How To Build A House In Thailand

In this section of the website I’ll be posting all the information I gather about the actual physical process of building a retirement house in Thailand. I’ll be outlining construction methods, materials, components, procurement and much more.

Useful Resources About Building A House In Thailand (1)

This information about house building in Thailand will come from two main sources:-

1. My Internet research.
2. Actual experience as I build my own retirement house in Thailand.

There are two terrific resources that I regularly use as reference books when learning about house design and building a house in Thailand;-

First the book How to Buy Land and Build a House in Thailand” by Philip Bryce. As I have said before, this book is my ‘bible’ when it comes to building a house and retiring in Thailand. you can read what I have to say about this book here.

Next is a book recommended by Philip called Building Construction Illustrated” by Francis D. K. Ching. This book has a large number of positive reviews and currently enjoys a 4.5 star rating by reviewers. It is a great introductory book filled with much useful information, but one can’t necessarily build from this book. I recommend it because it is also available in the Thai language. So I will get the Thai version for my wife and my Architect/Builder and I have the English version.

You can see inside the book here.

Useful Resources Online About Building A House In Thailand (2)

I am building a library of other useful website links related to construction methods, materials, components, procurement etc pertinent to building a house Thailand.

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