At Last – Ready To Own the Land!

An update on buying land and building a house to retire in thailand.

Today, Sunday May 25th 2010 is a big day for me and even bigger days coming…

Now I’m really excited…

… after weeks of waiting for the posts to be reinstated and the land re-surveyed I just received this email from Daeng in Thailand:-

To Alan Brown
Date Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 7:11 AM
Subject about the land and ticket

Hello Alan,

About the land;
The land is clear now, it ready for u to come. Please let me know when you suitable to coming.


Ps.. Today we already change the car plate.

What does this mean?

Well, the story so far is that my wife and her daughter, Daeng, found some land so buy in Thailand upon which to build our retirement house.

She (my wife) paid a deposit but the was one snag. Some of the concrete posts place there to mark out the land boundaries had been knocked out by the tractor when the land was cleared. Apparently these have to be put back and the land survey re-confirmed before we can take ownship of the land and get the land ownership transferred legally to my wife’s name.

Since that would take 5 months if we waited for the Land office to do it, it was written into the Contract to purchase the land that the current land owner would pay for a private company to put the marker posts back and re-survey the land. (Since I’m in UK at the moment I’m not completely clear what all this means and how it would be done) The contract was to have this done within 60 days which expires on Tuesday 18 may 2010.

All that is explained in detail here:-

So I was delighted to receive the above email telling me that the posts had been reinstated and everything was ready for me to go to Thailand to sign the Chanot. All I have to do now is to send the balance of the money to my wife, buy an Air ticket and sort out the Usufruct… see next item…

How A Foreigner Can Get The Legal Right To Use Land In Thailand

I explained here how a foreigner can obtain the legal right to use land in Thailand even though it may not belong to him/her.

This can be done because the Thai law differentiates between the rights of ownership and the rights of use of land.

It’s done through a legal contract called a “Usufruct” or in Thai, “sit thi gap gin ta lord shee vit”.  Now that the land is ready to change ownership I have asked a couple of Thai law firms to write the Usufruct in the Thai language for me. I’ll be posing their reply when i receive it. These are the two Thai law firms I have sent my enquiry to:-

Temporary Number (Registration)  Plates On New Cars In Thailand

The PS in Daeng’s email above “Ps.. Today we already change the car plate.” refers to changing the temporary car number (registration) plates for the permanent ones.

You can see photos of the temporary car registration plates (red colour) on the car we bought in thailand here:-

When you buy a new car in Thailand it comes with temporary number (registration) plates as ours did. We bought our car on February 12th 2010 and took delivery on 16th March.

Now Daeng’s email saying that the number plates had been changed is dated 22nd April 2010. That means we have waited 10 weeks form placing the order or nearly 5 weeks form taking delivery of the vehicle to getting the correct number plates!

Watch Out For More Updates And Photos

As soon as I get to Thailand ready to sign the Chanoht I’ll start taking photos of the land, the signing ceremony and will be posing all the information on the website. To get notification when that is under way why not join the Announcement List and receive an email when something interesting is added to the blog or website?

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