    Is your Thai Non O visa multiple entry like mine? I ask because with a multiple entry visa the maximum permitted stay is 3 months and you are planning a 4.5 month stay.

    As to your new roof if you are insulating the ceiling I would not insulate the roof but provided vents at each end of the attic to provide plenty of cross-flow ventilation. But to be honest I can’t see that you need so much insulation in Chiang Mai – unless it’s to keep warm!

    It depends also if you have air condoning – how much insulation you need. I once wrote an article on the two types of house design – one designed for natural ventilation and one designed for air conditioning – the two types are quite different.

    I’ll try to find it for you.

    The trusses of our house are steel – it’s a factory designed system roof with heat resisting foil under the tiles. Again i can dig out the details for you if it’s of any interest. I don’t know how effective the foil is but it’s very hot on the first floor and much cooler on the ground floor. When I’m not here and Kanyah is on her own she sleeps downstairs.

    We had pigeons making nests in the gutters. We got rid of them by putting mesh across the gutters. There aren’t any tall trees near us and so far the mesh hasn’t become blocked with leaves.

    We want to visit the night market in Chiang Mai sometime so maybe we can meet up on that visit?

    I have travelled EVA a few times (economy) and although the service is excellent (executed with military precision) the food was inedible. It was an EVA flight back to UK when I was physically sick. Never again.

    Again many thanks for introducing yourself, Fred and thanks for the comments.

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown


  • sue and dave:

    wow what an experience for us we felt we were on plane with you enjoy keep in  touch ….


  • bill:

    great to see you have arrived in the land of smiles
    I did not fly business but cattle and had no problems 
    went with the wifie to immigration ..went to the thai passport section and straight through
    got to the carousel and wifie’s bag was already there and mine was a minute behind
    both bags weighed just under 30kb and mine was filled with plumbing bits for the new house 
    did not even look at customs ..just kept walking..
    ok glad to see you here and hope to meet with you soon
    regards Bill


  • Joe Van Wyck:

    Wow, Good for you. Thanks for posting the videos they were very interesting. I am thinking about going Business Class when my wife and I are ready to go. Can’t wait. Thanks again. For the information. Best to your wife. Happy for you both. Joe&Suda


    admin Reply:

    Hi Joe and thanks for the message, sure appreciate you taking the time out to comment.

    For me business class is the only way to travel. You arrive fresh and ready to go instead of arriving sick and dead tired. It doesn’t have to be Thai Airways though, there are many other choices.

    Some people travel via middle eastern airlines – one person I know swears by Etihad. He gets good air miles and free upgrades and flights.

    Now that I have retired to Thailand I don’t expect to be flying so frequently back and forth between U.K. and Thailand. I’ll have to go back sometime to send my model engineering workshop over and to rent the house out back in UK. Otherwise (notwithstanding unforeseen circumstances) I expect to stay put here in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


  • Hi Alan & Kanyah,
    Finally you have made it and you can finally live the dream !! My four rai in Laem Mae Phim is going to start soon. I will develop 2 Rai for a small resort and my wife will develop 1 rai for a smaller resort !! and sell one rai to whoever wants to live next door to  resort with  an indoor  swimming pool and the beach just 200 mtrs away !
    If you are interested to follow the story for your website, please contact me…
    All the best


    admin Reply:

    Russ, many thanks for your comment and generous offer to let us follow your story of developing your resort at Laem Mae Phim.

    We would certainly be interested in that and so would visitors to the website.

    I’ll send you a separate email for you to send any photos to.

    It’s been a long time, Russ, since we last communicated but now I have ‘retired’ in Thailand in theory I should have more time to share with you.

    I say ‘in theory’ because I have so many projects on the go I’m still struggling to balance my time between them. And I’ve only been here just over a week!

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World

    You can contact me at any time at:


  • Bob Snader:

    Hi Alan:
    We will begin to build our new home in Trang in a couple of weeks.  We would be happy to send you photos and updates if you give me your personal email.
    Best wishes


    admin Reply:

    Hi Bob and thanks for the comment.

    I sure would appreciate some photos and a bit of a story about building your house in Trang. I’ll send you my private email address.

    Good luck with your house build. Please let us know how it goes – good and bad!

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


    admin Reply:

    Hi Bob and thanks for the comment.

    I sure would appreciate some photos and a bit of a story about building your house in Trang. I’ll send you my private email address.

    Good luck with your house build. Please let us know how it goes – good and bad!

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


  • Joe Van Wyck:

    Alan, We received a request to join Google+, Was that from you? Joe


    admin Reply:

    Hi Joe,

    Yes it was me. I’m using Google to connect with my friends in Thailand.

    Haven’t quite worked out how it works yet!

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


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