How To Succeed In Business And Leisure In Thailand

Are you considering doing any kind of business in Thailand? Thinking of retiring in Thailand? Considering building a house  in Thailand, or simply just want to enjoy a holidy there?   

The way you go about any of these activities can substantially alter the outcome for you. The manner in which you interact with the Thais is very important and here are some words of wisdom from a person who has been very successful in business in Thailand for may years.   

I received this in an email yesterday and realised that it may be useful advice to visitors to this website so I decided to post it here exactly as it was written:-

Dear Alan,   

Thanks very much for your kind words again.   

As my father says ‘it costs nothing to be nice and good willed !’ Okay lets me go through your e-mail and answer various points.   

Thanks for your enthusiastic and positive approach to working with us Alan.  

Over the many years of helping people design and build homes, it is very noticeable that people with a good attitude are always the ones who benefit far more. Not just with our company but overall with doing business here in Thailand.  

They are the ones who get best help, and they are the ones who get better prices. I see this so many times and not just with our company.  

People who are rude, arrogant, think they know it all, or are overly demanding, always end up with problems in Thailand. They get less and they create far more problems for themselves.  

That attitude does not work here and only creates negative results.  

The polite, calm, positive and understanding way is without doubt the best approach here in Thailand.  

We have been very lucky over the years and all our customers have been exceptionally nice, positive, understanding and willing to listen to good advice.  

Over the years we have built a reputation for customer care, quality and excellent value for money, so we are always happy when customers reward us with kind words and compliments.   

Yos and I are enjoying working with you Alan and the architect looks forward to completing your designs. Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help.  

Kind Regards,  

Chris Clayton  

(Managing Director)
Kensington Company Limited  

That email was sent in response to one of mine to Chris with regards to the Thai house they are designing for our retirment to Pakchong. 

I can really recommend the Kensington Company Limited to you for many reasons if you are looking for a Thai Architect to design your future retirment home. Some of the reasons for recommending Kensington are in another post of mine called “A Thai Architect In Bangkok Is Making Our Retirement House Plans “. By the way, if you do go to Kensington, please let Chris know who recommended you to them because you will then get special treatment and perhaps a discount on their fees! 

Well, I hope you can take that advice from Chris and put it to use. I do in fact work as an engineer in the construction industry and deal on a daily basis with subcontractors and designers. I find that, as you suggest, I get better results from them than other people do because I win their respect by being honest, considerate and knowledgable. 

How To Work Successfully With A Thai Architect

Kensington, and more specifically, Yos, their Thai Architect are making an excellent job of translating my concept for our retirment house for Pakchong into real working drawings that can be used for a construction contract with a Thai builder. And all this design process is carried on with me and my wife here in the U.K. (Great Britain) and Yos being in Bangkok. Communication is by email with Kensington sending me drawings at various stages and me sending our (me and my wife) comments back.

I have started posting the drawings and our comments on the website. You can see one set of comments on the Comments On Thai Architects Preliminary House Design web page.

If you want to see the first concept drawings I made for our retirment house go to the How To Build A House In Thailand web page.

To see the plans made by the Thai architect based on our concept drawings go the the House Plans For Our Retirement House Produced By A Thai Architect web page. In addition to the plans (drawings) of our Thai house you will see perspectives of the house. these look like photograms of the house taken from different angles but they are in fact screenshots taken from a 3D (three dimensional) computer model of the house.

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4 Responses to “How To Succeed In Thailand”

  • Murray:

    By the sounds of it Kensington is the company to go to. I like the way this guy talks. That is the sort of peson I want designing and building your house. I had heard of Chris from Kensington, before from other people. People speak very highly of him. Thanks for the good idea and information I will be talking to them when I am ready


    admin Reply:


    Thank you for posting on my website. Makes it all the more interesting for everyone.

    If there is anything I can hep you with to get your retirment house designed and built in Thailand then I’ll freely assist if I can.

    I have just posted a concise summary of my career in engineering in the construction industry (my CV no less) on the website so that visitors can see my background which hopefully will give some credance to my various comments on house design.

    May I suggest that you consider joining the Announcement List using the Form at the top of the page so that you are informed when the website is updated?





    admin Reply:

    Marc, thank you for your comment.

    It would be nice and useful for other visitors if you could say a little more about your land and plans for your retirement home in Ubon Ratchathani, North East Thailand.

    Also, if you have any photographs I would like to put them on the website as I did with Alan and Annes’s land in Hua Hin as seen here:-

    Again, thank you for your comment.

    Alan Brown


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