I Found A Model Engineer’s Paradise In A Back-Yard In Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand

The only question is “How will I be able to access it?”.

This page is comprised mostly of videos shot on site at the “Teera Borigaan Factory” in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand.

The movies are not always of good photographic quality being shot ‘on the hoof’ as it were.

Rather, they do give a good impression of the mass of machine tools available in this factory. Some brand new CNC machines, some milling machines are more than 100 years old.

More Than 2 Rai Of Machine Tools

The above movie was just one bay of about half a dozen bays in this huge warehouse spanning well over 2 Rai in floor area.

There are lathes, milling machines, shapers, gear cutters, sheet metal working machines welding etc etc.

The sheet metal area includes CNS flamecut, a huge set of bending rolls (roll diameter about 300 mm), guillotines and so on.

I couldn’t take photos and movies of every area, but here is another one:-


My Retirement Dream Come True At Last?

The above videos may only be understood by engineers but that’s not the point here.

I have explained before that my retirement dream is to build a large scale steam traction engine in Thailand and driven it down to the local ‘restaurant’.

In order to build such a big machine you need big machine tools. I don’t have them and can’t afford to buy them at present since my contract with LU was terminated.

But here are the big machine tools I need. they’re all here just 15 minutes drive from our house!

How Do I Get Access To These Dream Machines?

I have been thinking about this. At first I was wondering if I became friendly with Mr Bouy he might let me use them myself, perhaps on a hire basis. X Baht per day for example.

But thinking about the workers there that might not go down so well. Foreigners are not allowed to work in Thailand (without a permit) and the workers may perceive me as taking work away from them.

The alternatives are:-

  • Pay the company to do the machining for me.

Not all parts of the traction engine are huge. Most parts I can make on my existing equipment, it’s just  a few big parts that need the huge machines. Thai labour is cheap so it wouldn’t cost me much to get the big parts machined for me.

  • Buy the machines I need from the company.

Most of those older machines are never used. If there is a half decent lathe and a milling machine I could make an offer to Mr Bouy and take the machines back home.

When I designed and built the house I included a spare area on the ground floor some 3 m X 9 m for future expansion, which is the place where we park the pickup now. The big machines could go in there. Even Kanyah agrees to this!

So in whatever form the solution transpires I can now start thinking in terms of planning to build this dream steam engine at last.

What a marvelous outcome from a shopping trip!




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