Thailand House Prices

Planning a retirement house in Thailand and want to know what the house will cost you?

This is where I will be putting all the cost information relating to buying land and building a house in Thailand that I can get my hands on.

Quotations From Thai Companies For Architects Fees And Building A House In Thailand

As you have seen on the Building A House In Thailand page, I have made some plans of the house we want to build to retire in Thailand.

To go with the plans I have also produced a simplified specification and Bills of Quantity (BOQ).

This information is enough for a Thai Architect to provide a Fee proposal for producing the full set of plans.

It is also sufficient for a builder to provide a budget price.

So now I am approaching Thai companies to get those prices. Here are the ones I have approaced already, together with the results:-

Service Offered: Design and Build
Results: Response and budget prices received as follows:-

Budget Prices For Building A Retirement House In Thailand

Only two days after I requested a budget price for the house I am planning to build in Thailand, Kensington Company Limited replied by email with a budget price for the house and a fee for the Architect to make the house plans.

To summarise, they said that the cost of building a house in Thailand is in the range of 15,000 to 20,000 Baht/m2.

My drawings show a house total floor area of 130 m2, so that would cost 1,950,000-2,600,000 Bhat.

Now let me tell you that I am very skeptical about that cost applied the house we want to build, and I’ll explain that in a minute.

But next, on to the Architect’s fees for making the house plans.

Architect’s Fees For Designing A House And Making The House Plans In Thailand

Kensington Company Limited proposed a fee of 120,000 Bhat (plus 7%VAT) for producing a complete set of Thai house drawings suitable for planning approval, obtaining a cost from a builder and building the house. That works out at 6% of the estimated cost of building the house.

Again, I do have some thoughts on that fee proposal and I’m going to tell you what those are.

But this is a Summary of the Kensington Company Limited response, not a full report, for that I have made a completely separate page showing their full response and my comments. Please visit the page now and find all the details of one Thai companies suggested costs for building a house in Thailand. The page is at


Service Offered: Fully detailed plans of houses ready for construction. Also they provide Civil, Structural, Services drawings, BOQs etc.
Results: Awaiting response.
Comments: After submitting the details on their website, the submission form went to a Page Not Found error. No email address given on the website.

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