Alan’s Qualifications, CV, And Experience In The Construction Industry

In A Nutshell

Alan is a professional Electrical and Mechanical Engineer specialising in designing and construcing the Elecrical and Mechanical Services withing buildings, such as Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Lighting, Power Supplies etc.

Here are a just a handful of photos from his projects:-

Alans Construction Projects 1

A few photos from the construction projects that Alan has been engaged on

Alan has a degree in mechanical engineering, is a Chartered Engineer twice over and has been practicing as a professional engineer in the construction industry all over the world for over 30 years.

He is providing this information for the benefit of visitors to this website. By understanding Alan’s qualifications and experience in the field of engineering in the construction industry, the visitor will better able to appreciate the advice that Alan gives on the website relating to design, building and construction.

A Concise Summary Of Alan’s Career In Engineering In The Construction Industry (Curriculum Vitae – CV)

  • Alan’s working life as a professional engineer in the construction industry has been predominantly with just three major blue-chip companies, you may have heard of all of them:-

    Mott Macdonald Consulting Engineers who designed a lot of the Bankok Metro system(s)

  • Raytheon Engineers and Contructors, a massive company. Raytheon developed the Cruise Missile amongst other things.
  • Takenaka, a huge Japanese design and build architectural and construction company.

    Takenaka in Thailand

    Takenaka in UK

C.V of Alan Brown, BSc, C.Eng, MIMechE, MCIBSE

BSc Mechanical Engineering
Chartered Mechanical Engineer
Chartered Building Services Engineer
Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

Fluent: English. Knowledge of: French, Thai


Extensive experience as Design Manager, Project Manager and Designer in the field of Mechanical and Electrical Building Services Engineering in both the Consultancy and the Construction Contracting fields.

Mr Brown has over 25 years of experience in the planning, costing, design, installation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical engineering services and utilities for buildings and major infrastructure projects world-wide. His experience includes services for factories, pharmaceutical facilities, cleanrooms, sea-ports, airports, metros, railways, tunnels, power stations, military communications centres, data centres, modern office facilities, commercial and residential projects.

The disciplines for which Mr Brown has specialist experience includes HVAC, steam, gas, oil, compressed air, vacuum, water supplies, seismic engineering, fire safety engineering, (smoke ventilation, sprinklers, hydrant systems) lifts and escalators, mechanical handling, public health, drainage and sewage systems, acoustics, power generation, power distribution and communications systems.

His skills also cover contract and project management, cost planning, estimation, cost control, trouble-shooting and project recovery. A particular skill is in Value Engineering and cost control where he has made and saved many hundreds of thousands of pounds on his projects.

His experience is not limited to mechanical services. Mr Brown is well versed with the requirements of electrical installations and as Project Manager has lead multi-disciplinary teams of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil/Architectural professionals on major projects both in the UK and overseas.

He has strong computer skills including all the latest office software and IT skills including web design, web servers and more. He is familiar with the current building regulations with regards to energy usage and conservation including SBEM calculations. He has used CFD periodically and is skilled in HEVACOMP, Cymap and ACAD. Where these programs are limited he has developed his own superb extensions using Excel and Access databases.

His projects have been located in over 20 countries around the world and he has visited most of them.

To Summarise:

  • Design and Design Management
  • Project and Contract Management
  • Excellent track record with blue-chip companies
  • Vast world-wide experience
  • Exemplary Cost-reduction and cost control skills
  • Multi-disciplined
  • Multi-tasking from consulting to contracting
  • Proven team leadership skills


RailTrack CrossRail
British American Tobacco Takenaka Europe
Drake and Scull London Underground
Fujitsu Ministry of Defence
GEC Plessey Panasonic (Matsushita)
Imperial Tobacco Philip Morris
Jaguar (Ford) Motors Pliva Pharmaceuticals
Jyske Bank Railtrack
Korean Tobacco & Ginseng RJ Reynolds
Toyota Mazak
Holland & Barrett London Underground

Note. This is not a full list, just some of the better-known names are listed.


2000 – Present Takenaka (UK) Ltd
  • M&E Manager
1997-2000 Raytheon Engineers & Constructors UK Ltd.
  • Design Team Leader
1979-1997 Mott MacDonald Ltd
  • Project Manager
  • Mechanical Services Team Leader
  • Core Team Co-ordinator
  • Resident Engineer
  • Design Team Leader
1977-1979 Lewis Associates
  • Services Design Engineer
1974-1977 National Coal Board
  • Deputy Mechanical Engineer
  • Engineering and Management Trainee



Not everyone is aware that Takenaka, one of the top Japanese design and build contractors, is a worldwide organisation with over 9,000 employees and a turnover of £8.56 billion in 2008.

Takenaka, as are Japanese companies generally, is highly regarded for it’s highly level of skill, customer care, professionalism, performance and integrity and it’s employees exhibit the same characteristics.

