Mechanical and Electrical Services Construction Drawings for our retirement house to be built in Pakchong, Thailand.

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The images in the gallery above are a selection of the construction drawings produced by our Thai architect for us to build our retirement house in Thailand.

This set is for the Electrical and Mechanical Services.

I have not shown all the drawings – there are 46 sheets in all.

The other sheets in the set include:-

  • Specifications and Details
  • Architectural
  • Structural

Download Free House Plans

If anyone would like to download a set of the house plans – or if you have any other comments, or ideas what you would like me to show on the websiye, then please enter your comments below.

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2 Responses to “Services”

  • Alan:

    Hi, I’m very interested in your Home Build Project. I will be undertaking a project similar to yours but in Hua Hin an a 440 m2 piece of land that my wife owns. I will do my own layout drawings, incl Mech and elec drawings too. I would be gratefull if you can email a set of your project drawings for my information.

    I will not publish these.

    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks in advance


    admin Reply:

    Hi Alan and thank you for posting your comment about building a retirement home in Hua Hin, Thailand. I hear it’s a beautiful area, nice beaches and not so over-developed as, say Phucket. you are very fortunate to have someland there.

    Hua Hin is one place I have always wanted to visit but for some reason or another never made it. I hope to visit this Christmas when I go to Pakchong to start off our house build.

    As to our house drawings which you can access from the Galleries Section on this website I can make them available to you but would like something in return. And that is more information about your house-build project in Thailand that I can share on this website with the very people who are interested in following suit.

    Alan, if you agree to do that and follow up with occasional reports on your progress I will be more than happy to send you the drawings for your own personal study. A few pictures of your land and/or the area where your land is located in Hua Hin would be very interesting to myself and the website visitors.

    If you could send a message to me via the Contact Us Page I’ll then send you my personal email address so that we can readily communicate.

    A Warning About Making Your Own House Drawings

    I started off by making my own Thai house plans which I used to obtain a budget cost from a Thai builder and also to appoint a Thai Architect to produce the construction drawings to build our house.

    One of the difficulties with making the house plans yourself (apart from the actual skills needed) is that you will need a Building Permit before you are allowed to build the house and also to get the utilities connected. And the Or Bor Tor (District Government) Office will only issue the Building Permit if you submit house plans and structural engineering drawings signed and stamped by a registered Thai Architect plus the structural calculations signed and stamped by a registered Thai Structural Engineer.

    There are other reasons why I recommend that anyone planning to build a retirement house in Thailand appoint a Thai Architect and structural engineer but this response is too long already. I’ll write up those reasons and post in on a web page shortly.

    So, Alan, by all means make your own house plans to illustrate the concept of what you want, but please be aware of the requirements to get the Building Permit.

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    Best Regards and once again thank you for the comment.


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