Still No Building Going On - Four Weeks Later And Lost 355,401 Baht (Not 200,000 Baht)

It’s Way Past The 5 days When The New Builder Should Start On Our Half- Finished Retirement House In Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand

My House Build Project Out Of The Doldrums? post where I reported that Kanyah had said the the new Thai builder would be able to start completing the building of our retirement house  in 5 days time was posted on 9th June 2011. It’s now 19th June i.e. 10 days later and there is no sign of the builder on the construction site.

How can she believe a builder who is already delayed by double what he promised before he even starts on site?

4 Weeks With No Building Works Taking Place

It was 25th May when Kanyah Terminated The Previous Thai Builder And All Construction Work Stopped – that just about spot on 4 weeks with nobody working on the house construction.

She Doesn’t Want Another Thai Builder Either

A friend of mine, Patch, who contacted me through this blog and also had a House Built In Pakchong kindly gave me the name and phone number of his Thai builder in Pakchong. I asked Kanyah if she wanted to try this other builder and she told me in short shrift “No”.

When I pressed her she bluntly told me to ‘shut up’ and “This is the Thai way – you don’t know the Thai way”.

Well, Kanyah, I do know the Thai way – your Thai way at least – and that’s to be hot tempered and abrupt.

If you would explain to me how ‘the Thai way’ prevents you from talking to another builder I would be most enlightened…

… on the other hand, don’t bother, just ask me to send you more money to throw away.

Kanyah Disputes the 355,401 Baht We Lost To The Old Thai Builder!

Also on the House Build Project Out Of The Doldrums? post I reported that I expected that I had lost over 200,000 Baht when Kanyah sacked the Thai builder.

That previous quick estimate now proves to be a bit on the low side when I add up what we overpaid the builder and what we have to pay to redo work . I have now calculated my loss to be 355,401 Baht.

I sent the calculations to Kanyah for checking and she says “It’s only 300,000 Baht, not 355,401″!

Yeh, great Kanyah, you just saved me 55,401 Baht.

If I can summon up the enthusiasm I’ll post the calculations here later.

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