Mr Brown is responsible for all aspects of the Mechanical and Electrical Services on all Takenaka’s projects in the U.K. and Ireland. This includes concept design, detailed design, construction, establishing budgets and meeting financial targets. He undertakes his duties through a combination of in-house engineering and procurement and management of external design and subcontract construction packages.

This is a list of some of the projects undertaken with Takenaka:-

Benihana Mori Seiki
Cenargo Nikon Milton Keynes
Chiba bank Nissin Showa
DANA Ophtecs Ireland
Denso Factory Extension Panasonic UK
Denso Training Centre Project XM
Denso Warehouse Sanko Gosei
Fujitsu Glazing Shima Seiki
Futaba Inverter Sompo Barcelona
Futaba Phase 1 TAKAO Phase 6
Hitachi Bolton Toray
Hoya Lens Toyata Manufacturing UK GPC
Jaguar Toyata Manufacturing UK Plastics Shop
Japan Tobacco Toyoda Gosei Additional Works
Japanese Ambassador Ireland Toyoda Gosei Factory Extension
JTI Leaf Services Toyoda Gosei Phase 1
K Project Toyoda Gosei Phase 2
Kostal Ireland Toyoda Gosei Swansea
KT&G Toyota Deeside Engine and Castings Extension
Makita Mezzanine Toyota Deeside New Roof
Makita Warehouse Extension Toyota Derby Plastics Shop Extension
Mazak 2Story 2005 Toyota Derby UIN Facility
Mazak Bay 5 Toyota International Headquaters Epson
Mazak Bay 6&7 Toyota Manufacturing UK
Mazak Digital Plaza Toyota Tsusho
Mazak Showroom UFJI UPS
Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation Yamada

Details of some of these projects are given below as examples:-

Hoya Lens UK Limited            ______________________________________________________________Optics

Wrexham Industrial Estate

Preparation of a design-and-build Tender proposal, presentation of the Proposal to the Client, design and preparation of M&E sub contract documents, negotiation and award of M&E Sub Contractors, and acting as the Project manager, complete responsibility for the execution of the project including mechanical, electrical and civil/building works.

The project was to design and fit-out an existing factory building to suit the relocation of the complete production lines and offices from a nearby building which was to then be put on the market.

The factory produces lenses for spectacles and the complete transition of some 64 production units plus offices from the existing building to the new building was executed progressively so that production was not disrupted.

The fit-out of the existing building included the preparation of all the mechanical and electrical infrastructure necessary for the hook-up of the production machines, drainage, water treatment and building works.

The  project budget, for which Mr. Brown was completely responsible was. £1,304,201 and he managed the project assisted by an M&E engineer and a civil/building foreman.

KOSTAL Ireland                                                                                                                   Electronics

Mallow, Republic of Ireland

Kostal is a west German company manufacturing electronic sub-assemblies for luxury car manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo.

The project is design and construction management, taken from concept through to handover. Total project budget was 8.6 m Punts (6.9 m GBP). The Plant has a floor area of 8,500 m2.

The Plant is already in production and comprises chip-lines and automated assembly systems. The Offices and Process Areas are airconditioned.

Maruwa Europe Ltd                                                                                                              Electronics

Ashford Orbital Park, Kent U.K.

This is an Office and Production Facility for ceramic products used in the motor industry.

The project is a design and build, fixed-price contract taken from concept through to handover. Contract cost was set at £1.8 m and M&E services was approximately £0.4 m.

The project is well under construction and is on target to complete on time and under budget. Again, a detailed VE exercise was necessary to bring the M&E design within the Client’s budget.


Korean Tobacco & Ginseng, (KOPEK)                                                                         Food Processing

Yongju, South Korea

Yongju Cigarette Factory – Mechanical Services Design Engineer from concept to outline design.

A state-of-the art factory designed to the highest standards to accommodate high-speed and high technology manufacturing equipment that demand close-tolerance temperature and humidity control.

The production and office building is 20,832 m2 in area and is fully airconditioned using steam-fired absorption chillers with an ice storage system. The design was undertaken in London and Seoul. Some statistics are:

Total cooling load       6,764 kW

Water consumption    103 m3/day

Steam Generation       10,550kg/hour

Oil consumption         15 m3/day

Compresssed Air        1,876 Nm3/hour

Project Drum                                                                                                         Food Process Related

Dublin, Ireland

Mechanical Services designer and cost consultant. Responsible for the complete mechanical services design and cost plan for a significant new cigarette factory (17,000 m2) to be built in Dublin, Ireland.

Details are confidential but the mechanical services were estimated to be around 3.3 million Irish Punts.(2.75 m GBP).

