A very happy Christmas to you, your family and friends from Alan and Kanyah in Pakchong, Thailand.

I’m typing this on my laptop sitting in my garden in our retirement house in Pakchong where I arrived yesterday evening from UK.

Photo of Alan At His Retirement House In Pakchong Christmas Day 2011

Alan At His Retirement House In Pakchong Christmas Day 2011

There’s a lot to tell you, quite a lot of good news (the house is lovely) and one piece of bad news – a very unwelcome bombshell in fact that will drastically affect the whole retirement in Thailand project! If I had known this I probably would never have gone ahead with the house build as it is.

And if you intend to live to Thailand when you are in your 60s (and if what I was told is true) then this is likely to be a very serious matter for you!

That’s all for now. I’ll go write up my news now and take some more photos and a movie or two.

All the news will be posted on the next Post on Boxing day. (Tomorrow)


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