Patch’s Thailand Retirement House Build Project At Pakchong

Image of Patch House Patio Sunset 1

Patch House Patio Sunset 1

Patch House Pakchong 1

[img src=]00Patch House Plan Elevation Front
Patch House Plan Elevation Front
[img src=]00Patch House Plan Elevation Side
Patch House Plan Elevation Side
[img src=]00Patch House Plan Floor
Patch House Plan Floor
[img src=]00Patch House Plan Structure
Patch House Plan Structure
[img src=]00Patch House Patio Sunset 2
Patch House Patio Sunset 2
[img src=]00Patch House Patio Sunset 1
Patch House Patio Sunset 1
[img src=]00Patch House Patio 1
Patch House Patio 1
[img src=]00Patch House Patio 2
Patch House Patio 2
[img src=]00Patch House Hall
Patch House Hall
[img src=]00Patch House Elevation End
Patch House Elevation End
[img src=]00Patch House Distant View End
Patch House Distant View End
[img src=]00Patch House Distant View Opposite End
Patch House Distant View Opposite End
[img src=]00Patch House Farm 1
Patch House Farm 1
[img src=]00Patch House Construction Roof 1
Patch House Construction Roof 1

Email received from Patch on Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 8:00 AM

Hi Alan,

I’m an airline pilot ( A/C A380)  with a major airline.

Had experience in constructing 2 other homes before.

Love to share my experience maybe from an Asian farang (Singapore) approach to retiring in Thailand and building a house there.

No architect involved.

Worked closely with an experience builder.

Total cost about 1 mil bht.

Email received from Patch on Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Hi Alan,

Some additional pictures.

There is an additional squat toilet and store for washing machine and farm equipment downstairs.

Also a typical ( simple) Thai kitchen and bamboo bed for heavy cooking and day use when its is hot upstairs.

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