Frantic Day At The Thai Driving Test Centre – And It’s Not Over Yet

Having obtained all the documentation required to apply for a Thai Driving License ( by taking the Thai Driving test I spent today on Round 1 of the Thai Driving test along with about twenty Thais.

Taking The Thai Driving Test is Not So Easy As People Think

It was a fraught and daunting experience – not the least because all the instructions were in the Thai language and I hand’t much of a clue really what to do or what was coming next!

That was the worst part, not knowing what was the step. Let me tell you up front this is no breeze in the park!

Different people were telling me different things plus I was sometimes misunderstanding what they said when that was in Thai.

I was nervous, apprehensive and confused.

I basically blundered through as best I could relying on deduction and limited knowledge of the Thai language.

But let me tell you this. When and if I finish this training and testing regime and get my driving license I will know more about the process than anyone who has not been through it. Forget all the rubbish and half truths you read on Thai Forums – I will have the complete truth. Possibly the only source on the Internet where you can discover and understand the exact process for obtaining a Thai driving licence as a Farang.

To be continued…

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One Response to “I May Be Getting A Thai Driving License – Part 2”

  • Len:

    Not really – with an international driver’s license no written test – no driving test. Only
    had a reflex test (hitting the brake pedal) and color blindness test. Had a yellow book
    so only needed passport-doctors paper (from parking lot)-international driver’s license-
    and a few hundred baht for the license and photo.


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