Our Land In Pakchong (Pak Chong)

Drive to Our Retirement Land in Pakchong

The first movie gives a map of our land location relative to Pakchong City Center and directions of how to drive to our land and retirement house.

You can see the above map interactively  at Google maps and move around, zoom in or out, by clicking here.

The Journey In Our Toyota Pickup

This movie was taken on route as Kanyah drove to our land from Pakchong City Center to our land.

No excuses for not finding us now!


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2 Responses to “Our Land In Pak Chong”

  • mel howard:

    Hi Alan
    just got to say what a great site this is i also have this dream,although you are probably 1 year ahead of me but i feel i am on this journey with you and look forward to your updates i can’t wait to see the finished build.
    I’ve tried to view this video but it comes up with a private message
    regards mel


    admin Reply:

    Hi Mel and thanks for the comment and the nice things you say about the Retiring in Thailand website.

    I may be a year in front of you with building our retirement house, but they key question is… when do you (or I) actually finally retire to Thailand?

    Any information (your story) about your house building or retirement plans in Thailand that you send me and that I can put on the website will be loved by other visitors.

    I put the movies to private on YouTube because I only wanted people who visited this page to see them, but didn’t realise that they would be private here too.

    Never mind I have made them public now and anyone can see them.

    Can I suggest that you join the Announcement List if you haven’t already? Just put your name and email in the Form at the top of any page.

    I’ll then send you an email with links to any new pages or useful information after I have uploaded it to the website.

    Again, many thaks for posting your comment and alerting me to the private issue with the videos.

    Best regards

    Alan Brown


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