PLIVA New Research Institute                                                                                      Pharmaceuticals

Zagreb, Croatia

A flagship Class 2/3 R&D facility of around 22,500 m2 for Croatia’s leading pharmaceutical company.

Lead design engineer. Responsible for the complete HVAC detailed design and also the Construction Permit Application submission in Zagreb.

Typical Laboratory suites are Drug Development, Molecular Biology, Radioactive, Chemical Synthesis, Biochemistry Labs, Clean Labs and Animal Cells.

The project has 660 air conditioned room, some with close control conditions, 30 fixed volume and 166 variable volume fume cupboards, 36 Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets, HEPA filtration for containment and cleanliness and defined progressive room Pressure Regimes.

The HVAC systems includes 20 Air Handling units and a total cooling capacity of 4.5 MW, delivered by
three steam-fired absorption chillers.


Greefield Romania. Philip Morris                                                                                  Food Processing


M&E engineering specialist advisor. Design and constructability review, value engineering exercise and contract document packaging advice for a 12 bn/year greenfield site cigarette factory in Romania.

Model Planning Specification. Confidential Client                                                        Food Processing


Contributed M&E expertise into the development of a Model Planning Specification for food processing factories for a major Client. (Confidential). An M&E services strategy embracing design concept, procurement and operation was incorporated.

Major Manufacturing Facility. Confidential Client                                                        Food Processing

South East Asia

Project Manager tasked with the deliverance of the M&E services for a Flagship facility to be constructed in South-East Asia (confidential).

The facility includes 150,000 m2 of warehousing and 57,000 m2 of factory of which 28,000 m2 will be air conditioned.

Utilities demands include gas 4,500 m3/hour, electrical power 30 MW of which 4 MW is to serve the M&E services, water supply (treated) 1,000 m3/day, steam 16,000 kg/hour. Project cost over $150m. Design period from concept to Tender stage of 6 months.

Factory Planning. British American Tobacco                                                                Food Processing

Middle East and Far East

Planning, M&E engineering advice, preparation of bid proposals, services requirements and construction cost estimates for a number of food processing factories for the Middle East and Far East.

SCF. British American Tobacco                                                                                    Food Processing

Samarkand, Uzbeckistan

M&E Project Manager responsible for the construction phase of the project to successful completion, handover and production. The project is said to represent a model facility.

SCF. British American Tobacco                                                                                    Food Processing

Samarkand, Uzbeckistan

Samarkand Cigarette Factory – Lead Design Engineer from concept to construction documentation for the mechanical services of a 30 bn/year cigarette factory. The project includes around 150,000m2 of buildings, much of which is air-conditioned and has a total value of $ 140m. M&E services value is $20m.

CrossRail Project                                                                                          Infrastructure and Transport


A key member of the M&E Core Team on this major and prestigious new underground railway project, responsible for the planning, management and co-ordination of the M&E designs.

CrossRail is planned to be a £1.5bn underground railway passing west to east under London wiBi five major underground stations in the central London area. The estimated value of the M&E services in stations is approximately £170m. Responsibilities include:-

  • Preparation of the M&E services spatial planning strategy of all underground stations.
  • Preparation of the Concept Brief for the mechanical services.
  • Managing external Consulting Engineers producing the mechanical and electrical designs.
    • Co-ordinating detailed aspects of the services design at Tottenham Court Road Station and
      producing co-ordinated combined services drawings using Intergraph CAD systems.
    • Responsibility for the technical standards of all mechanical services in all stations and for elements
      of the tunnels services.

Avon Port Authority                                                                                                          Infrastructure


Mechanical Services Lead Designer responsible for the inception, design and specification for the mechanical services in a materials conveyor tunnel under the River Avon, Including normal and emergency ventilation systems.

‘Muela Hydro wpower. LHP A                                                                                                     Power

Lesotho (Southern Africa)

Mechanical and Electrical Services Engineer undertaking outline design, tender documents on ongoing construction supervision for all M&E building services required by the largest hydro-electric scheme in the world, including the HVAC system for the main powerhouse. (This does not include the power generation systems).

The Client is the Lesotho Hydro-Electric Development Authority.

LUL Power Stations. London Underground Ltd                                                                           Power


Outline design and tender documents for the M&E services required by the conversion and re-furbishment of two oil fired power stations in central London supplying the London Underground railway system.

North Pole Depot. British Rail/Drake & Scull Engineering Ltd                                          Infrastructure


Mechanical Services Design Team Leader responsible for the full M&E design for a major railway depot in London, provided to maintain the Channel Tunnel feeder trains. Also produced the M&E construction contractor’s installation and record drawings. Full use was made of GDS CAD and AutoCAD systems. Total project value £20m.

Railway Depot. Northern Ireland Railways                                                                        Infrastructure
Northern Ireland

Design brief for a smaller railway depot in Northern Ireland.

