About Us And The Retiring In Thailand Website

Retiring in Thailand is our dream and we are daily actively preparing for our retirement to Thailand.

On this website I will show you in real-time the daily steps we are taking to fulfil our dream of retiring in Thailand.

Who Are We?

I’m a Farang named Alan Brown and married to a Thai lady named Kanyah. We are living Nottingham, in the U.K. and have a son Alex who lives in London and a daughter Daeng who lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

We’ll tell our story and give you all the information that we pick up as we travel this journey.

If you are interested in Alan’s professional qualifications and vast experience as a Charterd Engineer in the construction industry go to the “Alan’s Construction Industry Bio” page.

Photo of Alan Arriving in Thailand 1 May 2010

Alan In Bangkok To Buy The Land In Pakchong May 1, 2010

What Have We Done And What Are We Doing

In nutshell this is what we have achieved so far.

Image Of Kanyah And The Toyota Hilux Vigo Front View

Kanyah And The Brand New Toyota Hilux Vigo In Bangkok

Image of Pakchong Thai House Front Elevation

My Concept Drawing for the Pakchong Retirement House

  • Appointed a Thai Architect in Bangkok, Thailand, to design the retirement house and make the construction drawings to allow us to go into contract with a Thai builder and build the house.
  • Received from the Architect preliminary layout and perspective views of the house and issued our comments back to the Architect for incorporation into the design of the Thai house.
Image of the view of our house from the front - producted by our Thai Architect

Thai Architect's Image Of The View Of Our Retirement House

  • Kanyah has gone though the long and difficult process of obtaining British Nationality and a British Passport.

What We Plan To Do Next

  • Continue to interact with the Thai Architect until the design of the house and the construction drawings are complete.
  • Receive the completed Construction Drawings from the Architect
  • Start the building process in Pakchong, Thailand. This will include:-
  • Pre-construction Phase
    • Deposit the house plans at the Land Office (Or Bor Tor ) and obtain the Building Permit.
    • Contact the electricity and water utility companies and arrange temporary supplies to build the house.
    • Get the land cleared of vegetation.
    • Find an Inspector to assure the quality of the construction of the house.
    • Obtain quotes from builder to construct the house.
  • Construction Phase
    • Award a contract to the selected builder to build the house.
  • Post Construction Phase
    • Get the water and electricity permanently connected
  • Move in
  • Build a fence around the site and add gates
  • Landscaping

What You Will Find On The Website

As we progress through each of these steps we have posted (and will continue to post) on the website all the details of what we do and learn.

Don’t Miss Out…

So that you don’t miss any of this valuable information we suggest that you join the Announcement List by entering your name and email address in the Form at the top of the page and we will send you an email telling you when we have posted new information on the website.

Anything Missing? Anything You Want to Know? Any Comments?

Please comment below and let me know what you think about our website, good bad or indifferent. Anything we could do better, anything he have missed, anything you want to know, just post below and I’ll do my best to answer.

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3 Responses to “About Us”

  • MICK:

    can this be done if me and my wife are both british,


    admin Reply:

    Mick, thanks for the question.

    I assume you are asking if you can buy land and build a house in Thailand, perhaps with the idea of retiring in Thailand?

    The short answer is that only Thai Nationals can own land in Thailand.

    You could rent the land and build a house on it, I think you can get 30 years rents, but I haven’t researched into that.

    The other option is that you can buy an apartment in a condominium in Thailand and many foreigheners do that. (There is a restiction on the number of apartments in a single Thai condominium that can sold to foreigners – it’s 49% I think)

    Does that help? Please don’t hesitate to ask again if you need more information.


  • Brian Corrigan:

    Excellent Web Site
    Brian Corrigan


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