Looks Like I’m Here To Stay Retired In Thailand

Read The Emails Below To Get An Instant Update and See Where My Own Son, Alex Said I’m Not Normal!

Post Added Friday 9th August 2013

Below are two real emails copied from my email account.

The first is an email from me to our son Alex, updating him on the situation here.

Email No. 1 – My Update to Alex

Update Dad and Mum in Pakchong

Alan Brown <alan@ emailremoved>                           Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 8:17 AM

To: Alex Main Brown <alexbrown@ emailremoved >

Hi Alex,

Just a quick update.

Seems like I’m here to stay…

LU Work

That LU work just isn’t materialising.

Plan A) They tried to get me appointed through another contractor, then decided that they ought to ‘be transparent’ and re-hire me through the same agency as before. (Plan B)

That was stopped by a blanket ban on re-employing any staff released on 9th July.

Then I had an email saying they were back to Plan A. And by the way, the guy (Mike) said, “I’m on holiday until 19th July”.

I gave them (and myself) 4 weeks to get that LU work sorted out otherwise I would retire to Thailand.

That 4 weeks has gone and it will be 6 weeks before Mike gets back off holiday then he’ll have a whole load of other stuff to sort out.

So I’m just glad that I took the decision to come out here when I did. Can’t see that LU work becoming reality.


When she met me at the airport she was noisy – talking a lot and in the car on the way home she went to sleep so I was fearing the worse. (She had engaged a driver so don’t worry about that bit)

She really is a changed person. I mean now that I am here she is visibly happy and doing jobs around the place that she would never have done on here own. (Weeding the drive for example)

Whenever I mention going back to UK she gets visibly agitated. Example. I tied long lengths of red and white ‘Danger’ marker tape around my bag so I could spot it easily in the airport.

She asked me if she should throw them away. I said ‘No I need them’. ‘What for?’. ‘When I go back to UK’.

Well, that really upset her. She really, really, fears me leaving her.

Thai Bank Account

We went to the bank yesterday (Wednesday 07/07/2013) to try to open a bank account for myself.

I got all dressed up in a freshly ironed white shirt and black trousers and black shoes that Mum had spent two days polishing. Mum too wore trousers, a smart top and proper shoes and socks!

I was nervous about what what would happen.

In fact it was a breeze. The whole process took about half an hour and no questions and long forms to fill out. All they wanted was my passport with Non O Visa and our address, plus sign a few bits of paper.

I now have a Thai Bank Account and an ATM Card.

Apart from the general convenience it means I can now send my pension money (plus any other money) to myself and so be able to control where it is spent.

Your Thai Nationality

We went to the local Amphur on Tuesday (06/07/2013) to make enquiries. But we were told they only do births, deaths, marriages and divorces.

We were told to go on the website or to go the big Amphur in Korat.

So I’ll go the website route first and then if necessary we’ll phone or visit the big Amphur in Korat.

I imagine (based on the bank account application) that it’s really straight forward.

Thai Address

Attached is the letter I used to open the bank account. It has our address in Thai and English. It’s perfect and you can send letters etc here just using the English part.

In the workshop every day about 8 hours but nor really enjoying it too much because the lathe/mill is crap and I don’t have all the tools and materials I have back in the UK. So everything is very slow. Heh, never mind I tell myself – Iv’e got all the time in the world.

Making Money

I can easily live on my pension here in Pakchong. I mean day by day stuff costs very little.

I need more money for my model engineering and for emergencies, etc.

Before I came I mentioned selling stuff on Amazon. Well that’s my plan (plus selling from my own website)

What will I sell? Artifacts from Thailand and surrounding countries. Mum has been told that ‘ornaments’ are very cheap in Cambodia.

Mum is fully on board with this idea.

I bought a book about it to read on the plane. See attached.

Also I’m going to sell articles to the Model Engineer magazine. They pay £50 a page. We can live on that for a week! (Except beer and model engineering expenses)

To get the ball rolling they are going to print a letter I wrote about Model Engineering in Thailand in the next edition.

Model Engineers Workshop

You should be receiving this every two weeks or every month together with the Model Engineer (and Engineering in Miniature).

On the plastic cover of the Model Engineers Workshop magazine there is a reference number. I need this so that I can read the magazine online. Can you please email it to me?

Other Things

Lots of other stuff going on but those are the main points.

I have started another website http://modelengineeringthailand.com/ Nothing on it yet but the intention is obvious.

Still doing bits and pieces for Takenaka. Haven’t told them yet that I’m in Thailand.

That’s all for this update, Alex.

Hope you and Ashley are doing well.

Keep your spirits up about us and about yourselves – it makes a lot of difference.

Love Dad.


Email No. 2 – Alex’s Reply

Update Dad and Mum in Pakchong

Alex-Ops Brown <alex-ops.brown@ emailremoved >             Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 4:27 PM

To: Alan Brown <alan@ emailremoved>

Wow dad

You’ll be surfing before you know it

I’m so glad you’re not sitting idle and you’re out there chasing your dream.

It’s so refreshing to hear you say that you now have all the time in the world to play in your workshop. You seem to have such high spirits and a positive outlook on your retirement. I’m pleased for you.

I was dreading the norm where normal English people retire and do nothing but sit around watching daytime TV, looking forward to the next crossword and constantly moaning about the weather, the government, the neighbors, the state of the country etc. It’s evident that you’re not one of these people, and you have never been normal.

Also its good to hear mum is well emotionally. She needs company and something to do so I’m happy that she’ll be contributing to making some money. She needs direction so she doesn’t get diverted in to depression etc

Anyway keep me updated. I’ll send you reference number for your magazine.

Love Alex


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