GEC Plessev                                                                                                                              Defence


M&E Design Team Leader for the NUBS Project. Full M&E design for 64 military communications centres (Classified) constructed throughout the UK by GEC-Plessey Telecommunication (GPT) having’a total value of £30m. Each centre is fully self-contained and able to withstand varying degrees of hostile attack, some being fully hardened, shock and NEMP protected.

Miscellaneous Projects                                                                                          Defence, Commercial


M&E Services Design Engineer responsible for various projects:

  • Nissan European Technology Centres. Project value £4m
  • Milton Keynes Water Park. Project value £lm.
  • Military Underground Communication Centre, Malaysia. Project value £4m
  • Marina View Apartments, Gibraltar. Value £0.6m
  • Power Station, Oman
  • Communications Centre, Saudi Arabia
  • Jubilee Line Extension, London

COMCEN/MHQ. Ministry of Defence                                                                                      Defence


Resident Engineer responsible for the development of the design and construction supervision for the M&E services on a major NATO underground Communications Centre refurbishment/re-build project with an M&E value of £5M.

Maintaining essential services during the Falkland’s War became an essential task with planned shut-down requiring the highest level of approval.

Miscellaneous Projects                                                                                                        Commercial


Responsible for the management of the local office in Gibraltar and business development including design and supervision of major mechanical and electrical building services projects in Gibraltar:

  • International Commercial Centre at Casemates – M&E value £10m
  • The Regal Centre – M&E value £1.5m
  • Jyske Bank Main Street – M&E value of £0.8m
  • Jyske Bank Irish Town – M&E value of £1.2m
  • Westside 1 – 200 apartments – M&E value of £2.0m

Gendarmerie. Tarmac Group                                                                                               Defence


Design Team Leader based in London responsible for managing a mechanical design team of over 20 staff, undertaking the design of all mechanical services which had a total value of £16m for a design-and-build project under construction in Algeria by contractors Baxter Fell International and Tarmac.

The project comprised 21 sites each having administration office blocks and large accommodation units with associated utilities. The entire project was presented in the French Language including calculations. Extensive use was made of computers with several computes programs written by the team leader.

Votrakon. GOTEVOT                                                                                                             Education

Saudi Arabia

Resident Engineer in Riyadh, responsible for the supervision of all mechanical and some electrical services on six large residential vocational training centres located throughout Saudi Arabia. Each centre comprised administration office blocks and multiple accommodation units with associated utilities and the total M&E value was £16m.

JAMJOOM Centre                                                                                                               Commercial

Saudi Arabia

M&E Services advisor for the Jamjoom Centre in Jeddah, the largest commercial centre on the Gulf at the time.

ARAMCO                                                                                                                            Oil and Gas

Saudi Arabia

Resident Manager responsible for the management of the company’s Al-Khobar Offices providing technical services to ARAMCO.

Khor al Zubair Port Project                                                                                                      Chemical


Resident Engineer responsible for the supervision of all mechanical and some electrical services on a major six-berth port facility with automated mechanical handling, process and storage installations for fertilisers and petrochemical products and associated administration buildings. The M&E value was £30m.

The mechanical handling systems included five automatic bulk fertiliser storage and retrieval machines, a computer-controlled materials conveyor complex, a bagging plant, six dockside cranes, three ship loading and unloading machines and other materials handling plant for fertilisers and other petrochemical goods.

M&E services included specialised, low-humidity, controlled-environment storage facilities for bulk fertiliser storage 11 kV substations, industrial power distribution system and normal services in ancillary buildings.


Bauchi State Sports Stadium Complex                                                                       Sports and Leisure


Services Design Engineer responsible for the design of all mechanical and some electrical services for an Olympic standard sports stadium and complex. Supervised the Nigerian design office in Lagos.

Port Harcourt Broadcasting Corporation                                                                  Telecommunications


Services Design Engineer responsible for the design of all mechanical services for a radio Broadcasting Centre. Based in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Guernsey Public Library                                                                                                         Education

Guernsey, Channel Islands

Services Design Engineer responsible for the design of all mechanical services for a major re-furbishment of the Public Library.

University of Jeddah. MDA                                                                                                    Education

Saudi Arabia

Preparation of detailed Bills of Quantities for the University of Jeddah project, on behalf of a construction contractor based in the offices of MDA Dusseldorf, West Germany.


National Coal Board                                                                                                                Industrial


Deputy Mechanical Engineer, responsible to the Colliery Engineer for the installation, maintenance and repair of underground plant and utilities at a modern colliery including implementation of one of the country’s first advanced mining systems.

National Coal Board                                                                                                                Industrial


Engineering & Management Trainee. As an undergraduate, completed the Engineering and Management Trainee Scheme. Specialised in the development and the use of computer programs for the design and selection of mechanical equipment for coal mining.

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