Making A Map Of  Your Land Using A GPS SatNav

Need a quick and easy way to get a map of any piece of land you might be interested in buying to build your retirement home in Thailand on?

This article might just be what you need, because I have written a comprehensive web page all about how to map a plot of land using a hand-held GPS SatNav.

Can a GPS SatNav really be used to generate a map of a plot of land? If so, here are some questions that spring immediately to mid:-

  • What type, make and model of SatNav is the best to get the GPS coordinates?
  • How correct will the finished map be? Withing 10 meters? Or within 1 metre.
  • Is it difficult to get the SatNav’s GPS coordinates?
  • Are there any suitable maps available covering the plot of land you want to map in Thailand?

If so, what kind of maps are there? Are there ‘soft’ maps i.e. maps that you load into a computer and perhaps can plot your land on? Or are there any tradditional ahrd copy (paper) maps of big enough scale available?

All these questions are ansered and more in my article.

The BestGPS  SatNav To Use For Mapping In Thailand

You probably wouldn’t buy a GPS SatNav just to make a map of a plot of land upon which to build a house in Thailand.

But you might want a GPS SatNav to navigate your way around the country and cities. This is where a hand-held GPS SatNav comes into it’s own.

However, not all GPS SatNavs – TomTom for example have maps for Thailand and many are not sufficiently accurate for the purpose of making a map.

In my article, “Making A Map Of The Land To Build A House In Thailand” I show you how I have researched all kinds of GPS SatNavs and one particular model stands out far above the rest. If you want a GPS SatNav to use in Thailand then this article is simply a must-read for you.

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