An Update On The Good Progress Kanyah Is Making In Pakchong

Kanyah phoned yesterday (1st November, 2010) from Pakchong in a state of excitement to update me on the progress she is making towards getting our retirement house built in Pakchong.

Things really are going well at the moment, albeit a bit slower than we would have liked. Here are some of the things she told me:-

Applying For A Thai Building Permit

Kanyah says she now has the original stamped and signed drawings and calculations for the house from our architect in Bangkok and she will go to the Or Bor Tor (District Government) Office today (2nd November 2010).

This is a bit step forward towards getting started on our house build.

I don’t know how long it will take to get the Building permit, but no doubt Kanyah will phone me later and tell all.

Clearing The Land To Build The House

If you saw the pictures on the “Photos Of Our Land And The Or Bor Tor Office In Pakchong” page you will understand that the land is now so overgrown with vegetation that Kanyah is even scared to go onto the land. (All kinds of nasties will be hiding in that long grass including snakes -cobras included – and scorpions, to name but two dangerous creatures.)

Anyway she arranged with a local to have all the vegitation cut down by a tractor at the rate of 560 Baht/hour. It took 3 hours = 1,680 Baht.

Next another local will clear the vegetation and burn it in a few days when it is dried out. The cost for this will be something like 500 Baht.

I hope to get some photos from kanyah in the next few days.

Buying Houses To Obtain Wood To Build Our House

I suggested to Kanyah some time ago that we could save money by buying an existing wooden Thai house and knock it down to get the wood to build our own house. Another advantage with this is that the wood would be seasoned. Nothing worse than green wood to build a house.

Well, she has found two possible houses that we could purchase. The asking price is 200,000 Baht and 400,000 Baht. I don’t know the size of the houses, kind of wood, etx, alsi i don’t have any photos yet but have asked Kanyah to take some pictures and email them to me.

Receiving Quotations From Thai Builders To Build Our House

Kanyah now has given the house plans and Bills of Quantity (BOQ) to several builders who have offered to provide a price to construct our retirement house in Pakchong. Some of these will provide labor only, some will undertake all the procurement of the materials in addition to supplying the labor (Turn-Key).

There are advantages and disadvantages to both form on construction contract – I am in favor of the Turn-Key Contract – and these are explained on the “Finding Builders In Pakchong, Thailand” post.

Kanyah has requested all the builders to return thie quotations by Monday 15th November 2010.

That’s all the news for now. Look out for the next update with photographs, better to join the Announcement List to make sure you will be informed when the website is next updated.

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