Getting A Thai Driving License – The Driving Test

I’m out this morning in our Toyota Vigo Hilux pickup getting some practice for my This driving license test this afternoon.

I could find more interesting and enjoyable things to do on Friday afternoons but heh it’s got to be done.

It’s years since I drove the pickup and I never did any serious or close-up reversing. The truck is just too big and visibility too poor to do anything but basic reversing.

But the Thai driving tests requires you to reverse into a car parking spot.

Under the Thai driving laws you are supposed to do that with the wheels not more than 250 mm from the curb. I don’t know yet if that is a requirement of this afternoon’s test but I’m practicing it all the same.

I can just about manage it now but not at any particular longitudinal position. If i had a s,all car it would be a piece of cake. I have read on various websites that you can hire a car just for the test on the day for 100 Baht and if that’s available I’ll probably do that.

So today it’s do a bit of typing here, go practice reversing, do a bit in the workshop, practice reversing etc.


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2 Responses to “Getting A Thai Driving License – Part 3”

  • mel:

    hi alan,
    howard has brought a wagon wheel in for you as its the closes thing he can find for a traction engine wheel.
    glad the driving coming on
    waiting with baited breath for part four.


    admin Reply:

    Hi Mel,

    Thanks for the message and pleased to see that Howard has seen the light at last. I knew he’d come round to be a Traction Engine fan one day.

    Driving is improving but i simply must get the pass. Can’t carry on being stuck here all day.

    Best Regards



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