Another quick and brief update on Kanyah’s progress on finding builders to construct our house in Pakchong, Thailand.

It certainly pays to ask around! Kanyah has now handed over sets of Construction Drawings to five builders and has a meeting arranged with a fith next Thursday. This last builder was introduced to her by a sales representative at Boonchai Construction Company 1992 whom she met when she went to their shop to get prices for building materials.

The kind gentleman at Boonchai Construction also gave her a list of websites from where we could select certain materials:-

Roofing Materials : Real ceramic roof tile at
  : CPAC Monier roof tile at
  : All roof tiles at
Sanitary Ware : COTTO Brand at
  : TOTO Brand at
Paving Block : Paving Block at
Paint : Jotun Brand at

Making And Using Bills of Quantity (BOQ)

I have commissioned our Architect the Kensington Company to produce a set of Bills of Quantity for the house based on the final construction drawings. This will help us to check and monitor costs and quotations from builders, to obtain quotations for the materails and qwill also help the builders and suppliers to prepare quotations for us.

Also, all the builders and suppliers will be quoting on a like-for-like basis and will not have to make their own BOQ saving them time and money.

The other big advantage of having a BOQ is that if the total price for the build as quoted by the builders is outside aour budget it will be a simple and quick matter to make changes to the materials to reduce the cost. One simple example would be to change from the special ventilated Ceris roof tile to a sheet material. Not want we want but something like that could make a big price difference.

I am aware that some people say not to give your BOQ to builders. There are several posts by visitors to the website on New House Plans And Building A House in Thailand.

More Information on BOQs:

Finding Builders in Thailand To Build Our Retirement House In Pakchong

A Thai Builders Cost Estimate For Constructing Our Thai Retirement House

Registered Building Companies Aren’t Interested In Small Projects

In another post I mentioned the problems Kanyah was having finding a building company who was big enough to do the purchase of the materials as well as the installation works. Kanyah phoned me again today (12 October 2010) and repeated her story. In fact it’s pretty much the same story that I reported on the Finding Builders In Pakchong, Thailand page.

All the people (Builders, Suppliers) tell her that any properly registered building company is only interested in doing the multi-million Baht development projects. ( 10-100 million Baht). None of these big companies are interested in our tiny little project and the builders who may be interested in building our house don’t have the capital to do the materials procurement.

So it seems that we are stuck with the Labor Only builder and we have to buy the materials.

And that brings me back to BOQ again. Kanyah just went to a large wood-yard to get quotations for all the wood in our house. Floor and walls are wood.

They asked her for the quantities required and said that they were too busy to measure from the construction drawings and would only deal with a builder when the builder has the quantities.

So, BOQ to the rescue again. When we receive the BOQ from Kensington, Kanyah will go back to the wood-yard again and get a quotation.

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