More Comments On Our Thai Architect’s Proposals For Draft Preliminary Design Of Our Retirement House In Thailand

27 August 2010

Alan’s response 26 Aug 2010 in Green color

Dear Alan

I have an answer and some of questions to comment

Best Regards


(Alan’s comments)

Question 1.

Is the proposal just the “Water Proof Radiant Shield” or the “Cold Roof”?

In principle I agree to the cold roof but I don’t quite understand the detail.

  • I propose the cool roof system which comprises of (see picture below)
    • The air inlet at eaves (eaves filler)
    • The air outlet on the ridge. (Chimney tile, Ridge’s cover)
    • The reflective insulation or water proof radiant shield

You can find further information on the attached file and Ceris website

image of thailand cool roof system

Thailand Cool Roof System

Above, principle of the Thai Cool Roof System by the Ceris company.

image of thailand cool roof eaves detail

Eaves Details of Thailand Cool Roof System

Detail at the end of roof with eaves filler. (Air inlet)

image of thailand cool roof details

Details of Thailand Cool Roof System

Above, some details of the individual components of the cool roof system.

We don’t want the chimney tile – looks ugly.

Question 2.

 Is the “Reflective Insulation” just aluminum foil or does it have some insulation as well like polyurethane ?

  • From manufacturer specification, it have 5 layers comprise of aluminum foil 2 side top and bottom, made from aluminum sheet, and core is craft paper, polyethylene adhesive etc.
  • See specification at Ceris website

O.K. Thanks for the info and the URL. All is now clear. Please proceed with this roof system

 NOTE: I previously referred to having a membrane in the walls, between the external wood and the Bamboo mat.

 Could this Waterproof Radiant Shield be used for that purpose? If so, please include.

 Question 3.

Normally, the tiles are supported on wooden battens which sit on the rafters.

So there can be no space for the air to flow as shown in the diagram above.

Assuming the foil includes insulation it could be installed with a gap to the battens which would leave an air space. See attached images and CAD file.

  • The air flows through the gap on the curve of tile which have space below
  • See diagram/detail above
image of roof tile for cool roof thai house

Cool Roof Tile Detail(Alan's comments)

Above, detail of the tile showing the way the air travels under the tile.

Could you make a detailed proposal for the roof similar to my drawing but done properly?

  • No problem with detail will send again

Not necessary now, except as part of the final drawings.

We don’t have floor drains in UK. When we stayed in Saudi they had them and they dried out quickly allowing insects (cockroaches – maensaps) to come in. So we don’t like floor drains.

  • The floor drain which normally used is the floor drain with bell trap (see picture below) which look like invert bell on the drain, it can hold the water inside which trap smell and insect.
  • If you have experience or any better way to drain water any idea please let me know. So I can provide the correct drawing

I understand what you say, but:-

  • Trap is OK and works only if it has water in it.
  • WC, hand wash basin and shower drain will have water because those fitting are in constant use. Floor drain will not have water in it because there will not be water on the floor continuously (see next point) therefore the water in the trap ill dry out in hot weather.
  • In U.K. we don’t let the floor of bathrooms become wet. Normally the floor of bathrooms on the first floor are made of wood with a plastic tile finish and internal walls are plasterboard, not brick as in Thailand. All this would become damaged if there were a lot of water allowed to go to the floor. So we don’t let a lot of water go to the floor.
  • In Pakchong house, we don’t want a floor drain. If the floor needs cleaning and we want to put water on it for that purpose it can be drained away through the shower drain.
image of bathroom gully drain

Bathroom Floor Gully Drain(Alan's comments)

Above, typical soil and vent pipe arrangement showing a floor drain gulley.

A question about the shower: Is the shower tray actually a tray or does the person stand on the tiled floor when having a shower?

If there is no tray then the shower drain can be used to remove water from the bathroom. We prefer the no tray solution.

  • There are only floor tiles, no tray
  • OK, Good. That is what we want.
  • I am not quite sure about the tray you mention please give me more detail so I can provide the drainage system in drawing

I thought a line on the drawings was showing the edge of a shower tray. See picture:-

image of bathroom shower tray drain

Bathroom Shower Floor Drain

Many thanks for your understanding and excellent information.

Alan and Kanyah.

The End Of Comments On The Preliminary Design Of Our Thai Retirement House?

Is that the end of the exchange of questions, answers and comments on the preliminary house plans produced by our Thai Architect?

Well, I’m not sure about that but I know we are pretty close to that point. Once there are no more questions the next stage will be for the Architect to produce the Construction Drawings for our retirement home. If there are any more comments or queries on the house design, I will add them to the website in this section.

In the meantime I hope you have found this little insight into the process of using an architect based in Bangkok, Thailand from your home country through the medium of email useful and interesting.

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