I May Be Getting A Thai Driving License – Part 1

Getting A Driving License In Thailand When You Don’t Have One In Your Own Country

Optimism Follows A Visit To The Thai Driving Licensing Office in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand

Wednesday 21 Aug 2013

For me obtaining a Thai driving license is an obsolete necessity.

I don’t have a U.K. driving license nor an International driving license.

I had heard that with a Non O Visa you can take a Thai driving test and get the Thai driving license. That’s is what we are trying to do and here is our story.

I’ll tell the story exactly as it happened and then give a summary of what documents are required so that people wanting to obtain a Thai driving license know what to do without needing to read the novel.

Visit To The Driving License Office

Time 1010 AM

We stared off here which in Pakchong (Pak Chong) is about a two mile drive out of the town.

No waiting in queses when we got these just went to see the officer at the desk and he asked a few questions and gave us the instructions (only Thai Language):-

Question: Have International Driving License?

Answer: No

Question: Have U.K. Driving License?

Answer: No

Question:  Have House Papers?

Answer: Yes

Question: (Farang’s – me) name on house papers?

Answer: No

Advice: Go to the Amphur and get the documents. Also get the Medical Certificate. Come back here at 09 AM Tomorrow with the documents. Take driving test 2 days.

Leave for Amphur

Time 1015 AM

First Visit To Amphur

(Bet you knew there would be more than one)

Time 1045 AM

Kanyah spoke to the Amphur No.2 and told the story.

She had most of the necessary papers with her but not the marriage certificate.

Also need copies of :-

  • Our marriage Certificate
  • My Passport and visa pages
  • Kanyah’s ID Card
  • Kanyah’s house papers

Go to home to get these.

Done, including scanning in on the computer and printing the copies.

Back to Amphur.

Time 1140 AM

Kanyah didn’t want to go because she said they close at 1300. Let’s try I insisted.

Time 1152 AM

Arrived at Amphur and saw the No. 2 again.

“Come back at 1300″.

Seems Kanyah had not been clear that they don’t close at 1300 but 1200 to 1300 is the lunch break.

Kanyah wants to wait in the car park.

I suggested we go to the Clinic to get the Doctor’s Certificate.

Much to my surprise she agreed and even more surprisingly she suggested we walk. She knew exactly where the clinic was since she had to get a similar doctor’s certificate for her own driving license.

Expectations and Trepidations Of A Medical For A Thai Driving License

A lot of thoughts were running through my mind as I recalled the medicals i had to endure in the U.K. for my London Underground Contract and to regain my driving license which i failed to do.

Blood test for drugs and alcohol. Blood test for liver function. Test of balance function, eye test and hearing tests and etc. What would the Thai test be like? I wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

Also, though not so important I was wondering:-

  • Would we have to make an appointment and maybe come back later today or another day?
  • How long would it take?
  • What would be the cost? 1,000 Baht, 300 Baht or what?

Half an hour later we arrive at the clinic in the centre of the market are of Pakchong (Pak Chong). It was closed.

We walked up and down the back streets of Pakchong (Pak Chong) market area and found a clinic that was open.

Getting The Doctors Certificate Was a Complete Surprise

It was open in more ways than one!

It was completely open to the streets. The seats were on the pavement and the reception/desk was too.

Photo of Doctors Clinic Pakchong Market Thailand

Doctors Clinic Pakchong Market Thailand

Kanyah approached to desk and stated her business. (Doctor’s Certificate for driving license)

“Passport please” one lady said as another bought out a blood pressure test machine.

The first lady took a huge pre-printed pad of forms and started to copy my passport details onto the top form. No questions asked, no eye test no checking if I could walk or bend down without falling over!

The blood pressure test and the completion of the form both were completed at the same time in a couple of minutes.

The price? 50 Baht.

We spent longer waiting for the change than the medical had taken.

(Back home I checked the ‘Medical Certificate’ and that’s what the headline said at the top of the page. it was an official document from a registered doctor and es, it was a doctor’s certificate. It didn’t say that there was anything wrong with my medical condition so I guess that’s good enough!

We walked back to the Amphur and bought a few bits and pieces from the market stalls on the way.

Arrive at the Amphur Second Time

Time 1315 PM

We had missed the 1300 slot so had to wait until 1400 for the second Amphur to see us.

I was called to give my details, and he asked me if I could speak Thai. I have the usual ‘Dai Khap, Noi’ response and the reminder of the exchange was in Thai. I managed to answer all the questions which were like, how old was I, mother and fathers name, place of birth and suchlike.

Most of this was what the Amphur’s are trained to do but what my father’s name has to do with getting a Thai driving license beats me.

There was much typing in Thai into two computers and signing of the documents we handed over plus some documents he printed out from the word processor.

Then he had to fill out a big Ledger with what I assume were the documents produces since they were all neatly numbered. Then he had to take some documents into the No. 1 Amphur for her signature.

That obtained, a document was printed out. He stamped it and signed it.

We Sawatee’d and then had to go upstairs where the document was stamped with the big red Thai seal.

Why that couldn’t be done by the Amphur beats me. Perhaps that’s just the ‘seal stamping’ place where all documents have to go?

At 1430 it was all over and we departed for home.

Rough Translation Of The Documents

Doctor’s Medical Certificate

Here is the Medical Certificate:-

Image of Pakchong Clinic Doctors Certificate Driving License

Pakchong Clinic Doctors Certificate Driving License

I didn’t need Kanyah’s help wit his one after i had translated the headline myself using a Thai dictionary.

Fundamentally it was a a Doctor’s Certificate to support an official application. No medical conditions were entered.

Document From the Amphur

This is the document we received from the Amphur. Click on the document to download the original as a pdf file)

Image of Amphur Thailand Address Confirmation Letter

Amphur Thailand Address Confirmation Letter

My synopsis of Kanyah’s reading of the document. Note that she didn’t translate it she just read the Thai. I interpreted the Thai as best I could. (With limited Thai)

The first part of this stated my name and passport details including visa type and entry/exit dates.

It then went on to say that I was married to Kanyah (details given) and living at our house in Pakchong (Pak Chong) – address given.

There was no mention of a driving license.

I guess this ‘certificate’ could be used in any situation where I had to demonstrate my residential address such as when opening a Thai bank account. (Although when I did that I didn’t need to produce a document of this kind but I have heard of cases where it has been asked for)

So will it suffice for the Driving License Office?

We’ll see tomorrow morning.














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2 Responses to “Getting A Thai Driving License Part 1”

  • Len:

    The medical exam is just to prove that you are not crazy and that you are breathing. Here
    there is usually some doctors walking around the parking lot with a handful of forms.
    Give him your passport – he fills the forms – cost is 100 bt (50 bt if you go to a clinic).
    While its up to the Amphur you might see what is required for a yellow house book. It
    make life a little easier when you need proof of address and it gets you a Thai ID number
    so you don’t need your passport number for driver’s license and other things.


    admin Reply:

    Len thanks for the information.

    I’ll look into that Yellow Book you mention.

    Our son (half Thai/English) born in UK is trying to get Thai nationality. I found a website and Alex checked with the Thai Embassy in London that said amongst the other documents he needs the Thai ID of both parents.

    That Thai ID number you mentioned by getting the Yellow book may be what they need.

    Best Regards



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