David Todd’s Self-Built 152 m2 Retirement House in Korat,Thailand, 2004

David Todd built this lovely 152 m2 single storey house in Korat,Thailand, in 2004.

External photos of the 2004 build single storey 3 bed 2 bath 152 m2 built house built with red brick. David learned a lot from this build and is now building a new house.

This time it will be two storey and bigger (5 bed 4.5 bath). David is not changing much else except that he will use super block instead of brick and aluminium windows instead of wood. The new house will be better finished, but essentially the same.

David’s Views On Building Houses And What The Cost Should Be

David has some excellent advice on how to build quality houses in Thailand and how to estimate what the cost should be on this page.

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