Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy Guinness Foreign Extra Stout In Thailand?

Following the success at opening my Thai Bank Account and obtaining my Thai Driving License I’m hot on the heels of my next challenge on my retiring in Thailand journey:- Finding some decent beer.

Many years ago somewhere on the coast just south of Bangkok around the area of Samut Sakhon I enjoyed a few delightful bottles of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout sometimes also called Guinness Export.

Now it seems to have disappeared completely from the Thai market.

Can anyone please help me to get a pickup or two full of crates of the stuff?

Its The Real Guinness Foreign Extra Stout I’m Talking About

I’m not talking about the normal draft Guinness (but I will be a bit later) but the special Guinness brewed for export. It has a lovely real-ale flavour and is possibly bottle-conditioned. It’s around 7% alcohol by volume (ABV) but this varies from country to country.

I have had it in England and also in Nigeria where it’s very popular.

This movie shows you what Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is:-

Where Can I Buy Normal Draft Guinness?

Since I’ll probably draw a blank on finding supplies of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout I’ll ask if anyone can tell me where to buy normal draft Guinness as sold in the bars in Bangkok and other holiday resorts.

I’m really looking for a keg of it that is dispensed with a tap and a bottle of CO2 (or Nitrogen?)

Failing that where can I buy a few cans of the stuff?

Nearest big Tesco to us at Saraburi doesn’t sell Guiness of any sort.

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10 Responses to “Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Thailand”

  • George Hill:

    Hi Alan

    I too love draft Guinness.I used to be able to buy the cans with the widget in them to give it the right head and taste. But it has long since gone from the Thai market.

    I have been a convert to it since I was 15 years old and tried my first pint on work  experience in the last few months of school. Before entering the big wide world.

    If you find any let me know
    Regards George


    admin Reply:

    Hi George,

    Thanks for your contribution to the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout grail.

    Yes I remember the draft Guinness cans with the widget. But as I recall that was a relatively recent development. (Compared to being 15 years old I mean)

    I don’t particularly like the normal draft Guinness – it’s just better than the bottled larger here in Thailand.

    I do, though, love the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. It’s a real ale in a bottle.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Phil Smith:

    Hi Alan and Kanyah, My favorite little pub in Thailand is “The Irish Clock” in Udon Thani. Great food, music, and of course beer (and never crowded). It’s a bit of a hike from where you are, but the owners are more than friendly. An email perhaps?


    admin Reply:


    Thanks for the info. Took a look at their website and looks like a ‘home from home’.

    Just a bit too far to go for a pint of Guinness, though, but if I ever have a reason to go that far north it’s definitely a place I’ll want to visit.

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


  • Alex Brown:

    When I come to thailand i’ll bring a few bottles of real ale for you. Any preference?
    Love from your son,


    admin Reply:

    Alex what’s got into you?

    I spend hours writing a whole web page about how much I want to get hold of some Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and you ask me what sort of beer I want!

    Love Dad.


  • mel:

    have you tried look for the THAI AMARIT BREWERIES, htey hold the thia licience for guinness. 
    might help as it could be under a slight different name and logo.


    admin Reply:

    Mel thanks for the tip but I already sussed that one out. You must have been using the same version of Google as me.

    But the Thai Amarit brewery has been bought out by San Miguel from the Philippines so given the ‘quality’ of their brand I doubt they’ll be interested in selling Guinness Foreign Extra Stout in Thailand.

    Thanit Thamsukati, adviser to Beer Thai (1991) Plc, manufacturer of Chang beer, which has a 70 per cent share of Thailand’s 1.3 billion-litre beer market. said “San Miguel’s only problem is a supply of bottles. I think they will have to import bottles from the Philippines in the initial stages,”

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


  • John:

    Hi Alan,
    When I am next on my travels, and in your area I will email you and i will bring you as much Guinness or stout as you want,also I will look into the getting you a keg.Please let me have your phone number.
    All the best, John.


    admin Reply:

    John thank you for your comment and for your very generous offer to bring me some Guinness which of course I gladly accept.

    I’ll email my phone number to you.

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World


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