New Thai Builder, New Construction Contract, New Start On Building Our Retirement House In Pakchong (Pak Chong)

0910 Hrs GMT, Friday 27th May 2011

Great News, We Will Start Building Our House Again!

Kanyah just phoned me from Thailand with some bright news.

She has found another builder who has agreed to finish building the house for us.

They have agreed a fixed-price labor only contract. We will buy the materials ourselves. Kanyah thinks that we can complete the house within the total price we agreed with the previous builder which will be a terrific outcome.

The builder is one who gave us a quotation a few days after we had signed the contract with the previous builder. He was introduced to us by our neighbour.

The new builder has check all over the house and says that a lot of remedial work is needed to clean up the mess left by the previous builder and repair the defects. hence he has estimated it will take 3 months to complete, i.e. end of September. The previous contract was to complete on 22 June, ie three weeks time.

We are in no great hurry to move into the house, we prefer to have the work done slowly and properly.

Kanyah has not signed the new contract with the builder yet, nor has she sent me any photographs, but these things will happen over the next few days.

That’s all for now.

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4 Responses to “New Thai Builder, New Construction Contract, New Start”

  • Simon:

    I am sure, like I, that all the followers of your blog are happy for you. I hope everything goes well.


    admin Reply:

    Thanks Simon, let’s see what happens. Should be interesting one way or another.



  • Joe:

    I am new here and will renovating a small house and building one in the future…so its always intresting to follow projects here.
    As i am not retiring, i am considering to start a smal building company myself.
    So far so good i hope.


    admin Reply:

    Hi Joe and thanks for your comment.

    Would you like to let our readers have some idea about your house projects? Where they are and what size etc?

    You are thinking of starting a small building company in Thailand? That should be an interesting venture. Like to hear more about that.

    Of course, like many of us, your probably short of time, so I’m not asking for a mass of information, just a few notes so that people can appreciate your ideas a bit more.

    All the Best and good Luck,



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