How To Build A House In Thailand

If you are thinking of retiring in Thailand, want to build a house in Thailand and need some information on what and how to do it, this page could be very useful to you.

Update January 2, 2011. Building Our Retirement House

On 2nd January, 2011, we signed a construction contract with a Thai builder in Pakchong to build the dream house we want to retire to.

Starting with this post I trace the history of the build in words and photos. So go to the Construction Contract Signed Post and use the links at the top of the page to follow our progress.

The House We Are Building In Thailand

At the moment, we are still at the planning stage for our retirement house in Thailand. We have an outline of what we want and a rough specification. We also know which part of Thailand we want to build the house and that is in the Pakchong area.

The next step is to get some idea of budget costs and I’ll be showing you how we did that soon.

Pictures Of The House We Are Building In Thailand

Here are some pictures of the house we are planning to build for our retirement in Thailand:-

Pakchong Thai House Plan

Pakchong Thai House Plan

Shown above is a plan of the house we want to build.

Pakchong Thai House Front Elevation

Pakchong Thai House Front Elevation

And you can see here a front elevation of the house.

Pakchong Thai House End Elevation

Pakchong Thai House End Elevation

And here is the house viewed from the end.

Of course these drawings are really just sketches intended to show to ourselves and to others what we are thinging of and to get budget prices.

Real Drawings Of our House produced By A Thai Architect

As I implied above, those drawings I made are not good enough to build the house from. in order to get a price from a builder to build your retirement house, and for the actual constructing of the house you will need drawings produced and signed by a registered Thai Architect.

Well, we have now appointed a Thai Architect, based in Bangkok, and they are producing the drawings for us. We are still in the early stages of the design process, but we now have an agreed floor plan layout for the ground and first floor.

The architect has also made a 3D computer model of the house and has taken ‘photographs’ of the model showing how the house will look from various directions when it is built.

You can see the architect’s drawings (floor plans) of the house and the views of the house from various viewpoints on the web page Thai Architects House Plans

The final drawings will be made by a Thai Architect once we have finalised our requirements.

Learn How to Buy Land and Build a House in Thailand

At my side every day when I am doing anything about buying land, building (or designing) our retirement home, or looking for or buying land in Thailand is the book How to Buy Land and Build a House in Thailand by Philip Bryce, seen below:-

How To buy Land And Build A House In Thailand This book is a mine of useful information. This is where I learn’t all about Thai Title Deeds, what a Chanoht and Nor Sor 3 Gaw is plus countless other pieces of essential information. I even used it when making the drawing of the house we want to build in Thailand.

Rather than go on about how indispensable the book is for anyone wishing to buy land and build a house in Thailand I would suggest that you learn more about the book here.

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